Toribash On Business Week

Blimey, even the suits are paying attention to the success of weird-ass fighting game Toribash. Business Week have profiled the indie game’s success in depth, with a focus on how the game facilitated and exploited its large community of players.

Toribash’s founder, Hampus Söderström, didn’t want to make just another fighting game. He wanted to create an online community where users could design and share their own fighting techniques alongside the no-holds-barred brawling. So Söderström included a wide range of community building tools—including chat, wikis, and discussion boards—outside of the main game play. The developer’s site also hosts an active marketplace where users can sell and buy virtual additions for the game’s characters for cash or credits.

Toribash, it should he said, is one of gaming’s finest and most absurdly violent creations. More of this sort of thing.


  1. PIPPO says:

    Hey, come’on, that screenshot was my choice for a post heading! ;-)

    link to

    Although it’s fun that I discovered Toribash reading RPS, the post related to Glitch Racer

  2. Five says:

    I really tried to get into Toribash but it’s not for me. Having said that, I can respect those who put so much time into the game – I did enjoy watching videos of Toribash fights. Crazy!

  3. KBKarma says:

    Toribash is fun, but insanely difficult to pick up and play. One of these days, when there’s no college work to get bogged down with not doing, I might try master it.