Noitu Love 2

The much-anticipated, IGF-nominated, pixel-artisan’d indie scroller action game, Noitu Love 2, has finally arrived. (Well, it came out last week, actually, but I was on a secret mission to Moscow.) You can purchase the game via the developer’s site here, or check out the demo. (Less than a Peggle.)

It’s retro-robot-bashingly excellent, although I couldn’t find a button to quit. Esc for universal quit/menu standard!


  1. Jonathan says:

    Thats just silly

  2. Gregory Weir says:

    They explain quitting in the tutorial. Enter pauses, then you can use escape to quit. It is silly. Thankfully, the rest of the game is so great that I can forgive the gaffe.

  3. Ozzie says:

    You have to play through the tutorial to learn how to quit? Ehm….

  4. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Great stuff! I demand a mode 7 level!

  5. Wurrzel says:

    Great fun!

  6. Kieron Gillen says:

    I also enjoyed this.


  7. Gurrah says:

    If you like this one, try the original Noitu Love, it has the better soundtrack imho.

  8. The Shed says:

    A horde of grinning robots.

    Love it.

  9. HikariExpress says:

    I’m madly in love with this game. After playing the prequel and also loving it, I was a bit skeptical about the different control scheme, but using the mouse feels surprisingly good.

  10. PleasingFungus says:

    Played the demo, loved it. Also tried the predecessor on Gurrah’s recommendation and (after playing through a full level) found it extremely crude by comparison. This I mention to caution others.

    But yeah, NL2 seems pretty rad.

  11. Dracko says:


  12. HikariExpress says:

    @PleasingFungus: Yes, playing the first one after the second is definitely not a good idea. I just did it myself and, even though I really liked the original at first, now it feels completely obsolete.