First Deus Ex 3 Concept Art?


Another interesting one. As well as joining the Thief 4 speculations, the French-Language site Denis-Talbot has scooped the world by showing the first Deus Ex 3 concept art. Well, strictly speaking, there was art in the teaser trailer, but this is a stand-alone image of some kind of future-lab. More analysis beneath the cut.

For those who are wondering whether it’s just fan art, like the splendid Bioshock 2 ones, it comes along with a quote from Eidos Montreal’s David Anfossi, where he says – according to Babelfish – “These tables help our artists with visualizing well the spirit which one wants to release in Two Ex 3. We called upon the original originators of the preceding iterations in order to determine well the direction which we took”. Or, according to Alec’s GCSE-level French “These pictures help our artists with visualizing the spirit we want to realise in Deus Ex 3. We called upon the original concept artists for the preceding games in order to determine the direction which we took”.

While it’s a surprise to see art come out from this channel – you always expect it to come from one of the larger sites – it seems genuine to us. So, we can exclusively reveal that Denis Talbot exclusively revealed that Eidos Montreal are considering Deus Ex 3 to have labs in it.

Woo! Go labs!

[Thanks to Comrade Larington for the heads up. Again.]


  1. Terr says:

    It doesn’t seem as futuristic looking as Deus Ex: Invisible War, which fuels my hope that they’re making a sequel to Deus Ex instead of IW.

  2. James T says:


    I like it because it says ‘Deus Ex’ in the corner.

    Y’know, there’s been intermittent tittering (good racehorse name there) over the years about those who mispronounce the title as ‘Do Sex’, but I think that’s a bit less lewd than the proper pronunciation, which is but a cat’s whisker from ‘Day of sex’.

    …I watched the teaser again earlier today; sweet Lord, Mr Gravelly Voice is a riot.

  3. rob says:

    The style reminds of Beneath a Steel Sky. It’s good to see they’re prioritising the labs; Versalife was one of my favourite parts of Deus Ex. I must have spent hours the first time through there just wandering around, releasing aliens and homeless people onto unsuspecting scientists.

  4. Ben Abraham says:

    OMG Larrington the 5th Beatle?

  5. Homunculus says:

    There’s whole limb and what looks like spine section replacements suspended in blue gunk there, so it looks like a research lab developing the lop-off-parts-and-slap-new-ones-on brand of augmentations that Gunther and Anna from the original had, before the Dentons and their fancy schmancy un-uglifying nanowhatsits ponced onto the scene with. Which hints at prequel rather than sequel.

  6. cannon fodder says:

    If only real labs were like concept art labs: real labs are smaller, look less planned, and always have 3 times more kit/experiments stuffed into the available space than was originally intended.

    On the bright side, after 5 years I don’t have to be locked into mine anymore.

  7. Hélder Pinto says:

    oh god, oh god, oh god!

    I can’t let myself be part of the Hype train! :S I’m so looking forward to this game…

  8. Wallace says:

    I like the conveniently placed ventilation shaft.

  9. Mattress says:

    Why do only three scientists need such a large work space? Wee bit ostentatious…innit?

  10. Lukasz says:

    Fallout 3, Thief 4, Deus Ex 3.

    I’m so happy

  11. Larington says:

    As for me spotting this – Sheer luck, I happened to spot two threads on the Eidos Montreal threads around the time they were posted and immediately felt RPS would love to know. I didn’t personally see the link, just passed along the hints that someone else had spotted.

    Personally, can’t wait. Whether its a prequel to DX1 or a sequel I have this feeling it’ll be awesome without even having access to much in the way of real hype. Specifically for two reasons:
    1) its my understanding that one of the founding principles of the new division of Eidos Montreal is that the games made there are made on the understanding that they will have a relatively long development time and shouldn’t try getting 3 women to give birth to a baby in 3 months.
    2) There are so many lessons to be learned from in DX2, I may be wrong but I suspect that the devs being fans of the original, they’ll learn rom those lessons, because its easy to avoid a mistake when you’ve seen it done elsewhere (Read: Hindsight).

    I just hope I’m right…

    Also, no visible windows to the outside world, so those three technicians could be on a nightshift. Lastly, I’m intrigued by the idea of playing a mechanical aug, as long as it isn’t overplayed in the story, the whole racism against mechanical augmented individuals could be interesting to watch playing out. But like I said, as long as it isn’t overplayed, thats critical.

  12. Powerhaus says:

    Is it me or does it look nearly identical to one of the labs in Deus Ex (1)? In a prettier/artsiery way, but definately nearly the same lab.

    Makes me want to go save the world again.

  13. Cian says:

    Slightly off topic, but just something Larington mentioned about it being a nightshift.
    Can anyone think of any locations in the orignal Deus Ex that weren’t night time? Any of them?

