Cry Of The Infected Demo

Cyborg Arm Games have a demo for their Cry Of The Infected, which you can get here. And you can watch it with at least one of your eyes here:

It’s important we learn to empathise with the zombies. Their cries of “braaaaaaiiiiins”? It’s intellectual stimulation they want.


  1. Leeks! says:

    Awesome. No, wait… totally awesome.

  2. CitrusFreak says:

    That general or whatever he is appears to be wearing what can only be described as “military suspenders/braces.”

    Also: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  3. Feet says:

    Ahahahha. Marvellous.

  4. Ozzie says:

    I’m still laughing……

  5. derFeef says:

    The last 3 seconds of the movie…. I cant describe them. Does it want to be funny? Wait, I have to watch it again….

  6. Joe says:


  7. Lambo says:

    LoL @ his face at the end.

    Thats the best zombie I’ve seen all day :)

    The game looks like it could be fun. Kind of like playing zombie panic source or hidden source, just singleplayer.

  8. SBF says:

    The demo is terrible. Really really poor.

  9. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @ Anyone else who attempted the demo: Is it actually possible to kill those two assault rifle toting guards? I can shuffle to within striking distance by carrying a box and hiding behind it, but I can’t knock them over more than twice before I keel over myself.

  10. Dracko says:

    This game would be made perfect by the inclusion and subsequent slaughter of zombie rights activists.

  11. Elyscape says:

    @Man Raised By Puffins
    Yeah. The trick is to just run over there, sans box, and hit them both down. Then keep switching from one to the other to prevent them from getting back up.

    Also, the demo was impressively bad.

  12. JediK809 says:

    @Man Raised By Puffins, what I realized after attempting that section five times or so was, you can hold down the attack button (left mouse button for me) and just wail on those guys, killing them lickety-split. You don’t have to hit the attack button for each individual attack, like in most FPSes.

    But yes, the demo was a train wreck, and I can’t imagine the actual game is any better. I can’t figure out why this game’s release got covered at all (I saw it both here and on The Escapist). Is it just because of how cool the idea is?

  13. ChrisL says:

    Finally, a game where I, as a zombie, fight a bunch of concrete walls.

  14. Cruz says:

    Looking through the site, I get a sort of indie/underdog appreciation going. Seems it’s largely the work of one guy, and I applaud the effort. I’ll check out the demo when I get home.

  15. devlocke says:

    The video was laughably bad in what seemed like a good way. The problem with games that are laughably bad is that they tend to be unplayable. If this game controls alright and it’s possible to get from one laughter-inducing B-movie-esque scene to the next, it’ll be awesome. If it’s got controls as broken as the script, then I imagine you’d be fighting the mechanics too much to enjoy the awesome.

    From the comments so far, it seems like the demo is playable, at least. That bodes well…?

  16. TychoCelchuuu says:

    It is very lucky for the hero that the prison has a lot of convenient breakable concrete walls all in a row like that. Or how those squad pillars were just the right distance from each other to be jumped upon.

  17. fucrate says:

    This is sooo bad… Also, does it seem to anyone else that it’s just a crappy HL2 mod? The engine feels so similar.

  18. TK says:

    Is this a joke?

  19. MeestaNob! says:

    The Half Life 1 engine has never looked worse.

    Thanks for dredging up the past!

  20. Chris R says:

    In other news…. Assassins Creed available on Steam for the PC!!

    Anyone have it yet? How does it run on the PC?

  21. matt says:

    Now that was funny, really… but, is it a game ? Like, for real ? Thought it was machinima for a moment.. :)

  22. Bobsy says:

    Wow. Daikatana’s got real competition.

  23. derFeef says:

    I showed this to some workmates and they cant stop laughing. Its just bad and funny at the same time. And go read the articles on their site, its fun stuff.

  24. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @Chris R: It’s only available in Yankee land, so I’d imagine most commenters (being Britishers) won’t have the opportunity to get it.

    Ta Elyscape and JediK, although I’m not sure I can really be bothered to go at it again. My respect for John, by dint of his extensive crap game reviewing escapades, has increased a notch.

    @devlocke: The controls seem okay, but it’s horrendously broken. I’ve had to restart a few times as the PC has a tendency to get stuck on the smallest obstacle (and once when there was nothing there to get stuck on).

