1. Svenska says:

    I don’t get it…

  2. Bas says:

    Me neither.

    -100 nerd points for me.

    Now I’ll never get laid! :(

  3. Unibrow says:

    Armadillo Run.

  4. cqdemal says:

    @ Svenska:
    Go play Armadillo Run then.

    Great, great SL, this one.

  5. Pirate0r says:

    heh now i get it…

  6. fluffy bunny says:

    Armadillo Run was one of my three favourite games of 2006. Those who haven’t tried it yet really should play it now.

    link to armadillorun.com

    Neat comic, btw, I never realized AR got that kind of mainstream attention.

    Edit: RPS should try to find out what Peter Stock is doing these days…. :)

  7. drunkymonkey says:

    Hahaha. I was left stumped until I read the comments.

    That’s just genius.

  8. Tellurian says:

    Strafe Left is good’n all, but it really IS the one games related cartoon I know that’s sometimes just TOO darn cryptic…
    Not that I’m against some level of sophistication, but SL all too often does it in a rather non-funny way.

  9. drunkymonkey says:

    I think that the readers of the magazine (PC Gamer UK) have the benefit in that the cartoons are often based on events and games happening in the same month.

    For us future-dwellers, it can be a little harder to spot. :)

  10. Mike says:

    That’s the price we pay for hovercars.

  11. Vaughn says:

    Hehe. Genius!

  12. Arnulf says:

    Never played Armadillo Run, but could it be that it was influenced by Bridge Builder, (later Pontifex & Pontifex 2)?

  13. Alex Grose says:

    Brilliant! I must get this game back out of its dusty folder again. I was thinking about it only this morning…

  14. fluffy bunny says:

    Arnulf: Yeah, but AR is much better. You’re not limited to bridges, and you can even solve levels by constructing your own rocket powered cars if you want. Complete with fancy suspension systems and everything.

  15. Rahul Gonsalves says:

    Seems like a version of The Incredible Machine?

  16. Jim Rossignol says:

    Yes, it’s not unlike The Incredible Machine.

  17. Max says:

    Mmm… Basketball.

  18. The_B says:

    Craig reviewed it for PCG, giving it 86%, iirc.

    And yes, I agree – it’s also one of my favourite games of 06. It’s absolutely brilliant.

  19. Willem says:

    I think I get the joke. I’ve played AR and all. It’s not funny, though.

  20. Iain “DDude” Dawson says:

    Horay for Strafe Left!

  21. AbyssUK says:

    BUT wait.. he cheated he added lots more connection points!

  22. [Blademaster] says:

    You dare roast the armadillo?

    Just kidding…very funny!

  23. Nick says:

    Crunchy on the outside, smooth on the inside.