CoH As “Persistent RTS”

1UP are reporting some interesting tactics by Relic to get into the piracy-warped Chinese games market with the most excellent Company Of Heroes. Apparently they intend to turn the game into an “’experience for online gamers where players will be able to build their character up from private to general through new multiplayer cooperative missions, gameplay modes, and player-versus-player combat’ in a persistent RTS. Presumably, they have a quirky pay-to-play plan to match.”

Presumably. Hard to know though, especially when most RTS games remain free and details are still pretty sketchy for Relic’s plan of attack. The persistent RTS has long sat just over the horizon for developers, and it’ll be interesting to see whether commercial pressures like this force it to happen.


  1. elias says:

    Am I the only one for whom it always takes a second to figure out whether CoH means City of Heroes or Company of Heroes?

  2. roBurky says:

    Me too. Although the City of Heroes meaning is definitely foremost for me.

  3. Cyrenic says:

    I wonder if we’ll see any of that content in the West. Cooperative missions sound pretty fun.

    I play lots of CoH so I always read CoH as Company of Heroes.

  4. cHeal says:

    I presumed, strangely, that it was Call of Duty!

  5. mandrill says:

    Thats CoD :P

    I’m beginning to wish alot of RTS games would do this, I sorked on a very short lived mod for HW2 that was meant to build a persistent meta game from PvP battles.

  6. restricted3 says:

    Since Relic’s protection is still shit and hurting customers (a “pirate” can play CoH:OF without any hassle while I have to validate on Relic’s servers, which are down more often than not, to play fucking single player), I doubt they’ll make much way in China. They can’t even make way here.

    Also, Soulstorm was pityful. Relic has lost their mojo (and so did Iron Lore before succumbing).

  7. caramelcarrot says:

    I remember that C&C: Generals had a ranking system as you played, but that’s a pretty minor bit of persistance. It’d be fun to have a campaign mode like Rise of Nations.

    Has anyone actually made a true MMORTS yet? Like when you join, you get given a base in an area of a large map with a number of other players, and you then control it as a normal RTS. The issues I guess are making sure people can still play it while not being in the game and making sure certain people can’t dominate all the resources. There are already plenty of online persistant stratergy games, except those are slightly easier to handle reasonable automated defence for when the player is away.

  8. Chemix says:

    Pay to Play-
    After reading this, I stopped caring, 30 bucks or even 15 a month for an online game is bloody damned ridiculous, I pay for a game, and I’d like to play the game I paid for without strings attached. Knowing Relic, updates would be few and far between and update next to nill. They are good as far as making a product goes, DoW & DoW: DC were both enjoyable, and CoH was awesome, while it’s successor was fairly mind breaking in difficulty at times, though still highly entertaining. Building on that product in meaningful ways without sources for ideas, isn’t their best suit.

  9. Crispy says:

    Anyone looking to play rolling campaigns in a persistent RTS (for Company of Heroes no less) should take a long hard look at Europe in Ruins.

    Remember back in mid 2007 when Relic announced Company of Heroes Online, with the promise of persistency, levelling up and of course: player verses player. Then remember how much those dreams were crushed when you found out it was only for China? Well that wasn’t the end of the global online persistent version of Company of Heroes, for there is Europe in Ruins to fill that void.

    That first link also leads to gameplay videos, and on the mod’s ModDB profile page, under the ‘Features’ tab, you will find a podcast where the developers describe the mod in some depth.

    It’s available to download and play right now and, naturally, it’s 100% free.