Quake Live Beta Testing

You can sign up for the Quake-in-a-browser beta testing sessions, just here. It’s your standard beta testing deal: the game is finished and now needs tweaking. Hopefully they won’t have to keep patching for five years or whatever it was on the original game… It’s not an open beta, so get those email addresses in the slot quick smart.

You know, Quake Live sure does make me hope for some kind of enormous Quake 3 revival where I can get to show off my madskillz again. I miss those glory days. Sigh.


  1. Radiant says:

    So I’m embarrassed to ask but what is the point of quake live?
    And how is it different to io quake + cpma/urbanterror?

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    It’s to play-for-free in your web browser with an intelligent skill-based matching system, I believe.

  3. Mo says:

    Jim, I know the feeling. I was never that good at Q3A, but it’s the only game I enjoy making maps for. It’s simple enough to do, and the end-product is just so much fun to play. Years after Q3A was released (even as late as last year) I was still mapping for Q3A in my spare time between “proper” game development.

    So I’m also hoping for a big Q3A revival, so maybe more than 3 people could play the maps I make. :)

  4. drunkymonkey says:

    Signed up with the full intent to get in, and I hope I will! Been excited about this for agggeees.

  5. Seniath says:

    I’m not sure about any madskillz, but I sure loved the odd game.

    Perhaps we could organise and RPS game some time?

  6. Slang says:

    It’s NOT in your web browser but connected to the browser. Also, it’s a streamlined and probably enhanced (proper widescreen, crisp textures) Q3 with lots of functionalities similar to XBLA.

  7. Apco says:

    Registration is already open for over 2 weeks…

  8. Tejstar says:

    Two months more like…

  9. Lorc says:

    TF2’s brilliant, but my itch for pure vanilla deathmatch has gone unscratched too long.
    UT is too unrefined and Warsow too reliant on quakeworld-type tricks for my taste.
    Hallelujah if this resuscitates online quake 3 for the masses.

  10. andreas says:

    i want in!
    q3 osp is still the best 1on1 / 4on4 game there is

  11. sigma83 says:

    Wheee time to break out the old railgun and get pwned to the face in spectacular new ways!

    Signed up for this months ago. I wanna get in! Be part of the exclusive club! Quake! Live! eeeee

  12. newborn says:

    I’m part of the development team for CPMA and as far as I know the answer is ‘very’.

    From what we’ve heard from id we don’t anticipate any major changes being made from the last id Software released Quake3 (1.32) and QuakeLive. So its good old baseq3 with all the bugs that we fixed years ago and without all the features the community takes for granted.

    From the look of the released screenshots they have a nice looking brightskin and a slight change to one of the maps but there is really nothing significantly new visible in them. The texture quality is now higher then you’d get with our engine with the settings turned up.

    If its moddable then arQon could probably port the mod over in a weekend and id would instantly have a product 6 times more polished then what their lazy arses put out in the first place. I suspect it wont be though since it would make it all too easy to strip the advertising out entirely.

    Anyway, this was a long and ranty first post but there was finally something I could comment on with a little authority ;)

  13. newborn says:

    Eep. I screwed up the quote. It was suppose to start with “And how is it different to io quake cpma?” and unfortunately it wont let me edit it. The comment system seems a little funky.

  14. Radiant says:

    Newborn that’s really interesting.

    Which asks the question of why are id doing this?

    Ok so it’s essentially ‘free quake’ but there are tons of great q3 mods [urban terror for one] that run off the free to download/use ioquake engine and both warsow [free] and cpma [does it still need q3A or has that gone to ioq too?] both looked after the ‘pro’ community much better then Id ever did.

    An exercise in content delivery?

  15. steve says:

    @Radiant: From what I understand id is doing it mostly as a test bed for the game delivery system. Since they already have to Q3A code it makes for quicker turnaround.

    The service will probably work much like InstantAction does with a browser plug-in downloading the game in the background and launching it when you click a link. As someone above said it’s not actually “in” your browser – it will be a Windows executable.

  16. sbs says:

    The more i learn about this the less excited i am about it – I really worry about the game being nearly unplayable for me as someone who’s pampered with cpma netcode and features.

  17. Radiant says:

    @steve that would make a lot of sense.
    Probably a hint at where they are going with their racing/action game.

    @sbs absolutely.

    One of the things I hate about online multi-player games [apart from you know… other people] is how shitty a lot of games netcode is.

    Playing online with a 360 is mind bendingly horrendous.
    Gears of War for example has NO antilag what so ever.

    It’s like playing in 1997 again; leading your shots by the ‘length’ of your ping [but they cunningly don’t show you how much your ping is].

    Even something like tf2 has really shoddy antilag in comparison to the systems that have been built on top of and tweaked using the q3 engine.

  18. Jim Rossignol says:

    Aye, seems like the reg has been open for ages, but it was the first I’d seen of it.

  19. newborn says:

    Why they are doing it shouldn’t be THAT hard to figure out. Quake 3 Arena was released in 1999. Thats *9* years ago and a community for it still exists. Hell, there are still people playing QuakeWorld which came out a few years before that.

    So if I had bought Q3 the day it came out and paid $60 or so for it I’ve now managed to get almost a decade of replay value out of it. If I’d paid $60 a YEAR to play it then id would have made almost 10 times as much out of me.

    Obviously people are going to shy away from a monthly cost to play a FPS but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep making money in a less direct fashion – such as, oh, I don’t know.. advertising?

    Annoyingly though they’re kind of missing something crucial here – they haven’t actually managed to create a game since Q3 that has been worth playing for ONE year, let alone 10. This is because D3/Q4 turned out to be a buggy, bloated pile of mediocre gameplay and it took people like arQon and AnthonyJ to make it even remotely playable.

    Which they did. For free. But its another rant entirely to criticize companies for exploiting the community to deliver that last mile while frequently giving nothing in return. We’ve certainly never got anything for our efforts.

    Back on topic I believe that id has a bunch of CPMA code at their disposal but it doesn’t sound like they’re particularly interested in using it. Even if they do its going to be obsoleted in a few months anyway as the next iteration of the mod is being worked on almost from the ground up.

    Thanks RPS for the flimsy excuse for me to post long winded comments about the Quake3 scene!

  20. illest says:

    newborn – I wouldn’t say we never got anything from id, they’ve been good about releasing source code, and they design their games to be relatively easy to mod. And Wolf:ET! Can’t complain about that…

  21. newborn says:

    I meant “we” meaning the CPMA team.

  22. Pitbull says:

    Bringing old thread back, I know.

    I see many people excited with Quake Live that will probably be officially released soon (open to public). I’m a die-hard Excessive Plus player, and I’m very worried about the Quake Live effect on our community, considering that there won’t be any mods support (at least, originaly). I feel Quake Live will divide the good old mod community. We’re a very small number on the American scene of Excessive Plus, and I already see people packing up to leave for QL. Is this only a wave effect? What do you think is really going to happen once QL is out? Will these old-school Quake players will dig their Q3A CD and go back play with their fellows?

    QL will be basicly a revamped Q3A, didn’t we already had everything we needed with current mods and devoted coders that spent days and nights to complete a mod release, for free? A mod community requires devoted people to maintain it alive, will QL strips these rare people?

  23. Dane says:

    Quake III arena w/ a face lift. Free is good.