Gemstars: (for) The Idle

I feel like John Walker.

An associate pointed this action-puzzle game at me, and I decided to unwind from the simple joy of jetpacking across a landscape with no legs. Gemstars is a highly slick riff on the coloured-gem-matching game. Rotate circles of gems to create combinations and… well, it’s not ground breaking, but it’s got a certain panache. I especially like how the next levels are visible behind the one you’re playing, receding to the distance. And when the enormous constellation-fashioned sheep loomed up behind the playfield I filed it mentally in the superior-casual-game category in my mental head. The demo’s available here and the trailer’s beneath the cut. It features the enormous sheep.

I’m a sucker for sheep, it seems. It’s the Llamasoft influence, y’know?

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  1. A.Nonny.Moose says:

    I’ve played this, a friend of mine made it. Its good fun.

    Trying not to sound like an advertising agent here!