TypeRacer: QWERTY accelerator

Hitting Print Screen slowed me down a bit here. I'm normally a bit faster. Honest.

Aleksander Kiin dropped us a mail about TypeRacer before it went totally memeic, but only tried it now. It was only a matter of time though – when he said the magic phrase “Typing of the Dead” it was inevitable we’d get hands on. It’s Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing meets Trackmania, a drop-in-drop-out online racing game based around how quick you can hammer out phrases from films and books. And, yes, the bits from Burgess’ Clockwork Orange are openly unfair unless you’re actually a Droog, which only two of the four RPSers are. It’s an elegant game, but the only problem is there’s a bunch of people tediously doing some manner of script-fiddling with it. Ignore them, get your motor running and type for your life.

Oh – and how many wpm are you doing? I’m about mid-nineties at best, because I typo all the time. As you may have noticed.


  1. RiptoR says:

    42wpm :blush:

  2. Chris Evans says:

    Nearing 50 :(

  3. Del Boy says:

    This is great, won my first race with 50wpm, I’m topping out at about 65…

  4. Albides says:

    90 is my best, going flat out like that. Usually it’s somewhere in the low 70s at a relaxed pace.

  5. SlappyBag says:

    Mid nineties as well if its an easy batch of words, some times I need to properly read the word to figure out how its spelt if its a long-un.

    Reading out loud helps me by the by.

  6. Hunty says:

    Anywhere between 60 and 90 for me, erring toward about 70 on average. I blame my heinous work keyboard.

    I was playing this earlier thanks to QT3 and actually raced Kieron on some bastard bit of Burgess. Lost 64 wpm to his 70. Next time Gillen. Next time.

  7. Rook says:

    Between 50 and 60, but typing on my new laptop. It’s really made me realise how shit a lappy keyboard is.

  8. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    Woo! Just won my first race by MILES at 89 wpm.

    /chuffed to be good at an online game for once

    edit: 101! GOD YES, This is thrilling.

  9. Feet says:

    On my first go I got 32wpm. ¬_¬

  10. Ian says:

    This game should be tedious and mind-numbing, damn it! :(

  11. Kurgol says:

    Seventy somthing is my best, but I’m hitting around 60 most of the time. I prefer Typing of the Dead but its getting harder to run that on a modern OS these days!

    Type or Die!

  12. Ian says:

    On my first go I won with 71 rpm. My second go I did a typo-tastic job of coming 5th with about 52.

  13. James G says:

    Gah, my typing sucks. 40wpm on my first go (although I still won). I dread typing up my thesis.

  14. Kieron Gillen says:

    Darko and SteveCreek = p0wned!
    link to rockpapershotgun.com


  15. Jon says:

    any ideas why this isn’t loading for me?

  16. Tarn says:

    Great find! The best I’ve hit so far is 136wpm, which appears to have put me at #16 on the ‘recent high scores’ list, which is quite exciting!

    So far I’ve won every race rather easily, as my typing speed doesn’t tend to drop below 100 wpm. That’s one advantage of working as a writer/editor for years, I suppose! :D

    Is there a way to race against specific people, rather than just randoms?

  17. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    Oof! 112. nice one. Best i’ve done now is 110. Okay, i’m not going to get any work done at this rate, enough for now!

    Nice spot, this.

  18. Flint says:

    79-85 for me constantly, currently the average is 82wpm.

    Yaaay :D.

  19. Okami says:

    Best was 58 wpm. I’m wondering how many I could do in german..

  20. Kieron Gillen says:

    Tarn: No way to match up yet, it seems. It does say Beta though…


  21. Jonas says:

    Ah-hah! Finally a game where I can compete! No more TF2 for me.

    After four races, my average is 94 WPM. And this isn’t even my good keyboard, this is the crappy one I use at work :P

  22. Cigol says:

    I don’t like how the text disappears. It’d be better if it just changed the colour to something slightly less prominent like grey – that way I could focus on what I’m writing instead of words popping into conciousness because the line is constantly evolving.

    /no I’m not bitter at my decidedly average wpm rate of 60~
    /not bitter at all!

  23. po says:

    Finally! A good reason to get a Dvorak keyboard!

  24. Jonas says:

    And a much needed training program to rewire your brain to it once you’ve made the switch ; )

  25. Nick R says:

    ~50 wpm for me.

    One of those Snatch quotes has come up at least three times for me so far…

  26. akbar says:

    Wooooo. This will be a big timewaster. Bad RPS.

    Avging 60wpm, best I’ve hit is 79. This motivates me to learn touch typing more than work does – a bad sign.

  27. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    134! GET IN!

    edit: 136! DOUBLE GET IN!

    Okay enough of this now, i promise.

  28. Butler` says:

    This game is too good. My work mates are like “…what are you doing?”.

