Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

Zombie! Zombie! Zombie!
Bouncing mails with Paul Barnett last night and Boxhead turns up in conversation. Now, I’d heard of it, but never played any of the series. Clearly, it prompted me and – lo! – it’s neat. Now, we’d be terribly behind the times linking to it now, but thankfully developer Sean Cooper has saved my indie cred by only releasing the latest version, Boxhead: The Zombie Wars a couple of weeks back. Phew. It’s basically a Robotron derived shooter with a splash of Tower Defence stuff. It’s had a splash of that previously, with walls and crates you can drop and similar, but now there’s turrets and walls and… well, it plays really quickly. There’s a mass of Zombies. There’s you. And then the screen is red. Go play!

And, yes, if you’re thinking the name rings a bell, it’s the Ex-Bullfrog Sean Cooper who you may know from things like Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper and Magic Carpet. And after being deep in the belly of EA, he’s clearly having a lot of fun with this. Or you have to presume he is, as he’s done five Boxheads in less than a year and a half.


  1. Jonathan says:

    But the important question is left unasked. Does Manpuncher finally catch up with him?

  2. yutt says:

    Wow, awesome to see this here. It is a very fun little game. Especially the Alamo-esque modes like “Welcome to HELL”.

    I’m a long time RTS lurker, and oddly enough, I am one of the admin/developers of a site dedicated to zombie flash games… My friend and I work on it as a hobby, and we ended up in PC Gamer (US) last month, so we’re pretty proud of the site. ^_^

    link to (semi-shameful plug)

  3. Optimaximal says:

    Can you type ‘COOPER TEAM’ at any time to get all the power ups?

  4. Pwnzerfaust says:

    It’s certainly a good way to waste a few hours that are better spent doing important homework assignments.

  5. Okami says:

    Boxhead: More Rooms stole a large part of my productivity back then. Guess I’d better not click on that link..

  6. Andrew Doull says:

    And in trivia news, a lot of the art from this game, particularly the larger tile designs, is actually free tile art from the Lost Garden.

  7. c-Row says:

    Is it just me or does it take some seconds to shoot the pistol? Movement controls are fluid, but whenever I press the space bar, nothing happens at first, and by the time I have to get away from the zombies, the player finally shoots but hits nothing but dead air.

  8. Mike says:

    Great game i think i got a score of about 36 million before giving up. Looking at the high score table some people have 36 billion so I feel quite self controlled today!

  9. matt says:

    Boxhead is so nice, i’ve been playing it a lot since i found it over at CrazyMonkeyGames, and it’s being developped into new versions even funnier, more creeps, more guns.. Pretty well done also.
    Lots of people right now seem to be asking for coop mode, that’d be some fun too.

  10. Cigol says:

    It’s too easy to get stuck in your barricades. Wish someone would take these Zombie games and make a fully fleshed out version.

  11. Dagda says:

    It’s interesting how the gameplay evolves-from tensely thinning the enemy’s numbers to carving a swath through the masses to running around plopping down an expanded network of barricades and turrets until every last enemy is getting wiped out as soon as they set foot onscreen. Not necessarily fun all the way through, but neither does it ever quite break itself, so I have to respect that.

  12. Jimi Hendrix says:

    these games are simple yet fun, and better than some of the trash that gets sold these days!

  13. ian says:


  14. JoJO TheclowN says:

    Well.. being an AVID zombie awareness peasant,… My arsenal which consists of nothing less than a .44 . 45. a 12G a 22, a 7.62×54 russian. 8mm Mauser, .22Lr. and M17s bullpup assaul rifle; with several hundred rounds in retainer for each respective weapon…. Yes, I do consider the day when I WILL have to mow down a few thousand Zombies in order to secure a well stocked fortress to stemm the finance my next wave of ZOmbie Slaughter… HEHEH!.. I found this game very VERY full of potential, and in all respects it is a wonderful basis for a more potent and longer lasting render that should be considered by the producer.. Short of which should consist of larger (extremely) larger levels. terrain such as urban and rural countryside settings. Old castles and whatnot to barricade and defend. perhaps a mall or small Anytown amerika town overrun with zombies. And a few vehicles would do wonders too. such as a dirt bike, and a jeep.. and a multiplayer COOP of up to like 10 players would be exquisite… however, the number of zombies would need to increase accordingly. And as far as the controls are concerned, I need to be able to run one way and shoot another, or at least, a button that allows me to stand in one place AND shoot in different directions- like Super Contra for the SNES allowed. Happy Hunting..!