WALL-E Finds Another Thing He’s Useful For

Pixar’s next film looks like it might be their best so far. WALL-E’s trailers show a delicacy and care beyond anything CGI’s done before, and demonstrates an attempt to portray a children’s narrative without dialogue. So, of course, there’s going to be the tie-in game.

However, I find myself slower to sigh after the surprise of Cars. It was a really very enjoyable game, a sort of kids’ GTA open world driving game. And looking at this trailer for the WALL-E tie-in, it doesn’t look half bad.

You’re our Eve, Gametrailers.


  1. phuzz says:

    So why is he being followed around by a combine advisor?
    I’m pretty scared of those things now

    (in the same way I flinch when I see a MI-24, thanks to flashpoint, gods help me if I ever saw one while i was driving, I’d probably drive straight off road into the nearest cover or something…)

  2. fluffy bunny says:

    What the heck? This actually looks interesting.

  3. Cigol says:

    That was… perplexing.

  4. Dan Bruno says:

    That actually looks fantastic. Still more excited for the film, of course.

  5. Arnulf says:

    Arg!! I spoilt the movie’s plot by watching this!

  6. CitrusFreak says:

    It looks like WallE meets Half Life 2. Huh.

  7. Sal says:

    such a rip on Short Circuit…

  8. James T says:


  9. John Walker says:

    Talking of Short Circuit:

    link to zap2it.com

    I find the best way to watch that film is to wait for the bit where he’s smashed up by the baseball bats, then press stop. Nice, happy ending.

  10. Jeremy says:

    I love Short Circuit, mainly due to the fact that I connected more with objects than my parents. (I must be autistic) I think I’ll love Wall•E just as much due to the fact that Brad Bird and co are very good at physical comedy and emotion. Looks great.

  11. cullnean says:

    why has he got a gun?

    id much rather he didnt, and is it me or was that what looked like deathmatch.

  12. Masked Dave says:

    Because guns are fun. Mutliplayer combat games are really detached from any fiction they might have anyway, its just a game to play with your mates.

    Also, the latest trailer for the film gave more plot away than this trailer which actually makes me think there’s a lot we still don’t know. Pixar aren’t that careless.