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There's no point crying over every mistake

More Portal fan-gaming, this time documenting the tale of one of GlaDOS’ former guinea pigs. It’s a so-so room escape game of sorts, hinging solely on simple clue-deciphering to unlock a sequence of doors, but hell, it’s got Aperture Science stylings, so you’ll probably dig it. Edit – or maybe not, given the venomous reaction to it in comments.


  1. obdicut says:

    L-R-L grrr.

  2. obdicut says:

    Meh. Not that great, in the end. Arbitrary as a choose your own adventure.

  3. ygor says:

    I clicked on doors and then i died

  4. internisus says:

    This is a complete waste of time.

  5. Chris R says:

    I second Internisus’ comment. And we don’t mean in a good way. We mean… we wish we had our 3 minutes back to waste elsewhere.

  6. po says:

    Sucks ( * )

  7. Saflo says:

    Something I just noticed, looking at that picture: if you were to take the, uh, “skin” of one of the doors and wrap it around something long and ovoid, it would look exactly like a turret. Eye in the middle cut with a line, rectangular panels on the sides with a horizontal slit…in addition, if you lay a turret on its back, it looks very much like the body of the portal gun. Is this blowing your mind?

  8. Lukasz says:

    that was the stupidest thing i’ve ever played.

  9. James T says:

    What a waste of music.

  10. Alex Grose says:

    Don’t like it, got through to the outside, then in arbirarily killed me off again.

    Also, it’s L-R-L-DOWN then L-R-R

  11. Kazz says:

    “Lukasz says:

    that was the stupidest thing i’ve ever played.”

    I second that

  12. Aquarion says:

    I completed it, don’t know how. Arbitrary deaths for no good reason, exploration clearly desired but punished by death if taken too far, not a single original element, crap rip off of quite good original universe.

    These people have a future ahead of them in modern game design.

  13. MeestaNob! says:

    Yeah, it’s, no good.

    Actually displays the most amazing drop off in potential in gaming history: First room = ace (music, setting, everything), then the moment you go through the FIRST DOOR its just a pointless coat tail ride of an excellent product.

    Moody (stolen) music plus clicking doesn’t = good.

    I cant believe I wrote that much about this. It took less time to code that.