    And despite myself, I can’t help but be hugely excited about this game.

  14. Chemix says:

    It’s only similar in it that it’s a lab with a very high ceiling and lots of cylindrical chambers around. That said, this appears to be a cross between a lab, a fabrication plant and a prototyping facility.

    IIRC the robotic limbs seen in “the mechs” and their various augments in Deus Ex were first used on people who lost limbs in combat, like the bartender that lost her forearms. I think this game may take place at the start of the fall, when the gray death was first released and MJ12 were just starting up. I think we’ll see the Statue of Liberty get blown up.

    -EDIT- towards night in Deus Ex, I’m 99.9% sure that it did in deed take place entirely at night and that was one of the major aspects of the game, though night in Deus Ex, like any other night in gaming, is surprisingly well lit.

  15. Bite says:

    The entire game takes place at night for the gritty atmosphere, though the sky is blue when you leave Hong Kong. Anyways, if they decide to bring the whole racism-against-augmented-people into the storyline, they probably took a page from the DX Continuity Bible. I quote from a chapter on the high-level world concept, where humanity in the future of DX is defined:

    “There are no more significant racial divisions, a good thing, but this is far from a utopian world where all men are created equal. In addition to economic divisions, there are divisions among men based on augmentation. Specifically, the totally human of this world look down their noses at those who have been mechanically augmented.

    Despite the effectiveness, and in some cases, the necessity of body modification, augmented humans are considered monsters. They look like primitive Borg and are widely feared by humans. The nano-augmented characters (like the player) are the first augmented humans who can “pass.” To look at one, you might not even notice he or she is not a full human. This creates a tension among the three types of humans:

    – Total humans consider themselves pure and are at the top of the heap. They need augmented humans but fear and distrust them. Most total humans don’t even know nano-augmented humans exist.

    – Mechanically augmented humans have their own airport security systems and have to register with government authorities. They are second-class citizens, looked down upon even by the non-augmented poor. There’s no way a mechanically augmented human can pass for normal for very long. They’re not allowed in certain locations and have separate facilities, ostensibly tailored to their unique needs but really as a way of controlling them.

    – Nano-augmented humans are resented by their mechanically augmented brothers and sisters. They’re as powerful as mechanically augmented humans but suffer none of the stigma associated with augmentation. They can pass through airport security and mingle with humans freely.”

    The Continuity Bible is a must read if you haven’t already: link to

  16. phuzz says:

    as Hélder says;
    Stop the hype train, I wanna get on!
    In fact, I think the only thing that would please the hard core fanboi’s would be a shot for shot (polygon for polygon) remake of the original with updated graphics.
    but this picture is soooo pretty :) it’s got biohazard signs, and some sort of manipulators, and air vents and funny see though yellow screens and EVERYTHING! WOW!

    and Bite: Nice link

    (not being sarcastic, I really am quite excited, although that could be coz I just got my glasto ticket :)

  17. James T says:

    A prequel would at least avoid the ‘which way did JC turn?’ question (I always went Illuminati — least-consequential, but best ending sequence! Normally I never get chills from a game…), but I don’t think the past is an especially rich thing to mine in DX — there’s silhouette and the formation of UNATCO/rise of FEMA, but we already know how all these things end up; any new insight we’d gain would be rendered irrelevant by the end of DX1 anyway, since JC smashes it all in one way or another.
    I think I’d rather see a total elimination of Invisible War, with a new game that implies a hybrid of the Helios and Illuminati endings (JCelios(!) decides that he will continue the Illuminati path). Maybe you could start out as one of JC’s conspiratorial employees, and go on a journey of discovery.

  18. Michael says:

    Yummeh. It’s going to be a long, long wait for this game to come out, but nonetheless….yummeh.

  19. patrick says:

    anyone watched ghost in the shell2: innocence? this concept art is definitely inspired by that anime…

  20. JEllery says:

    The teaser trailer gives away some major information that you won’t notice unless you play it frame by frame.

    Firstly, I’ll say it’s not a lot of info, but it’s enough to give away some plot.

    Okay, all the information comes from the very brief images flicking past the screen which lasts less than a second. If you look carefully u can see a voting box with the year 2027 printed on it. This indicates an almost definate prequal to the first Deus Ex.

    You then see the reason for the box; an image of a sign saying “WE DO NOT WELCOME AUGMENTED PEOPLE HERE”. This leads me to believe that you may have to try and hide the fact you are augmented, rather than in the first one where you were almost feared. It may possibly be JC Denton before he was an adult, because he doesn’t remember anything before being who he was in the game… maybe you have to play out his life in the real world, before augmentation was almost excepted. Perhaps he is the reason for the virus? who knows??

    This is now the top of my most anticipated games list!! OMG its just too good… its strange because i was just thinking that they should make another Deus Ex… and now they are… :D