Two Prototype Trailers

This first trailer has our mutant protagonist using conventional projectile weapons, which I’m oddly disappointed by.

GameTrailers, you can appropriate our DNA anytime…

Second, longer trailer video after the jump, going into a bit more detail about the whole city combat thing.

GameTrailers, we’d avenge your experimentation at the hands of an evil government agency.

Also, why are people always so pissed off about being turned into superhuman killing machines?


  1. cullnean says:

    oh dear that’s not quite what i thought it would be to be honest.

    and towards the end what was with the street fighter style ultra combo things?

  2. Ian says:

    Did he surf a guy’s corpse? Now that’s cool. :D

    I have a feeling this could have Spider-Man 2 syndrome: Running around doing random stuff will be far more fun than the actual single-player campaign.

  3. Dagda says:

    To be fair, he will be absorbing the skills of soldiers. One would expect that might lead into the ability to shoot things.

  4. Kevin Lee says:

    Ew, looks like they’re *not* using endorphin. Get with the times people.

  5. Nallen says:

    Hilarious rag doll physics. Not in a good way.

  6. Jonathan says:

    As a fan of Hulk Ultimate Destruction, that second video was like the sweetest song whispered into my heart.

    Judging by the body surfing and kicking a guy fifty feet into the air this is keeping the same overblown humour. Though you do look a bit too puny to hammer throw a tank, as long as I get to punch helicopters out of the sky this be a definite buy. But please, please don’t let there be quick time events. That “Shake him off” looked dangerously close.

  7. Albides says:


    I’m liking it. There are not enough crazy bats**t games like this.

  8. Jonathan says:

    But enough about that, lets talk about the trailer for “50 Cent 2” linked at the end.

    Good to see fiddy is keeping it real.

  9. Lorc says:

    I don’t know. I was interested, but the action looks a bit too wet and nasty for it to be just fun. If you get what I mean.

  10. Heliocentricity says:

    when you can jump into the air and punch your way into the side of the helicopter, why do the devs give you bleeding guns?

    I’m hoping for AI’s moving about like stalker, so you can stick to the quiet areas (by taking on the form of the local power), that’ll make the chaos of battle that much sweeter, to know that you chose it.

  11. Bobsy says:


    Seems a bit flimsy to me. The shooting looks utterly godawful, and the physics looks to have too much cool already pre-programmed in to be believable.

  12. phuzz says:

    The violence is a bit cartoon-y, kind of like playing GTA with a few of the sillier cheats on.
    (although I’m now wondering why I want to see more realistic violence, that’s a bit messed up really isn’t it?)

  13. Schtee says:

    What sort of a feature is “devastators”? :\

  14. Howard says:

    That just looks terrible in every measurable way. Without doubt the worst animation I have seen this year coupled with a gameplay mechanic that is nothing more than a mish-mash of bad console titles.

    Simply aweful…

  15. roBurky says:


    Is all of that orange on the ground and walls supposed to be blood, or some kind of alien/mutant corruption thing?

  16. James says:

    Dissapointing trailers, but I still have hope. I liked Ultimate Destruction enough to assume that these guys might be able to make Prototype worth playing.

    I think the limited variation of enemy outfits bugged me more than the physics or animation. I saw maybe two different outfits on those infected fellows, and around the same for the other enemies. Of course, that’ll probably change towards release, but it doesn’t look good on a trailer.

  17. Gylfi says:

    Lol “kanedaaaa!” indeed.

    For god sake console mish-mash, combos, many “cool” satisfactory ways to kill people to “snap” your repressed modern-life rage ?

    And they blame me for hating consoles and all they stand for.

  18. James says:

    Yes, because PC gaming is a vast expanse of unicorns, rainbows and love for all humanity. Nope, no killing and rage-venting here.

    (Wait, Postal was PC only? Hrm. Reassessment required!)

  19. Will Tomas says:


    Wait… a game where you can both run AND gun at the same time?! What is this madness?

  20. Marcin says:

    I liked Hulk right up until the buzzing, locked-on, ultra-maneuverable helicopters made an appearance. Can’t reach them, they never run out of ammo, they never miss. I guess they’re trying to fix this here with the ability to disguise yourself and ditch them, but seems like the core is the same.

    I guess I prefer my combat a bit more personal than having 20+ machine guns hitting me constantly. I hope they show that because it’s the most action on the screen, and not because 99% of the game is like that.

    I think this is moving to my bargain bin list.

  21. araczynski says:

    i like it, seems like a strange mix of a horror movie, crackdown, and that psn bowling game.

  22. Chris R says:

    Oh man.. I fear for Prototype, especially with GTA4 coming out tomorrow. If GTA4 is as amazing as all the reviews say it is (check out, 99/100), and if the city feels truly alive, then Prototype’s world is going to be a disappointment.

    Please don’t suck Prototype!!!

  23. Mo says:

    Yeah, I don’t understand what all the hate is about. Combo-based fighting is a console thing now? Why? It looks like a lot of fun to me. Granted, the gunplay doesn’t look completely right … I didn’t get a sense of what the character was aiming at, but regardless, it looks like a blast.

  24. The Shed says:

    Whoa, impressive. I was SO not interested when I first heard about this game, but the video has punk’d my judgement. Jumping around looks like mad fun, especially whilst dodging military folk, militia, AND zombies. Yusss.

  25. Belo says:

    almot more gorey than i thought it’d be… damn

  26. Phil H says:

    After Ultimate Destruction, I already knew I’d be getting this day one but… Corpse surfing? Crushing heads into bodies? Punching through zombies? I need this game yesterday!

    (and really, just don’t use the guns if you don’t want to)

  27. Eschatos says:

    Is it even possible to get any more violent?

  28. Winterborn says:

    I like, sure it looks like it needs some work – if it still looks exactly the same(the lack of enemy visual variety stood out to me also) when it comes out I’ll be a touch disappointed, but what they’ve shown is enough to increase my interest.

    It is a bit console-ish, but as a ‘pure’ pc gamer(don’t own a single console) it’s not like I’m overrun with console style action games(for the person who mentioned GTA4, I doubt that will be even out on PC before this).