  25. Ian says:

    This game looks to have everything!

    Great story!
    Great dialogue!
    Inventive environments!
    An engrossing protagonist!

    I want it. Now.

  26. teo says:

    looks like a HL1 mod

  27. Optimaximal says:

    Yet another ‘commercial’ result of that abomination that is ‘FPS Creator’.

    PCZone wasn’t joking when they said that the only games you can really created are military shooters and zombie shooters… I suppose some kudos are due for them making you a zombie killing the military rather than the other way around :)

  28. Luke314pi says:

    Hey guys, I am Luke Porter, the creator of this game. Yes, this work is largely the work of one person. Without a standard development team of over 100 people on a first person shooter, the graphics and gameplay are not going to be like Bioshock or CoD4. But I can promise a fun story that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and a game concept that hasn’t been visited too many times before.

  29. Chris R says:

    Fair enough Luke, most of the fellows here are mostly amused at the humor in the video, so please don’t get too offended! (like a certain VDweller did) ;)

    Gameplay should be king, so I will check out your game based on what you said above.

  30. Sal says:

    WTF is this S?

  31. Matt says:

    There’s definately nowt funnier than a Zombie running down a darkened alley shouting “where’s my wife!?”

  32. Karl says:

    The game IS available in the UK – it is download only. I bought it last night for £2.71 on Paypal.

    Unfortunately the two big problems for me are:
    1: Difficulty. It took 6 attempts to get past the two soldiers in level 2. I tried walking towards them (no run, understandably). Dead. I tried the door opposite. It won’t open. I got shot. Dead. I tried peeping, then only walked towards them when one was behing the other, hoping he would shoot his friend. Dead. This came across as unfair and not fun. Maybe if you peeped out and one soldier ran to investigate and then you grabbed him, it would have been doable. I just had to keep trying.

    2: Load times. The first time I ran it it took c.15 minutes to get to the ‘New game’ screen as it decrypted files. And loading a level took a few minutes (longer to load than the level lasted). I could have put up with this but when you die, even if you reload a save on the same level, it loads the whole thing again. So on bit with the two soldiers above I would wait for three minutes or so for it to load. I would be shot within ten seconds. Reload. Shot. It took over half an hour to get past two soldiers, most of it loading time.

    I am on level 4, and there is one soldier hiding behind a crate. I am wounded. So every time I atack him he shoots me and I die. My only option is to start all over again, but the crippling load times and the unfairness of having to just walk towards someone with a machine gun makes me dread it. Nonetheless I always try to finish a game before giving my final opinion.

    On the plus side, the music is good and the loading screens look nice (the first time). Surprisingly it runs, even though there are no options at all apart from load and save and new game. You can’t change the resolution or controls (wasdf). Still, I want to know what happens.

    I hadn’t realised you could pick boxes up. At first I tried picking up/activating everything. After nothing happened (except on some doors) I stopped, so never tried picking up boxes. It sounds like they don’t help.

    Is there a cheat of some kind so I can see the whole game once without the frustration of the reload times and constant dying?

  33. Karl says:

    PS, two tips:
    – On level one, if you seem to get stuck in the middle of the final room, crouch. No reason why you should be stuck, but it was the only way I could move on.
    – If you reload the game your ‘hands’ are hidden and you can’t attack. Use the scroll wheel. If you don’t have a scroll wheel you will have to restart the game…

  34. Karl says:

    PPS I just realised that EVERY time you run the game it decrypts all the files. From starting the game to playing the level took 15 minutes. And I still can’t get past the same soldier – no tactic seems to work. Argh.

  35. Karl says:

    I’ve given up – sometimes it crashed, then I spent 15 mins reloading, then I would try something else. But at the end of one level it crashes while loading the next and there is nothing I can do to get around it.

    The game developer was helpful enough to email when I was stuck because of the difficulty though. Don’t read on if you want to try the game in normal mode first.


    LVL 1 destroy the utility box at the bottom of the stairs and investigate.

  36. fern says:

    Hey Karl I destroyed the box but I don’t see what it does really….
    i think one can jump out the window to continue to level 2 without breaking it =S