The Unreally Real Deal

VG247 have talked to Mark Rein about the Unreal Engine deal with EA. The deal apparently includes use of the latest Unreal tech in more than five different titles. Rein also says some other stuff about Epic’s current position:

““I think what excites me most about the engine licensing business today isn’t just that we’re doing a large number of licenses with companies like EA, but also that we’re finding the smaller companies. Like APB, the MMO game from Real Time Worlds: it looks nothing like any other Unreal Engine 3 game. And we’re seeing companies like Chair Entertainment with games like Undertow. So, what’s exciting to me is that the technology is being used by so many people to do so many different things.”

In other Epic news: Intel are sponsoring the Make Something Unreal competition to the tune of One Million Dollars. Better get modding…


  1. Nallen says:

    No financial terms of the EA deal have been disclosed.

    Because the Internet can’t store numbers that big.

  2. po says:

    As far as I’m concerned Epic (and anyone whose games use their engine) can get stuffed until they release their games on Steam globally.

  3. just an informant for po says:

    po, they did. pay attention