Spectromancer Multiplayer Beta

How come I always blog about the stuff with the 2D graphics which never move?

Those who remember the ancient days of February will recall me blogging about Spectromancer, the card-game-esque wizard-wargame, from the makers of Magic: The Gathering and Astral Tournament. I probably mentioned that while the Single-Player was fun, the multipliplayer Beta was forthcoming. Well, now it’s forthcome. I have played one game, which I won, so this means this must be the greatest game the world has ever seen. Weak narcissism aside, well worth a download. Oh – and a second playable class of the Illusionist has been added to the already available Cleric. The Illusionists go wild!


  1. Jim Rossignol says:

    RPS: We Laugh At Your Multi-Million Dollar “AAA” Games!

  2. Okami says:

    I’m really disappointed. I was actually waiting for some explanation how this game fits in RPS’ SPACE WEEK.

    Come on, you can do it!

  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    *points to tags*

  4. Okami says:

    hmmm…. a bit cheap, if you ask me…. I was expecting better (read: cheasier) from you.

  5. Joonas says:

    The game looks cool enough. I could not beat the single player.

  6. Lorc says:

    The online part is simple and clean. Account creation can be done from within the game – email address asked for but no confirmation required. There’s your expected “lobby” chatroom, but also a one-click instant gamefinder.

  7. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    Hopefully this will provide a cheaper alternative to MTGO.

  8. Mr Pink says:

    I’ve played this a lot since Kieron’s first post. I really like it, it’s certainly got that “one more game” thing going. It’s a little on the simplistic side, but I’m coming round to that, it makes the games more streamlined. My brother and I will enjoy some multiplayer shenanigans with this.

    It’s still not M:TG, but then not many things are.

  9. Högni Þór says:

    I’m still on the “The random deck generation makes my skin crawl” part of the fence on this one. I really did try, but failed.

  10. Briosafreak says:

    Been playing it for days now, lots and lots of fun. The servers are down many times though.

  11. Blackcrowned says:

    I havnt played a game this addicting since the fallout tactics demo came out several years ago. spent whole days doing nothing but playing.

  12. whalleywhat says:

    Very addictive game. If they tweak the balance to perfection, I think this has more potential than most CCGs. Strategies other than “spend the most money” might emerge.