“Taxa Be Monophyletic”

ShackNews have put up an interview with FlashBang, the creators of JetPack Brontosaurus and Off-Road Velociraptor Safari. More interviews should include these questions:

Shack: Favorite dinosaur?

Flashbang: Ravens. We take a cladistic standpoint and demand our taxa be monophyletic, so “dinosaurs” must include Aves, the modern birds.

Shack: Favorite dinosaur video game?

Flashbang: Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis is hands down the best dinosaur related game ever created. Not even kidding.


  1. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Hehe, great interview. Particularly like the discussion on the metaphors running through Raptor Safari.

  2. drunkymonkey says:

    I actually have Genesis installed on my computer. It was an awesome game, and underrated, I think. Sore, the core elements were pretty simple, but the idea (and the execution) was sound, and it has a pretty nice atmosphere to it.

  3. Saflo says:

    Operation Genesis was really fun and a noble effort, but ultimately not the heavenly build-your-own-Jurassic-Park game I’d always been (and still am) waiting for.

  4. Ginger Yellow says:

    I picked Genesis up on budget about a year ago. It’s still a lot of fun.

  5. Jonty says:

    Genesis was great. The ability to feed guests to the exhibits is one I feel many museum curators secretly wish for. Plus: photo safari! Take *that*, Beyond Good And Evil.

  6. KingMob says:

    And besides, everyone knows that the Velociraptor is from the Cretaceous period and Apatosaurus is from the Jurassic. The notion that one serves the other implies a social link and management infrastructure that would have spanned 70 million years, which is economically asinine.
    Great interview.
    I’d just like to point out – THESE games show us how great a browser-based game can be, and help set the bar for graphics quality.

  7. po says:

    If Adobe ever get round to integrating some kind of OpenGL/better 3D hardware access element into Flash then it’s going to rock game development to it’s foundations.