Message to RSS-ites (updated)

As those who follow RPS on RSS have been telling us, the feed appears to have changed so only a tiny fragment of the story appears and you have to click through to read it. Many are upset. We understand – we’re upset too. It’s some manner of problem with the new WordPress, it seems. As soon as it gets sorted out, we’ll be turning it back to normal. We thank you for patience, blessed patience, holy patience. Yes. Yes, we do.

Alec-Edit – Okay, the feed’s back to pretty much as it was a few weeks ago. The read more link is showing up even under those posts displayed in full, but hey, one step at a time. Our longer posts – i.e. anything with a Read More thingum – will only display stuff above that Read More in the standard feed, to save clogging up people’s inboxes and readers with our enormo-rants. If, however, you do want complete posts, no matter what the length, there’s now a whole new bonus full-feed that does just that.


  1. Andrew Simpson says:

    Try going to

    The reading options page

    and check that “For each article in a feed, show:” is set to full text, not summary. If that’s not the trouble, then something odd’s happened.

  2. 18Rabbit says:

    I thought it was a clever trick to try and increase your ad revenue.

  3. Alex Grose says:

    None of the images appear on the RSS feed either. This isn’t just the reader, because things like google sightseeing work with images.

  4. Pod says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s always been this way?
    Anyway, _everyone_ should click through, how else are you ment to leave a comment? :)

  5. Schtee says:

    Yeah, it totally hasn’t ;D

  6. Zeno, Internetographer says:

    I just use a live bookmark as opposed to an actual RSS reader. It gets the job done…

  7. Matthew Gallant says:

    I’m glad you’re bringing back the old RSS format, for whatever reason I really missed the header pictures that accompany the articles. Strangely enough, they often made the difference between me reading or not reading the entire article.

  8. Jason says:


    Not all of us can click through from work; but most of those can read through a reader. I personally read @ work during downtime, then post later. Like I’m doing right now.

  9. quamper says:

    AAAAARRGGGHHH!!!! even this post was cutoff in my rss reader forcing me to click through to read the vital information that would sustain me…



  10. Eli says:

    Also, whatever your random motto of the week is shows up in the sub-title of every article. So you’re not only “Rock Paper, Shotgun”, you’re “Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Overt masters of electronic dwarves, etc. etc.”

    Please please please update your feed output to drop this extra stuff, it clutters things up.

  11. rektide says:

    I -just- added the RSS feed a couple days ago and nearly started sobbing for the truncated format. I am delighted to hear it is but a temporary condition.

  12. 18Rabbit says:

    It’s fixed in Google reader now and I bless you all for it.

  13. Alex Grose says:

    I have to agree with Matthew Gallant. Recently, I haven’t been reading as many full articles because they weren’t particularly visually appealing, and the titles are a bit cryptic.

    All seems to be well now though.

    P.S. What happened to the ‘More below the cut…’ stuff, with the little ‘Click here for more’ links?

  14. Alec Meer says:

    That’s the state we wanna get back to, but can’t.

  15. RodeoClown says:

    Full text is way awesomer – it means I can read RPS on the train to work (hooray for a 2 hour commute – each way!) without having to open a bajillion tabs.

    Don’t go back to ‘below the fold’ stuff… pleeease (or else keep a full-text feed too).

  16. terry says:

    2 hr commute = A vision of hell.
    2 hr commute + laptop = A lengthy game of solitaire.
    2 hr commute + laptop + RPS = priceless.

    sorry :(

  17. RodeoClown says:

    Not solitaire, Death Worm!

  18. Brent says:

    Please fix!

    I’m not above configuring the Gametrailers embed player to only play Rick Roll’d for you guys if I don’t see effort!

    EDIT: nm, you fixed it! Hot war averted.

  19. Stew says:

    Awesome. Thanks for fixing it.

    And “Read More” gives me an excuse to read comments again, even on untruncated articles. Which is good.

  20. RodeoClown says:

    Full text!

    You guys are awesome!

    Many thanks.