Competition: World In Conflict

The artillery-splattered multiplayer games of World In Conflict that I spent too much of last year playing were quite astonishingly entertaining. The stupendous scale of the fights (NUCLEAR WEAPONS) and the wonderful way the unit-types rock-paper-shotgunned each other kept me absolutely entranced. You should have played this game, especially those of you who don’t much like Command & Conquer. Perhaps it’s the years of deathmatch training in me, but the lack of base building and pure point-capture tooth-and-nail fighting was utterly convincing, and rather unexpected, even after Ground Control. After years of getting stomped in online games of Total War or Dawn Of War, this, finally, got me back into multiplayer strategy.

In fact it’s rather interesting that Massive are gambling that it will even appeal to our net-enabled console chums, with the spectacular-looking strategy find its way onto the PS3 and 360 in the Autumn, where it might just be the strategy our gamepadded chums have been aching for. (Americans, don’t you feel sad to have abandoned such a fine word? “Autumn”?)

Anyway, apropos of nothing much at all, other than celebrating our chat with Massive, the folks over at Vivendi are giving us five copies of the game on PC. You can win them with little more than an email. Interested?

All of which prevarication leads us to the actual point of this post: how you can win the free games. Well, we’ve been chatting a lot about tanks recently. Best Tanks, to be precise. So send us a picture of The Best Tank. It can be one you’ve drawn, seen, driven, or just found on the internet. Imaginary tanks and real tanks are acceptable. Just send us a JPEG of the tank you think is best, and a reason why you love it so. Comedy tanks, which are nothing to do with the military vehicle, are also acceptable, although unlikely to win. The best five tanks will earn their adoring fans copies of World In Conflict.

You can send your entries here. Remember that the editor’s decision is final, and we will get cross if you mess about, right? Deadline for entries: 14th April.

Then, if you win, you’ll be doing this:



  1. DragonSix says:

    I liked GC2 a lot (even if the GC2 interface was a step backward from GC1). But this World In Conflict video seems booooorriiing…

  2. Clark Gable says:

    I continuously use the word “autumn,” and I live in possibly the worst part of the US — New Jersey. So, Humph to you.

    This was still a fantastic game, though I could never embed myself in it like others… at least I respect it.

  3. Mike says:

    Yet another cool competition!

  4. Seniath says:

    When’s the deadline for entries?

  5. ImperialCreed says:

    Entered! Tanks RPS!


    I’ll get my coat.

  6. Taximan says:

    I’m going to draw something. Please don’t close too early.

  7. sigma83 says:

    How broad is the definition of ‘tank?’ Is it any form of mechanized land-based armor, e.g. battlemechs, or is it strictly limited to what we understand as a tank today, i.e. chassis + turret? Clearly the monkeybot from SupCom is a tank, how about the Mammoth Mk II which walked on four upright legs like an AT AT on speed?

  8. Indagator says:

    Random fact: Actually, it’s not us Americans who have abandoned “Autumn,” rather it’s you Brits who have forgotten “Fall.” “Fall” is the older term for the season, while “Autumn” is something of a Johnny-come-lately.

    That said, “Autumn” is a beautiful word, and I do prefer the sound of it to the blunt literalness of “Fall.”

  9. Dinger says:

    Indagator’s indagine comes up short. While “fall” indeed has its roots in the Old English verb feallan, the application to the season (as “the fall of the leaf”) does not occur before the 16th c. Likewise, autumn, is first reaped from a non-French English text at about the same time. In any case, the Germanic Harvest (cf. German’s Herbst) was the default prior to these words.

    And, for the record, Americans use autumn all the time; but with fall as well, we have more reason to give thanks for a bountiful linguistic harvest, while Brits stumble into their empty granaries.

  10. Frans Coehoorn says:

    Man, I never got into World of Conflict. Give me Company of Heroes and I’ll be happy. Ofcourse it’s a different kind of RTS but still… CoH is the shit. :)

    In other news: autumn is called herfst here, similar to the German Herbst. Just so you know (which you probably want to).

  11. Anthony Damiani says:

    Heh. Europeans think we don’t use “autumn.”

    I couldn’t get into WoC, really– and I think this really nails down why. It’s an RTS for people who don’t like RTS.

  12. RichPowers says:

    RPS has the best contest EVER!

    In fact if RPS’s contests were an RTS, they’d probably be WiC :p

  13. Seniath says:

    Just out of interest, did I miss the announcement of the winners of this compo?