Having a Bloodymare

We’ve talked the adolescentier-than-thou Requiem: Bloodymare before, but there’s a new trailer that promises to show how we can “Unleash the beast as you explore the mechanics and powers of nightmares.” I suspect it won’t have anything to do with my nightmares, which is probably just as well.

Thanks Gametrailers! If you wanted to hack us to pieces for XP, we’d be perfectly fine with that.

There’s something deeply depressing about when a developer’s marketing people submits to MMO slang. Take the first slogan: “Drastic Field Changes At Night”. It’s an attractive feature, but – Christ! – way to remove any glamour or sense of world from the proposition, y’know?


  1. Hunty says:

    I happened across this when it was advertised on Zero Punctuation a while back, and checked it out from sheer morbid curiosity at the weird bloody blancmange man that seems to be the key marketing image. He’d only inspire nightmares if you keel over in fear at the sight of a dessert tray in a restaurant.

    It looks absolutely, irredeemably dire in every conceivable way. The concept art is especially a treat, as it seems to contain everything duff “scary” idea ever conceived with no overriding theme other than to put as much claret as possible in. Gothy ladies covered in scant chainmail and big swords… and then some sort of futuristic Deus Ex-style biolab replete with men in white coats? Then a tree made of bloodshot eyeballs? Que?

  2. El Stevo says:

    It’s ‘Bloodymare’, not ‘Bloodmare’. Which is possibly worse.

  3. Cruz says:

    I usually dont believe in ragging on unreleased MMOs, but they arent helping matters.

  4. Johnny Law says:

    On the “marketing with MMO slang” tip, that SP trailer for WorldShift was a huge offender. Seemed odd, but I figured maybe I was just behind the times and pulling/tanking/etc. has been WoWified into mainstream vocabulary.

  5. ryan in exile says:

    have any BeOS?

  6. phuzz says:

    So why was that trailer behind an age barrier? All I saw was some very pixilated red stuff, is that enough to get something 18 rated?

  7. Mr. Brand says:

    Bloodymare looks a bit meh, but the very idea of *sentient nuns*, as opposed to the ordinary sort, frightens me.