T-Shirt Compo: Winnahs

As you may recall, a while back, we ran a competition to win some natty Splitreason.com t-shirts. The challenge was to design a possible RPS shirt, and the deadline was ooh, ages ago. Here, then, are the five winners, each of equal standing. We had a fair whack of entries, the vast majority of which involved a graphical take on rocks, paper, and shotguns – so, if you also sent in one like that, you can tell yourself you won, but the prize got lost in the Sarlaac pit or something.

Here’s Matt Breit’s super-clean take on our logo:

More winners beneath the cut.

Dartt remains, I believe, pretty much the only RPS reader to acknowledge our repeated references to Horace the Endless Bear:

James Glover keeps it simple, Garry’s Mod-style:

Chris Chapman’s design is possibly more suited to a book (RPS: the book – now there’s an idea…) than a t-shirt, but it’s hard to resist the hilarious idea of someone wearing our names over their left nipple:

John Roberts goes with this spookily accurate visualisation of the RPS Hivemind, but complains I don’t have a strong enough internet identity to pastiche. Hmm. I do have an exceptionally large Adam’s Apple, so there’s that.

So, congratumalations to the winners, and big huge thanks to everyone who entered. You all did well.

Victors: when you get a mo, please drop me a mail with your address and desired t-shirt, colour and size from Splitreason.

And now, after a week away from PC games, I need to go and desperately think up something to post about.


  1. Ben Hazell says:

    Now where can we buy?
    No excuses.

  2. c-Row says:

    Might want to fix the link to splitreason…

  3. James T says:

    Think I’d have to go for the endless class of the Endless Bear, there… although the hive-mind is nice and Shirow-y…

    (Now I can post mine!)

  4. RobotLiberationArmy says:

    Not to get ahead of ourselves, but has RPS: the book: the movie been discussed yet?

  5. Ging says:

    Hurray, John won – I’m so proud!

    I look forward to him staring at me with hatred (and possibly being violent) when I go and congratulate him later. (note: the Hidden: Source team is a group of happy, well adjusted people who love each other dearly)

  6. dartt says:


    Wow, I really love that hivemind design. I can has?

  7. trioptimum says:

    Inarticulate message of surprise and appreciation! The first thing I ever won was a school handwriting competition at age 8. This is the second (and my handwriting is now terrible).

    Agreed with dartt, I wants me a shirt of that last one.

  8. Leeks! says:

    I wouldn’t even hesitate to pay outrageous internet materialization costs on that hivemind design.

  9. Dinger says:

    bah serial commas!

  10. MisterBritish says:

    Giant Adam’s Apple! If only we had know – the possibilities!

  11. Chris Evans says:

    Awesome stuff all round :D

    Big congrats to the RPS chatters :D

  12. araczynski says:

    nice, i like that first one the most, although it would be more ‘useful’ if it had “.com” on the bottom, for recruitment…

  13. Svenska says:

    I have to know, where did Horace the endless bear come from?

  14. Matthew Gallant says:

    I really like Matt Breit’s entry, hopefully it’ll be offered in colours other than orangey pink.

  15. malkav11 says:

    @Svenska – I don’t think you’re quite grasping this. Horace is endless. Therefore did not “come from” anywhere. Horace has always been!

  16. Doug F says:

    So he’s Horace The Beginningless Bear as well?

  17. Pod says:

    Google it. It takes you to botherer.blogspot.com. On there (from 2004) is a reference to “Jim” making up the religion one day, possibly for fun an profit.

    Sorry to ruin everyones fun.

    Also, is “Chris Chapman” in any way the same Chris Chapman, Amiga programming hero?

  18. Lunaran says:

    I really like Matt Breit’s entry, hopefully it’ll be offered in colours other than orangey pink.

    I blame the Joint Photographic Experts Group. ¬_¬

  19. trioptimum says:

    Also, is “Chris Chapman” in any way the same Chris Chapman, Amiga programming hero?

    Not even in a small way.

  20. mister slim says:

    I’m looking forward to getting my RPS t-shirt from the Collector’s Edition of Rock Paper Shotgun Presents: Rock Paper Shotgun The Book: The Game Of The Movie.

    Any chance of a Horace collectible figurine? Are there any songs on the soundtrack not by Kate Bush?

  21. Crispy says:

    I want that Hive Mind T-shirt.

    Great entries, congratulations to the winners. I’m wishing I’d gone for an alternative entry now, since the rock, paper, shotgun icons thing seems to have had a lot of competition.

    Incidentally, if when you guys do make T-shirts, will you accept suggestions for new designs?

  22. Thomas says:

    I want Chapman’s shirt.

    Anytime soon?