Requiem: Bloodymare

The trailer for the horror/gore MMO now in closed beta:

You’re in our blood, GameTrailers.

The trailer offers some clues as to the nature of this game:
1. Armoured bikini lady.
2. Fighting single monsters in an MMO landscape. “Blandscape”, I call it.
3. More blood than usual in an MMO.


  1. marilena says:

    WTF is a Bloodymare?

  2. Ian says:

    I don’t see where the horror part comes in – it just looks like the standard fantasy monsters with a bit more splashy red stuff thrown in – isn’t horror supposed to make you, well, a bit frightened?

    Ooh, look out! Big rodent thing! And gigantic crabs!

    No, I’m not feeling the fear. But I will have a Bloody Mary, thanks.

  3. Nny says:

    The beta is not really that closed, everyone can get a key by just using fileplanet (even with free fp account). There is a lot of blood, yes, but it doesn’t make the game any better or more fun than the rest of the korean mmo grinds. Those bloody death animations are the same every time anyway (for the particular type of monster).

  4. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @marilena: An ominpresent fear of this happening?

  5. Zuffox says:

    Why do they even bother …

  6. Al says:

    I challenge whoever from RPS has the misfortune to review this for one of the publications ytou write for to turn in a review consisting of nothing but tired, over-worked clich├ęs. It would appear, from the trailer, to be the only right thing to do.

  7. [Blademaster] says:

    Horror? I mean…just because you make a little bit out-of-this-world monster, and it’s horror? The video’s not scary at all…

    And chainmail bikini (or “breast”plate…) is the thing that really degrade the already bland mood….

  8. James says:

    I spotted this trailer a few hours ago. I don’t think I actually *saw* it, though. I’m fairly sure I just spent the entire time considering what a ridiculously overblown name was attached to the game. Even if it’s the best game in the history of the world, will anyone be able to take this thing seriously?

  9. 18Rabbit says:

    It looks like a pretty depressing game to play if it’s all “OMG WE’RE SO H4RDC0R3 BLACK DEATH GOTH BLOOD RAAWRR”. I suppose if you can cry blood tears as an emote they’ll get some of the Vampire the Masquerade players.

  10. Gnarl says:

    Crying blood tears as an emote? That would be. So. Cool.

    But seriously, some of those animations don’t look half bad. Shame everything else is probably more in the region of 80-90% bad.

    And great name to be taken seriously by. Always put a name for horses, that’s also a mild insult, in there for people to not think it’s a joke.

  11. Noc says:

    The biggest thing that struck me as I was watching this wasn’t the silly ├╝bergoth character models, or the silly name, or the silly armor.

    What struck me was how mutually exclusive “endless repetition” and “horror” are. Part of what makes a situation scary is the fact that it’s tremendously unfair . . . college girl with a pillow versus 6’8 man with chainsaw, fellow with shotgun versus about seventy zombies, SWAT operative with a gun versus psychic ghost children, etc.

    You know, the sort of hilariously unbalanced encounters that make you start thinking about survival rather than how quickly you can kill that monster so you can go grind through fifteen more. In conclusion, I feel that this game needs at least 60-70% more running away from things and/or hiding from things that will quickly and mercilessly kill you in a spectacular manner. And about 80% less monotonously farming monsters that might otherwise be scary if they weren’t there to be farmed.

  12. malkav11 says:

    Yeah, Fileplanet bothered me about this one and I took one look and went right back to what I was doing beforehand.

  13. Colton says:

    Great news for everyone that has ever wanted to play an Undead but didn’t want to be Horde on World of Warcraft !

    Um, I’ll pass. Noc said it better: “endless repetition” and “horror” are mutually exclusive.

  14. Matthew Gallant says:

    “Blandscape” sums it up pretty well.

  15. Cruz says:

    I think Noc makes a great point. I think of games that have given me the creeps, F.E.A.R. being among them. You really don’t get to “fight” Anna throughout the whole game, rather you are scared by her periodically. I think having to fight her off throughout the game would be detrimental to the creepiness factor.

  16. sbs says:

    damn when i saw the headline i thought this is some kind of a sequel to requiem: avenging angel

  17. Muzman says:

    So a horror MMO is sort of like a regular fantasy MMO only spikier.
    I’d like to see a real horror mmo though. Maybe you start in a dingy mental asylum cell and you can’t get out. You try and talk to other inmates but the only thing that comes out is unintelligible ‘l33t speak. Periodically you are assailed by schizo visions and voices and sometimes you even think you’ve been allowed out for a walk… but it’s another halucination! Muhahaha
    The subscriptions will be rolling in I tell ya.

  18. KBKarma says:

    Dear RPSites: I wasn’t scared. Help, I think there’s something wrong with me.


    As everyone’s said, that trailer was only scary due to the amount of boredom it imposed on me. Seriously, that’s just stupid.

    Of course, they might try for some horror in the quests. Something like “Kill 20 of these SPOOOOOOOOKY monsters! OOOOOO, SPOOOKY!!!” or “Go save my cousin from those SPOOOOOOOOKY evil Generic Enemies! They’re so SPOOOOOOKY!!!” or something.

    Stow that chant. I’m not even going near it. Though I WILL enjoy the review.

  19. Down Rodeo says:

    When I saw the name of this post I assumed it was another one of those funny, taking-the-piss titles. Apparently not.

    Really this looks pretty much the same as any other of its type.

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  22. PoC says:

    I know that three years later, the decision on this game has probably already been made (and since I never heard of it before now, it probably wasn’t very good), but I really think the fantasy/magic approach is wrong for a horror mmo. In order to get the lasting power of an MMO, I think the most obvious direction open for a horror game would be some survival approach, one that focuses on scarcity of resources. And while magic powers can be used for scarcity of resources, what they generally suggest is uber power and confidence in that power, which is kind of a mood killer for a horror theme.

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