PCG: UAW and Savage 2

A couple of my PC Gamer reviews have been posted on CVG. The Universe At War piece seems to have a random sentence out of place, but I don’t have a copy of the magazine handy to check their edit of it… and the Savage 2 review starts with “So games have souls?” When actually the magazine copy read “Do games have souls?” Which leads me to believe that it has subsequently discovered that games do indeed have souls, and the review has been edited in light of that. Anyway, this is what I was getting at:

Do games have souls? They certainly have personalities. Savage 2’s is warm, complex, and yet oddly unlikeable. He seems like a fine chap, but you’ll never be friends.

It’s a shame they didn’t post my review of 18 Wheels Of Steel: American Long Haul, which is altogether more satisfying. Instead, perhaps you could go and read this interview with the devs who make their living from mesmerically boring driving games.


  1. Cigol says:

    Q: how do you feel about the criticism that the game should have included an “in-bus” view?

    PS: “We are probably losing some sales because of it.”

    Classic :D

    …but I’m going to be honest, I find the games they make seductive (in a rough around the edges kind of way). It’s just a shame they are such a small developer so they can’t embellish their products. I can understand people not liking the game, but the concept is well worth exploiting.

    devs who make their living from mesmerically boring driving games.

    Hey I thought this was a PC gaming blog, less about GranTurismo please.

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    I was entranced by 18 Wheels. It’s a really clever piece of design, and driving safely for 30-40 minutes on the trot is hard work. That said, it *is* boring. It’s the kind of mild boredom which isn’t even unpleasant, more hypnotic.

  3. Mooey Poo says:

    18 Wheels is incredible, just the best game ever. When you drive past Roswell there’s even a UFO! A UFO IN A “NORMAL” GAME!

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