Mafia 2 Screens

Espresso and Tommyguns
Some more images of the new Mafia game have turned up over on CVG. It’s the one free-roaming urban crime we PC users have to look forward to at the moment… And what we’ve seen so far is pretty impressive. I’m going to try and sort out an RPS interview with the 2k Czech team in the next few weeks. No release date has been set for Mafia 2 as yet, but we’re hoping it’ll arrive for Christmas.


  1. DigitalSignalX says:

    Looks *very* nice.. hoping that’s in-game not cutscene

  2. Jarmo says:

    An interview, yes please! I’d also very much like to hear some background or just reminiscing about the original Mafia from the makers of the game. A retrospective would not go at all remiss. It’s one of my all-time favourites, full of atmosphere and life.

    Mafia even held my attention long enough to perform all of the extreme missions and I ended up with quite a collection of cars in my garage and on the front yard. Yes, I used a walkthrough, but still, it was tough going at places. The “follow the aeroplane or be blown up” mission took three nights of trying. I can still picture that route in my mind.

    By the way, about RPS: You guys have instilled in me a reflex to pause the cursor over pictures to see if there’s some alt text. I increasingly do this in all websites I visit before I realize “This is not RPS!” I feel like an RPS Skinner rat. Mixed feelings about that. I think the effect is so strong exactly because not all of your pictures have alt text. Basic behavioural psychology, utilized to such a degree by most MMORPGs.

  3. James says:

    Damn it, Jarmo. I hadn’t realized the pictures has alt-text before, and now you’ve got me checking them too. It was bad enough when it was just xkcd.


  4. UncleLou says:


  5. Thiefsie says:

    still says alt-text missing for me in the newest firefox?
    e: ah ok… there isn’t any for this screen, but either way I have to right click and do propoerties on an image to see it in the dialog box. It never automatically pops up if I hover :(

  6. Janek says:

    There’s addons that’ll fix that. I’m somewhat amazed they haven’t fixed it in beta 3, but such is life. At least they fixed the truncating alt text.

  7. James says:

    I’m using in particular, but there may well be better out there: link to

  8. Cargo Cult says:

    Browsers aren’t supposed to show the alternate text as a tooltip – it’s just the terminally stupid Internet Explorer which does that.

    But what if you do want a tooltip? Well, that’s what the title attribute is for!

  9. FP says:


    There’s nothing to fix, alt text isn’t supposed to become a tooltip (it’s a weird historical artifact of IE that turns alt into a tooltip, no other browser does). There is an attribute specifically designed for tooltips called “title” (which every browser including IE supports) but RPS don’t use it.

    Edit: Too slow, again.

  10. Nuyan says:

    I wonder how this will compare to GTA4. I found Mafia more enjoyable than GTA3 back in the day, but GTA4 seems to look more similar to Mafia with a bit more realism and story.

    Good thing is that Mafia 2 will probably be out before GTA4 on pc.

  11. RaptorM60 says:

    I also hope for christmas release date, but all the previews in paper magazines says Spring 2009 :-( (and 2K Games are not usually pulling their games out in “overgamed” end of the year).

  12. Pavel says:

    GTA 4 should be out before Christmas, so it makes sense they don’t want to release Mafia at the same time…So spring 09 seems realistic.

  13. Kieron Gillen says:

    WordPress only gives asks for an ALT when you insert an image, so there’s no chance of us swapping over to title, out of pure laziness. If people want to tool-tips, there’s a load of plug-ins, the use of which really annoys purist webcoder sorts.

    As anyone who’s seen how we use tags know, we’re not big on proper coding.


  14. James T says:

    Jeez, Spring ’09? I wouldn’t be surprised if GTA4 does come out first…

  15. DigitalSignalX says:

    Thanks for the link James, been doing right click; properties on FF w/RPS for a while now, never thought to look for a plug in.

  16. Kadayi says:

    Looking good, and looking forward to this, it’s just unfortunate that Rockstar are out of the gate first. I suspect regardless of how much effort the devs put in between now and release Mafia 2 will be compared unfavorably to GTA IV, which looks to have significantly raised the bar when in comes to the sandbox shooter genre. If they can pip GTA IV to a PC release then they might do themselves a favour though.

  17. Josh Marshall says:

    Mafia was way more awesome than the previous GTA games, and I suspect Mafia 2 will hold it’s own just fine over GTA 4.

    I just hope to hell tey allow quick save. Trudging through some of the confrontations in the original game, working only with savepoints, nearly drove me loony.

  18. UncleLou says:

    Yeah, I much preferred Mafia over GTA III as well. GTA III has a lot more breadth, but Mafia was a lot more refined in the things it concentrated on. They’re not that similar, anyway. Mafia wasn’t really a sandbox game.

  19. lio says:

    this is probably the game that i am looking forward to the most – more than to any other game in the last couple of years.
    the original mafia was such a great game… i’ll make sure to play through it once again just before mafia2 comes out…