Chaos Happens… But When? EDIT: SOON!

We’re not the biggest fans of Simon the Sorcerer, but following the middling review over at Eurogamer, we were wondering when we going to see it. But, despite a German release, it’s nowhere to be seen, even to pre-order in the usual places. Its site is dead at the mo, and its page over at its publisher still lists it as “Q1”. Which is over. Whatever’s happening? However, to tide us over, here’s a new series of clips.

Is anyone looking forward to the return of our favourite incompetent wizard (except all the other incompetent wizards we prefer to him)?

EDIT: Simon’s Producer mails us to tell that it’s done and will be shipping in the current Q2, with a date depending on where you are. Hurrah!


  1. drunkymonkey says:

    Alright, I take it all my former optimism back. That was cringe-worthy.

    Now I’ll go and read the Colour of Magic to redeem red-garbed wizards in my eyes.

    EDIT: Not even Rimmer could save this one.

  2. Acosta says:

    A colleague of mine is reviewing it and he says is enjoying it, which I find surprising as I thought this was going to be a disaster. I am glad it is not.

    Edit: Speaking of incompetent wizards and Colour of Magic, when is Terry Pratchet going to make his triumphant comeback to videogames? (because there is a triumphant comeback, right?).

  3. rabbitsoup says:

    thats unlikely, i think he is just going to write until he cant now he is diagnosed with Parkinson’s. :(

  4. matt says:

    Hm.. i’ve always wanted to play a game where i’m able to turn myself into a carpet, really.

  5. Ohle says:

    I recall playing the first one on SNES back in Germany… I remember it very fondly, though I was also just 10 years old or so. Everything been downhill since then?

  6. Acosta says:

    Damn, didn’t know that. He is one of my favorite writers, that sucks.

    Edit: Just read about it, seems he has an odd type of Alzheimer, damn…

  7. Ozzie says:

    The english voice acting is really terrible.
    Most of the actors are totally inappropiate for the role.

    Not that it matters for me, since I live in Germany.
    But I don’t care for Simon either way, I’m not a fan of him.
    Maybe, one day, if I am really bored I will play through them to see what’s so special about them that I just fail to see.

  8. fluffy bunny says:

    I finished the preview version a while ago, and though the translation and acting is weak (plus the story is pretty poor), I did have a pretty good time with it.

  9. Phil says:

    Ohle, Simon appeared on the SNES? Really?

    Or are you confusing a SNES with an Amiga? Easily done, what with them both being plastic and…. I’ve got nothing.

  10. James G says:

    It got a scathing preview over in GamesTM, but I wasn’t sure how much trust to place on it as it was clear that the reviewer had done no research (They didn’t even seem to acknowledge the previous games, and accuse the world of being a ‘Shrek rip-off’ despite it pre-dating Dreamworks’s film by several years.) and hated the point anc click mechanic. (Seriously, why would you get someone to preview a game in a genre they seemed to actively hate.)

    Can’t watch the video yet, as I’m act work, but I’m not too hopeful. I loved the first two games and hated the third, but I don’t know if the new studio will bring the series back on form.

  11. Ohle says:

    Phil… yeah, I’m pretty sure. Maybe it was just in Germany or something, but I do recall using some balloons to do something near a mine or cave or something. Yes, it’s all very clear to me.

  12. Optimaximal says:

    Simon 3(D) was fairly rubbish… Just another series that should never had made the leap to the third dimension.

  13. Nick says:

    I liked the first one, the second one he changed into an arsehole but it had the occasional bit of mirth (I stood in the tent with the roleplayers for their entire dialogue, it was prett funny – they were fantasy characters so they roleplayed being in the real world). Refused to try the other one, looked and sounded rubbish.

  14. Xagarath says:

    I maintain that the first is an unsung classic of the adventure genre.
    The second was flawed, and the third a truly hideous attempt at a game.

  15. Schadenfreude says:

    Can’t remember if I ever played the full version of the second game but I did have a demo of it on a CU Amiga cover-disk and used to love making the Swampling cry.

  16. Phil says:

    Ohle, it’d be brilliant if did actually get a conversion – the thought of such a parochially British game, Beer obsessed dwarfs and all, appearing on the Nintendo corporate nanny console gives me a warm glow.

  17. drunkymonkey says:

    Oh, I enjoyed the first two – and the theme music was dead catchy (not that that’s a valid reason to pour praise upon a game, but along with Sonic and Monkey Island, it formed the music in the games of my youth!).

    Optimaximal has it bang on, though. Same happened with Monkey Island. (although, it has to be said, their mediocrity was not entirely the fault of the shift of perspective)

  18. Shryke says:

    Simon 1 & 2 I still play occasionally with ScummVM. I luuv the British Humour (which it most certainly is), but its an admittedly rare taste.

    Simon3D shall never be spoken of again.

    Simon 4? from that trailer anyway, the humor doesn’t seem to be QUITE as sarcastic as the originals, but I reserve judgement.

