At last – Meet The Scout:

We have a very good idea who you are, Gametrailers.

Seems a bit tighter than the, to my eye, slightly iffy Demoman trailer. The Scout-as-jerk angle was the only way to go, really, and it works – certainly, I really, really wanted to see him take a beating by the end of it. Which is, of course, very much the point.

Also, the Heavy eating a sandwich is one of those images that’s bound to grace desktop wallpapers across the globe.


  1. RobotLiberationArmy says:

    Are people really complaining about bad accents in TF2? It is a cartoon after all, could it possibly be intentional? Even if it’s not, get over it.

    Video was great. Um…yeah.

  2. MisterBritish says:

    Yeah, definately some advanced lighting going on there, certainly not real-time. Characters are probably boosted cinematic versions as well (faces at least). So closer to Pixar than the game then.

    But who cares, they’re brilliant!


  3. Leeks! says:

    I liked it. I have no well-crafted defense for liking it, but I did. And I thought the demoman was okay too. Certainly the weakest of those released, but nothing cringeworthy.

  4. Gurrah says:

    Everyone keeps complaining about the Demo while the Medics accent is even worse, worse as in over the top. He’s probably my favourite character when it comes to the voice. Even though he’s using every German sterotype in the known universe, hear him scream OKTOBERFEST! makes me laugh every time.

    Those accents are all intentionally so far over the top.

  5. Ed says:

    The characters are stereotypes in every way. That includes their accents. Come on people, lets act a bit more mature here rather than descending into YouTube style comments…

    For the record, I liked it :)

  6. sigma83 says:

    You only gotta look at the soldier to realize it’s a monumental parody.

  7. James T says:

    Are people really complaining about bad accents in TF2? It is a cartoon after all, could it possibly be intentional? Even if it’s not, get over it.

    Fuck that — why do something wrong, when you can do it right?

    I think it’s bizarre that the Sniper has that one ‘dinkum Aussie’ line, when he’s got one of those super-dense almost-Aussie Cockney accents (see also, say, Kano in the Mortal Kombat movie; go on, you know you saw it), and it makes perfect sense for him to have it — as I said way back when, he’s obviously an Allan Quartermain-esque ‘wild colonial boy’, with his slouch hat and his kukri and his flashing the vees and his love of Mother England (and the whole ‘sleeping in a buffalo carcass’ thing…) If they removed that one line, he’d make perfect sense. Silly.

  8. Dagda says:

    For me, the “Hey, what’s up?” moment justifies the entire video.

  9. Jonathon Halliwell says:

    My favourite so far. BOINK

  10. Radiant says:

    Yeah this is terrible; Valve fucked up Lets get ’em!.

  11. Radiant says:


  12. Rahul Gonsalves says:

    “Copyright LOLOL”. Gotta love the small touches.

  13. MeestaNob! says:

    I think the only thing thats wrong with it (and can be said of all of them) is it leaves you wanting even more.

    Which is actually a good thing, if you’re from the ‘glass is half full‘ club.

    Now all we need is a TF2 mini series. I genuinely think this is a project that could be a series.

    And to those not getting that all these accents and, well, EVERYTHING is infact a parody, google your way to eBay and buy yourselves a new sense of Humour, the one you have is showing its age!

    (for the record, I just showed these vids to mum and she lolled).

  14. acti. says:



  15. Garreett says:

    How can you guys say that the Demoman video was bad?

  16. CrashT says:

    Am I the only one gets a sense of Matt Damon in the Scout?

  17. Doug F says:


    Do you like apples?

  18. Riotpoll says:

    I enjoyed it, especially the sandwhich/shotgun bit:
    link to

  19. CitrusFreak says:

    Lunaran: My sarcasm-detector is in the shop, but I have a feeling you’re joking. I HOPE you’re joking.
    But either way, he’s not from Jersey. He’s from the south side of Boston.

    Only a Southie could be that big of a prick. ;)

  20. Grandstone says:

    I thought it was great. The animation is getting better and better, and I for one can’t wait for the next one, whichever it is.

    If he’s from Southie, clearly NONE of the accents are very good, but they all serve their purpose. I still can’t decide if the Spy is Spanish, Italian, French, or Fritañol.

  21. Slappeh says:

    Aww The heavy is so cute, I want a plush toy of him. I loved this episode though, only one to make me laugh on my own.

  22. Jonathan says:

    Are you people actually complaining?
    1) He’s meant to be a jerk.
    2) They’re comedy characters. Of course their accents are going to be weird.
    3) The Demoman’s video included the lines “T’all Ya fine Dandy’s, so proud, so cocksure with your head full of eyeballs”. Does that really need any kind of defence?

  23. James T says:

    But either way, he’s not from Jersey. He’s from the south side of Boston.

    Oh yeah, I was going to mention the little ‘backstory’ snippet from the Valve update; I like how it gives a little extra to the character (it’d be pretty awesome to hear the Spy barking out the bios at the start of the videos: “Der Shcout! Birseplace: Boston, Massachusetts! Shcout vas raised on zer mean streets of Boston, vhere he cultivated der untamed savachery und fleet-footedness for vich ze crude little man-boy is now known.”

    (Meanwhile, could the slower folks please remember that stereotypical accents are a staple of broad comedy, and not wrong ones).

  24. Saflo says:

    It’s good, but something of a disappointment after the more-or-less stellar videos that preceded it.