Swarm Racer

Want a free game? Fine, have one. It’s Swarm Racer, and it’s a… er, swarm of bees racing game.

Anyone who makes an Eddie Izzard reference gets punched for being so obvious.

It’s an odd-un. You fly your swarm of bees around the maze, bunching them together or spreading them apart, collecting gems, as bees so famously do. There are eight tracks, and as developer Lexaloffle’s site explains,

“If you get a fast time, you win a trophy depending on how fast you were. See if you can collect all eight gold trophies. Bet you can’t!”

I think they just questioned your gaming abilities. Seriously. You’re not going to take that, are you? Bloody show them.


  1. The Shed says:

    Hm. Mini-entertainment.

    It is damn annoying when your bees get all split up; that’s where the real skill lies. Keepin em together come rain, sleet or snow. Or… flashing red blocks.

  2. Yengwa says:

    I like how they form a star when you win.

  3. Frosty840 says:

    I’ve been a fan of Lexaloffle for years.
    Go play their other games, they’re awesome too.

  4. Tim says:

    Hehe that was cute. And ludicrously easy to start playing, I think it took about 5 clicks or so including your link. Just the way I like it.

  5. DSX says:

    Another nice free game is “bloxorz” a roll the block into the hole puzzle game, flash based.

    link to addictinggames.com