    Point&Click FOREVER!! heh

  19. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    This looks… terrible.

    But, I’m just going off one trailer, what the hell do I know?

  20. Paul S says:

    Simon 1 was a childhood favourite. However, I’m fairly sure that he was a very sarcastic English character….

  21. Frans Coehoorn says:

    “when is Terry Pratchet going to make his triumphant comeback to videogames? (because there is a triumphant comeback, right?”

    Well, I know for one thing that Mr. Pratchet’s daughter did some work for that nifty Dutch videogame called Overlord. Pretty awesome.

  22. roBurky says:

    Simon 1 and 2 are games I fondly remember playing as a child. It was a thing we did as a family, helping each other through the puzzles, and pretending we weren’t sneaking looks at walkthroughs.

    But the voice acting on that trailer is pretty bad.

  23. Acosta says:

    Frans CoehoornWell, I know for one thing that Mr. Pratchet’s daughter did some work for that nifty Dutch videogame called Overlord. Pretty awesome.”

    Yes, it was a really good job in my opinion, she managed to create a distinctive world with interesting characters. I would love to see her work in a more story driven game.

  24. Ohle says:

    Rhianna Pratchett, I believe, also did work on Heavenly Sword.

  25. darkripper says:

    Speaking of Pratchett, how about a remake of Noir with new graphic and voice acting? I would totally pay full price for that.

  26. Cibbuano says:

    I thought the trailer showed interesting gameplay, but the dialogue is awwwful…

  27. Jahkaivah says:

    Sort of thing where u’d say someone was rolling in their grave…. if of course

    1, I knew who actually made the simon games

    2, He was actually dead (I’m assuming he isn’t)

    Seriously… did he just choose to walk into the wardrobe? Thats horribly character breaking.

    But yeah… 1st one was great purely because of the expansive world, a whole tonne of exploration was needed during the first part of the game.

    2nd one lost that, but in replace they turned simon into an asshole. Awesome idea, very refreshing to play someone who was the complete opposite of your typical “i’ll save the princess” character.

    3rd one… ill admit was a trainwreck, but if you looked past horrors it had its funny moments, inbetween the trainwreck of course I would not suggest giving it a shot.

    To be honest I lost interest in this one when they said Simon was no longer an asshole, and I doubt the expansive world the 1st one had would continue into this rendition.

    But god damn it……

  28. Kate says:

    To be honest, I think simon should never, ever, have left 2D, becuase, for their time when the first 2 came out, the backgrounds were awsome and the games were fun. I didnt realise there was even a third one till recently, so i watched a trailer of it trying to decide if i should get it, it made me cringe… I refuse to play it becuase i think it will kill my fond memories of the first one, with it being the first computer game i ever played (me and my brother had to original on the floppy disks!) This one, with the voices, I hate to say it being a simon fan, but im just going to pretend it doesnt exist…. If you guys like it and enjoy it thats great, but untill they create the 5th simon back in 2D with some kickass graphics and the original voice cast, ill just stay playing one and two thanks!

  29. Joanna says:

    Oh dear Lord. That was BAD. Why the hell is Simon American?? This game was British last time I looked – british company, British voice overs!! It looks like some drippy, made-for-TV movie for 5 year olds. Am currently playing the very first Simon on my laptop and it is brilliant. Give me Chris Barrie’s version to this Yankiefied mush any day. (With all due respect to the yanks)

  30. Joanna says:

    PS: I really didn’t like the second Simon game; I know he was meant to be a bit of a jerk but he was TOO nasty and to be honest I didn’t like the voice over as much. The main reason I disliked 2 is the world was too modern for me. Stick to forests, thatched roof cottages and castles. It’s much better.

    But yeah, sometimes I think these 10, 15-year old Amiga games are far superior to the hip swanky modern 3D ones!! I still miss my Amiga…sniff.

  31. digitrog says:

    What the heck you cranks ramblin’ on about Pratchett for ?
    You are mixing Discworld with Simon the Sorcerer !!
    Sure , they are both total Classics of the adventure gaming genre, But give credit where it is due.
    The Simon series, well at least the first 3, were written and devised by “Simon Woodroffe” of “Adventure Soft Publishing Ltd.” , Nothing to do with Terry Pratchett.
    And as regards the so called American accent, well, Simon The Sorcerer 4 has been produced in Germany, Not the UK as per the original games. Please do some research before you ramble on about things you are trying to be expert on. [ or as the old saying … “Be Sure to Engage your Brain, Before You Put your Mouth in Gear ! “]
    Yes it is a real tragedy – the news of Terry Prachett and his real life health drama, but it inappropriate to mix his writings with those of another author …
    It IS good to see discussions on the release of Simon The Sorcerer 4 : Chaos Happens, and If you are interested to make a world wide search on the internet you may find some of this game for sale … I have been also looking to find an ENGLISH version …
    regards to all the avid gamers.