1. Alex Grose says:

    Why is Gabe Newell in the jail?

  2. Fedora.Pirate says:

    hehe, very nice, RPS should organize to do this. It would be a great thing for the world! Though I disagree slightly with their FPS Legends choice (and I’m sure others would disagree with mine).
    Also was there ever a part 1 to this?

  3. Frosty840 says:

    I know it’s not particularly witty or clever just to keep coming to these comments threads every week just to say that Tim’s awesome, but it’s all I got.

    Tim’s awesome.

  4. Alarik says:


  5. Mark says:

    “Black and White?”

    I nearly sprayed my monitor with coffee. V. good. :)

  6. Pod says:

    Tim Stone:
    What order are you posting these in?
    How come you don’t post these in chronological order? Or are you just posting a “best-of”?

    Still, thumb up for this one.

  7. Jochen Scheisse says:

    That is so how I imagine Sid Meier to act when he faces a problem! I wish I could be a woman and have his children!

  8. mrrobsa says:

    Excellent stuff, multiple laughs ensued.

  9. Nick says:

    much awesomeness

  10. Matthew Gallant says:

    Very good!

    I don’t imagine it’s possible to get a higher resolution version? The text is a little bit small and blurry.

  11. James T says:

    Warren without facial hair? Sacrilege!

    Why is Gabe Newell in the jail?

    Ooo, burn.

  12. kyrieee says:

    oh god :D this is so great
    I missed this one