GRID Dev Diary

Codemasters’ Ralph Fulton takes a couple of minutes to talk about the astonishing-looking racing game, GRID, in which the crash damage and race physics are in danger of looking better than real life.

Thanks GameTrailers, your video service is speedy and reliable.


  1. James T says:

    Come on Codies, when are we going to see this tech applied to Dizzy?

  2. Chris Evans says:

    By god I want this game :D

  3. Chris Evans says:

    Just realised, there have been two racing game posts in the last two days! :O

    Shocking :P

  4. Jives says:

    This game looks realy good, but i do wonder why they are using a realy bad QOTSA remix in every trailer they put out.

  5. John O'Kane says:

    Looking good.

  6. James T says:

    Well I guess they paid a bunch of money to license it, so…

    I don’t mind it, although it’s not terribly race-y. More Voodoo People plz.[/Audiosurf whore]

  7. Steve says:

    Looks good. I just really really hope they don’t implement that god damn central pivot system that makes rear and front wheel drive seem the same.

  8. Jigglybean says:

    @ Steve
    None of the game use this ‘pivot’ system you mention. The cars are totally independent on the tracks – its just the camera angle gives that illusion.

    We took Race Driver: GRID to the recent Matchbox 360 XL4 event for a first hands on and it was enjoyed by everyone. The show was aired on Saturday and you can view it on’s web service.

    Also, if any one is interested in visiting the studios, chatting to the developers and, importantly, playing the game before release, visit our official website and community forums @


  9. Icupnimpn2 says:

    Am I the only one who finds the name unfortunate? When I see GRID in all caps, I think of “Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Disease” – the original, backwater name for AIDS

  10. Yhancik says:

    Being born in 1982, it’s the first time i hear about such use of the acronym. I don’t think it’s too problematic, but it certainly wasn’t the cleverest choice indeed :p
    (death to the all caps game titles, anyway)