An Evening Of A Thousand Scowls

Here is a blatant misuse of power, rescued only by the most tenuous of links. Jonathan Coulton, he who co-wrote Portal’s song, Still Alive, is taking part at a night of stand-up comedy for 826 Valencia, San Francisco, this Saturday.

See, Jonathan Coulton - it's totally RPS fodder.

826 is a project set up by Pulitzer Prize-nominated author Dave Eggers, that offers free one-to-one tuition for high school students and programmes to allow young people to get excited about writing. It’s a truly wonderful thing, popping up all over America (and soon in N Ireland), completely hilarious, and should be supported by everyone ever. With this tenuous videogaming link, should you live in SF you now know to attend, perhaps paying massively more than the ticket price. This year they have Bobby Lee, Tig Notaro, Al Madrigal, Jonathan Coulton, Ian Edwards, and Davy Rothbart (but sadly not Patton Oswalt who’s been along to the previous five annual events).

In keeping with the high school theme, it’s taking place at Everett Middle School Auditorium (where 826 run a specific reading programme), 450 Church Street, San Francisco, CA. Jonathan Coulton, remember. Linked to a game we like. CONTEXT.

Jim says I’m only allowed to post this if I link to a web game at the end. Which makes this the perfect moment to remind you about Planarity – a simple Flash game of untangling. Say goodbye to your evening.


  1. elias says:

    “Co-wrote?” With whom?

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    The Portal team, specifically Wolpaw? I think.

  3. Monkfish says:

    On the subject of Jonathan Coulton, he’s going to be making an appearance on a VideoGaiden special on Sunday.

  4. elias says:

    From the dev commentaries on the game (and maybe other stuff I read, not sure–sorry I can’t cite a source better), I got the impression that they invited Jonathan Coulton out to the studio, showed him Portal and told to him about the story, asked him if he’d take a commission to write a song for it, and then he went home. A couple weeks later he sent them a recording of Still Alive to see if they liked it. They did. : )

  5. Citizen Parker says:

    Thank you for abusing RPS so. Despite being the volunteer organization of choice for hipster Americans, 826 never gets as much press as it deserves.

    For any other US readers who are interested but don’t live in the Bay Area, there’s probably an 826 or 826 event not too far from you. It’s worth checking out, if nothing else but to check out places like the Echo Park Time Travel Supply and Chicago’s The Boring Store, which is most definitely NOT a top-secret spy supply.

  6. John Walker says:

    It looks like I’m going to be attending a seminar at 826 Valencia this April, which is tremendously exciting. I’m also a huge fan of the Boring Store. You can see my photographic proof that it’s definitely NOT a top-secret spy supply store here.