Devil May Cry 4 Enhanced For PC

Capcom’s demon-taunting sword-‘n’-shooter isn’t traditionally a game that we desktop-box types to get particularly excited about, but Devil May Cry 4 really did have some of the most ludicrous scenes in any videogame, and hey, the sword action isn’t so bad either. The good news is that it’s going to be enormously scalable on PC, allowing folks with higher end 3D cards and multi-core CPUs to run amped-up game modes, as illustrated by the cramped fight going on that screenshot.

Turbo mode will turn up the action to insane speeds, while Legendary Dark Knight Mode will harness advanced PC processing power and fill the screen with an unbelievable number of enemies for extra difficulty. Moreover, familiar enemies from the console versions will show-up in new locations in the PC version.


  1. Phil says:

    Bloody hell, it looks like dynasty warriors in there.

    This is what an enhanced editon should be – not an extra layer of bump mapping on goblins’ ear lobes or photo realistic ferns – but taking the number of enemies and muliplying it by insanity.

  2. Rook says:

    I could get used to late versions on PC if they turn out like Assassin’s Creed and hopefully DMC4

  3. Joe Martin says:

    That’s not an unbelievable amount of enemies. Go look at the Serious Sam series, which holds the official record I believe.

  4. Lukasz says:

    (be on steam, be on steam, be on steam) *100

  5. un-animous says:

    Dead Rising has more enemies on screen too. Speaking of which:


  6. Phil says:

    It’s not just about numbers people.

    Qualitatively a hundred murderously 20 foot high insects clad in Mardi gra cast-offs are much more impressive than five bog-standard walking dead, even if some of the walking dead happen to be headless suicide bombers.

  7. subedii says:

    Hey, I would have just been happy if it didn’t end up being like the RE4 port. As far as I’m concerned everything after that is bonus.

    To be fair, once you’ve modded the TAR out of RE4 PC, it’s actually a very good game. Proper fixes and high res texture packs add a lot to the game.

  8. THX-1138 says:

    Heh, I managed to ignore the bollocks regarding the RE4 port and completed it anyway. The fact that I enjoyed it too is testament to how good that game is.

    I might get this, a mate of mine loves the series and I like games that chuck loads of enemies at you.

    (Mount and Blade 1000 man battle mod springs to mind)

  9. subedii says:

    The PC port of DMC3 didn’t even support the 360 controller properly. The thumbsticks were mapped the wrong way around (so it was impossible to move and attack at the same time), and there was no way to re-configure them.

    Yes I know that the game was designed for a PS2 controller, but the inability to re-map axis’ was pretty bad. I would have been more than happy to put up with low res movies and textures if I could just play the game in the first place.

  10. Rook says:

    Both the PC port of DMC3 and RE4 were done by Ubisoft rather than capcom, so that should tell you something.

  11. Jives says:

    I already have this for 360, but just that screenshot makes me want to buy it again…

  12. Cradok says:

    That’s an insane amount of stuff. Looks fun. Although I’d hate to have to run Son of Sparda again to get it…

  13. Simon says:

    Hundreds of enemies at the same time with DMC’s camera and targeting, uh ..

  14. The Shed says:

    Looks like funs. DMC4 was quite a challenging beast as it is; at least to my untrained fingers. More enemies would be incredible, especially as Dante with his Gun mode (I forget the technical term for it.)

  15. Alarik says:

    Eh? What was so bad about RE4 port? In my opinion it was best RE port to date and I have to say I’ve enjoyed it.

    Yes, it was pretty bad it was ported from that not-so-good (i.e. a bit ugly) looking PS2 port (i.e. port^2) but even unmodded it was great (with the patch, of course).

    My only gripe were those ugly cut-scenes (yeah, PS2, I know).

    Modded RE4 is just plain awesome :-P

    Btw RE4 was ported by SourceNext and I think they did a great job, considering the material they had to work with was already flawed (visually).

    Well, we’ll see (btw they did DMC 3 PC port too – other than missing widescreen support it was solid port IMO).

  16. Pidesco says:

    As I really enjoyed the DMC3 port, I can’t wait for this to come out.

    RE4 is one of the most overrated games of all time by the way.

  17. malkav11 says:

    What was so bad? It was uglier than the PS2 port because pre-patch it didn’t even have lighting effects (and god, those horrid low-res pre-rendered movies…ick.). It didn’t have any mouse support at all, even in the menus, and it’s a game that cries out for mouse support with all the location-specific damage effects and precision aiming you need to do as a result. Gamepad controls were floaty and imprecise, actually wavering without any input on my end (at least with both gamepads I tried with it). Keyboard controls were abysmal.

    That said, if they can gin up a proper control scheme for DMC4 (using both keyboard and mouse), or just offer perfectly mapped 360 gamepad controls, I’m probably in for the PC version. It’s not like I was going to pay $60 for the 360 one.

  18. Flint says:

    Malkav: if by gamepad wavering you mean the shaky aiming, then it’s actually supposed to be like that. It’s in the original Cube version too. The situation’s helped with accuracy upgrades and stocks for some of the guns.

    But if you mean something else then I don’t know what that’s all about, I’ve never even touched the PC version thanks to owning it on Cube.

  19. Alarik says:

    Hmm, I’ve never even considered using mouse for RE4. You can say it was the decision of creators not to enable mouse (it would be too easy). I’ve played RE1-RE3 on keyboard only and it was pretty good in my opinon :-)

    My only gripe is missing Rumble on pads :-(

    Movies were ugly because they were from PS2 – conversion or not. Yes, cut-scenes in game engine would be great, but that was the technical limitation of PS2->PC port, alas. Wii features those ugly videos for new bonus content from PS2 too.

    Gamecube version blows both PC and PS2 in cut-scenes, lightning and shadows (and PS2 in textures – because it is possible and recommended to use Gamecube textures on PC :-P). In every other technical aspect, PC is the superior version or RE4.