Eidos Montreal To Make Thief 4?

Taffers, etc.
Okay, this is an interesting one. A couple of days ago Eidos Montreal lobbed up a notice they were now recruiting staff to work on their new game. To quote the statement from their site: “Eidos-Montréal is proud to announce the recruitment for our 2nd “AAA” project. … A hint! The title begins with the letter “ T”.” Which doesn’t mean much until you notice – as a forumite of theirs did – the previously existing line on their site here: “The first two games we develop will revive successful franchises.” With the Montreal Studio already at work on Deus Ex 3, it’s an easy leap to the further adventures of Mr Stealy rather than the further adventures of the-also-Eidos-Owned-Terracide. Or, less facetiously, they could be Tomb Raider… but that franchise doesn’t need reviving. Let’s be honest: It’s almost certainly Thief. They wouldn’t have said the teasing “T” otherwise.

[Thanks to Comrade Larington for the heads up]


  1. Noc says:

    Viv brings up an important point.

    What if it turns out to be “Thief 4: Assassin’s Creed at Night?”

  2. Alex says:

    Reading this news almost made me faintfygrysfi .lfs

    No, wait, I did faint.

  3. Emil says:

    This is fantastic news.

  4. Chris R says:

    Thief is one of my favorite series… I know the “open city” of T3 was a joke, but I still found myself spending just as much time between missions in the different streets of the city, knocking people out and just faffing about.

    I think I racked up something like 60+ people knocked out in the part of the map where the Hammerites have their church entrance. So many places to hide in that part of the city once you get your climbing gloves… hehe. And once you complete a certain mission, the Pagans come out to play… and with the Hammerites right around the corner…. plus the guards….. i had so much fun leading one group into another group and watching them all battle it out.

    I hope T4 has sections where I can do stuff like that again.

  5. Larington says:

    The good thing is that if they are borrowing (Emphasis here) an UPDATED VERSION of the last tomb raider engine then it should be quite capable of providing a better interpretation of the open city concept. Heres hoping. Certainly the previous games ability to achieve this was definately limited by the graphics engine.

  6. MaxMcG says:

    There quite possibly is a God. My favorite game franchise ever.

  7. Rune Max Hansen says:

    LET IT BE THIEF 4- awesome game, my favorite game of all– had so many fun hours with the previous ones.” !!

    all time favorite!!!

  8. AnorZaken says:

    I love for it to be Thief 4! Oh boy I can’t wait!
    Also I strongly agree with previous posters in regard to the well designed sound atmosphere. One of the series many great strengths, as it was actually TDP that lead me to buy my first decent dedicated soundcard! :D
    As a side note: In TDS the difference between EAX3 and EAX4 is clearly noticeable. So much so that when at one time had driver problems, it was by playing TDS that I noticed the sound was in EAX3 only (EAX4 wasn’t working). Here’s to hoping Thief 4 won’t be an exception when it comes to sound! OpenAL maybe?
    (PS. please don’t mistake my love for good sound in game titles with love for Creative… they suck. :(

  9. Necros says:

    I too hope it will be Thief 4, I’d love to see that! But only, and I do mean ONLY with Garrett as the main character, with Stephen Russell of course.

  10. thief says:

    This is fantastic news.crysis graphics and thief atmosphere.is it too much asked?graphics and again graphics.not sort shit graphics.you must have some buck to play this middle east game.

  11. stretch says:

    Teasing us gamers the way that Eidos Montreal is, I think, a sort of gamble. While it’s good that expectations are running high, it would be bad if a Thief 4 came out and it just failed to please. I hope that they don’t fail to meet evryone’s expectations.

  12. Taffer says:

    Oh sweet blueberry christ – I pray to the gods of gaming that Thief 4 delivers unto us all that Deadly shadows promised us, and more. Thank you, O fickle Lords, for bringing back one of my most hallowed game franchises!

  13. An hypothesis says:

    In reponse to the point about thief 3: Deadly Shadows concluding things I think that this is correct in as much as the central plot is concerned.

    What I think is more likely – and for this one needs to recall the end sequence of Thief 3: Deadly Shadows is that Garrett will be training his successor or putting them through their trials (remember the young child that tried to pick his pocket..?).

    I think a new story arc or conclusion whereby Garrett retires is a more likely outcome – after all the majoirty of the prophecies referred to have now been completed by him and after Thief 3: Deadly Shadows to introduce more plot relating directly to Garrett brings three words to mind: “horse, dead, flog”.

    I may be wrong, but considering Eidos Montreal’s decision and line of approach for Deus Ex 3 this hypothesis is not without merit and not without evidence from the previous game.

  14. mickys says:

    i think that thief 3 kicked ass the hammerites rocked the pagans rocked but i did not relay like the sunken citadel those things scared me to hell there should be a theif 4 i reckon that it would kick ass

  15. ulatekh says:

    I want a Thief 4 so bad, I even figured out how to kill the Hag without using the Final Glyph! Then I made a music video out of it!

  16. some_chick says:

    I was doing a online survey for cash, and it asks questions on what I would want in a new Thief game…. Your salvation may come! ;-)

  17. chickcomes says:

    Your salvation may come