Escapist: Team Roomba Profile

I just do this because I hate snipers.

You notice something amiss: The Scout is stuck halfway up the wall.

This is problematic. Normally, it’d only be problematic for the Scout. But the wall in which he’s stuck is the doorway to the room where the rest of his team are. He’s jammed himself in such a way that the door is equally stuck, with a gap that’s just too small for the team to escape.

Someone speaks up: “Is he glitched, or is he just being a douchebag?”

There’s a notable pause before a voice answers: “I think it’s a little of column ‘A,’ a little of column ‘B.'”

My piece about the – er – performance griefing Team roomba goes live in the Escapist’s comedy issue. I like it when they stand in front of the Sniper.


  1. Fedora.Pirate says:

    Great little piece. Finding your name at the end was quite a surprise however KG as I forget that you’re allowed to exist outside of RPS and PCGamer. I think this is possibly the first issue of The Escapist where I have read every article right through, but that’s a side note.
    Lovely little piece, it was interesting to get into the minds behind those videos as I’m one of those people with a messiah complex who generally plays medic but really plays for the good of the team. I always say “nice shot” when I see a generally good one, I laugh it off when a buddy screws up, all that jazz to make the game more fun for everyone.
    Because of all this I kinda disliked the first TF2 Roomba video as it was just basic griefing pure and simple. But I really enjoyed the second as there was a clear interaction and more often than not you hear the person being griefed laughing along with the joke. It felt far more friendly, and as was mentioned, I wish I was there to join in on that interaction.

  2. gromit says:

    And now some of us can rest in knowing that it all started for the right reasons. Nice one Kieron.

  3. KindredPhantom says:

    Their video’s are great, it’s a shame that they have run out of stuff to do on TF2.

  4. Chris R says:

    I laughed so hard at their videos… The trivia sections make me laugh each and every time. I also liked the part where they trapped their team in the first section of Dustbowl using the teleporters. “What the crap??”

  5. KindredPhantom says:

    Griefiers can be great at showing flaws and inbalances in games that no one else thinks of or considers using.

    I’ll shall take this opportunity to show off my TF2 screenshot gallery, just click my name to see some great TF2 shots!

  6. frank says:

    This is almost apposite: the TF2 update has been released.

  7. madhaha says:

    No mention of their kareoke?


  8. Crispy says:

    I remember these videos, and I think I may have been on one of those Insurgency servers when they were doing the more annoying micspamming griefing.

    If they’re original, their japes are punchy and they provide the player with a get-out OTHER than quitting the server, it’s fine by me. The teleporters traps can be avoided, the sniper can change class, the trivia prison has an exit. It’s when they drone on and on and your only alternative is to quit the server that the comedic value is reduced to nothing.

    On Insurgency this was particularly harsh because there were very few good servers to play on and they made that selection even narrower. Micspamming, teamkilling, all of these are things that anyone could do with zero imagination and an axe to grind. There’s nothing in the least bit special about it. The trivia and teleporters are genuinely amusing because of the interplay (even if some of the voices on the teleporter one come across as actors).

  9. Steve says:

    This was when TF2 was fairly new, and I remember this. I got stuck in a server with these assmunches. It was a major pain, but also since i wasn’t playing seriously, and I’m pretty sure I was drunk that night, it was fairly amusing.