Sins of a Solar European Release Schedule

I think the subject line is funny. I don't know why
Good news for Europeans who are a bit wary around Digital Downloads – Stardock have announced that they’ve found someone with the good sense to bring Sins of a Solar Empire to retail in Europe, the Middle and Far East. Kudos to Kalypso Media for doing the decent thing and taking our money. The press release says that it’ll be for £29.99 (Or 39.99 Euro-poundies) and “will contain an additional bonus of six exclusive maps, a techtree poster and a comprehensive manual”. Late May/Early June is promised, though there’s no set date yet set. Until then, probably a good time to re-read our RPS Sins of a Solar Empire verdict. Yes.

[Thanks to Joachim for the heads up]


  1. Nallen says:

    This pushes one of my many happy buttons.

  2. Colthor says:


    Although ruddy typical – I only gave in and got it digitally ten days ago :/

  3. Tim says:

    Ahh my soul is awash with solar sins. I can’t wait for the expansion, I’d love to play a campaign of it, even it it would take all year.

  4. cliffski says:

    are there really THAT many gamers too scared of tah interweb to buy this game online? is it THAT vital to have a factory made CD for you to lose? I just don’t get it…

  5. Jonathan says:

    Woo! A manual!

    I seriously love chunky manuals especially the kind they fill with lore or bits of fluff by the designers, special mention goes to the Darwinia manual for it’s mock essays. Here’s hoping extensive means coffee table.

    Reply to cliffski
    I don’t have a credit card. Point finished.

  6. Maze says:

    @Jonathan: I don’t either and I still bought it online, you do not need a credit card.

    Oh and yeah, I miss those great manuals you had back in the nineties, too. For Sins it does not matter that much though as there is no story in the game anyway (which is really too bad).

  7. cliffski says:

    Indeed, I don’t have a credit card and never have. I’ve never found a single website that requires one.
    Its a common myth about buying online.

  8. Muzman says:

    How do you guys usually pay?

  9. Janek says:

    I have run into problems before where (generally international) sites don’t like a Maestro debit card, even if they do accept, say, a Visa Electron.

    But these days, even if they don’t accept it directly, you can go through third parties (PayPal or whoever) for most places.

    (I can’t remember how I bought stuff with Stardock. Think I went through Paypal. Didn’t have any problems, though)

    Regardless, it’s always nice to have a physical product, if only for the classic smell of new manual. Mmmmm.

  10. malkav11 says:

    When you guys say you don’t use a credit card, do you mean that you use a debit card instead? Because while they obviously have different back ends, for the vast majority of online purposes they’re indistinguishable to the website.

    And I can’t think of very many sites that don’t want one of the two.

    (I don’t have a *credit* card myself, but I’ve been doing “credit card” payments with my debit card for years now.)

  11. Janek says:

    I assume that’s what other folks are talking about. I suppose there are ways to pay without either, but I would think they’d be pretty convoluted.

    As I say, some debit cards occasionally have problems internationally, which is where the perception of needing a credit card came from, I guess.

  12. Cigol says:

    Being picky, I don’t like the way Stardock do purchases. You have to have your serials to hand, unlock the game manually, then download. With Steam I just login to my account and it’s as simple as that. Hopefully this new Impulse they are going to roll out (eventually) will do something similar because it’s a bit of a ball ache at the moment – enough to warrant a physical copy.

    …but I still paid for mine over the internet! :D

  13. Mr. Brand says:

    Impulse lets you download the game by simply logging in with your Stardock account. At least it didn’t ask for any serials to let me install Sins, GalCivs and Windowblinds. Check out the beta.

    I’ve never had a place reject my Visa debit (Visa Electron/Visa Classic), even if it was in the us. Perhaps RPS should do an article on online payment :)

  14. Cigol says:

    I wasn’t aware the Impulse beta was open, downloading it now so I’ll check it out thanks.

  15. Cigol says:

    Oooh, quite nice! Certainly a lot neater and easier on the eyes. Loads up faster, seems zippier… all in all quite impressed.

    I still had to enter my sins serial ( :) ), but I guess that’s my fault as it was registered to my paypal email address. I’m hoping it will now be linked to my account in future as it picked up my GalCiv purchases fine.

    Only complaint so far; why do Stardock not implement any minimise to system tray option?

  16. Lightbulb says:

    Because you don’t need it running to play games?

  17. Saskwach says:

    Nice. Now, correct me if it’s already here, but is there a confirmed date when it will be on retail Down Under?

  18. MeestaNob! says:

    Nice. Now, correct me if it’s already here, but is there a confirmed date when it will be on retail Down Under?

    According to it should be out today (24/4).

    JB’s, EB etc should all have it then, assuming the date hasn’t been pushed back.

  19. Saskwach says:

    Sweet! Thanks MeestaNob.

  20. po says:

    It costs extra for a vendor to support Visa Electron in addition to plain Visa, so a lot don’t bother. Barclays finally realised Electron is crap and switched to proper Visa for their debit cards, so I can finally get rid of my credit card. Paypal works OK if you have a bank account that can do direct debits though, and it’s a pretty poor online seller who doesn’t support it these days.