    I’m hitting 90-100 and winning most, and I reckon the 200+ scores are bullshit!

  29. Jim Rossignol says:

    iirc qwerty keyboards are actually designed to slow typists down, other varieties should be able to hit much higher WPM.

  30. Kieron Gillen says:

    The 200+ scores are bullshit – the fact their names are normally boasting of hacking says much.

    Jim’s right though – with other sorts of keyboards, you could get a much higher score. Just perhaps not a steady 200.


  31. Nick says:

    I should really learn how to touch type.. my dysgraphia and one handed typing style (I got into the habit of typing that way playing quake 2 – one hand near the mouse in case of imminent type kills..) lead me to a mere 42 wpm.

  32. Adel says:

    My average in the Typing of the Dead was about 70-80wpm; it’s about 100wpm here. I do miss the zombies with their giant squeak toys though.

  33. caramelcarrot says:

    Woo 103. Really need to stop making mistakes.

  34. Butler` says:

    There’s quite a lot of psychology (and physiology) behind the layout of a QWERTY keyboard, though I thought the intentionally large spaces between commonly used letter combinations was in fact to make things easier/faster?

  35. Kieron Gillen says:

    QWERTY was designed back when if you pressed two keys too close together, you were risking jamming them on a typewriter if you did it too fast. By having them far apart, this didn’t happen – however, when there’s no chance of jamming (i.e. Computers) all the gap does is slow you down.


  36. Lu-Tze says:

    Typing of the Dead was awesome. I still remember the string of expletives my friend uttered when his “Dictionary” set for one of the challenges was medical terms.

  37. Cian says:

    Won my first game with a comfortable 67 on a laptop keyboard.

    Have since crashed and burned whilst relating bitter Brasilian slum wars and my experiences near a certain constellation.

  38. Smee says:

    Typing Of The Dead was absolutely bat-shit. The variety of the boss fights were the best thing about it though. My favourite was Strength in the Coliseum and the entire paragraphs of complete nonsense it made you type.

    I was recently in Japan and saw it in an arcade – a proper stand-up cabinet with two battered beige keyboards attached to it. I had a go, and it turned out to be in Japanese (a thought that embarrasingly had not occured to me) and I was swiftly trounced.

  39. Ohle says:

    Hovering in the mid-80s to mid-90s. I hate words I don’t type often.

  40. Phil says:

    @Smee – The moment I murdered Strength in the Coliseum with the line “Spend all day dreaming of balls” was special.

  41. sinister agent says:

    The best way to play Typing of the Dead it is the way Rev. Campbell describes in his article – one person with the keyboard but no way to see the screen, and the other with the screen but no keyboard, shouting instructions to the first.

    I literally almost choked to death while doing this.

  42. po says:

    On a Dvorak keyboard the most often used keys are in the middle, and they are arranged to favour using alternate hands, or if typing a sequence of characters with one hand, moving from the outside in, as you would if drumming your fingers.

  43. The Shed says:

    @Butler & KG: The jamming-if-they’re too close together history of QWERTY is only half of the story. After moving all the common letters away from each other, the design was constructed so that, indeed, certain common word patterns would be closer to each other (diagonally and horizontally)/ easier to hit.

    What a fiendishly awesome game. So easy to get into. Also, I’ve been at 70-90 wpm, but I haven’t even won a game yet. Theres always some git who’s at the mid hundreds. People here are winning with 60s or 70s… unfair :(

  44. Ging says:

    Averaging about 80 on this, tend to come in the top 3 but I struggled with some of the clockwork orange quotes just because of the random, random words.

  45. The Shed says:

    Heheh, the book was partially written in its own language, so those sentences can be a complete bitch. Even if they’re from the movie.

  46. wiper says:

    75 as an average, 94 as my top (yay Bob Dylan lyrics!). I like :)

  47. Rook says:

    I think the superiority of Dvorak and uselessness of Qwerty is supposed to be a bit of an urban legend. link to straightdope.com

  48. Nuyan says:

    I get around 70 on average as well, but I make an awful lot of typo’s that take most of the time. Funny game though.

    And eh, after playing this for a few minutes I suddenly start to type replies faster as well.

  49. J.A. says:

    Am I the only one finding it really annoying that it doesn’t register spaces if you mis-type a word? I always hit backspace twice if I’ve gotten the last letter of a word wrong because I press space at the end by reflex, only in this game it takes away two letters, and I have to rewind and type two extra letters instead of one (often three because I go “shit” and hit backspace twice, then the last letter, meaning I’m still missing the second last letter in the word, so I have to go back AGAIN completely ruining any chance I had at winning).

  50. The Shed says:

    Yeah, I noticed that as well. You try to compensate for mistyping, and it’s always an over compensation, making you have to totally double take. Annoying :/