Rise Of The Argonauts

EDIT: Codemasters drop us a line to say the June 1st release date I reported is erroneous, and the game is in fact due in the Autumn.

Codemasters mythologically-fueled action-RPG Rise Of The Argonauts is just a few weeks months off, with a June 1st an “Autumn” release date reported for PC. In anticipation of this, Codemasters have released some more screenshots, posted below. There’s very little other information on the title other than it being an RPG, with real-time combat, a single main character (Jason), and it having “deep exploration”, which presumably means there’s a big old ancient Mediterranean environment to wander round in. It’s an Unreal 3 engine game by industry veterans Liquid Entertainment, who did Battle Realms, Dragonshard, and er, Desperate Housewives, so it might just a solid game. Those screens and a (rather old) trailer after the jump.

Click to enbiggen:

GameTrailers, we’d fight any number of gorgons in thanks for your game trailer service.


  1. fluffy bunny says:

    I am looking forward to this. It looks fun. I worry it will sink without trace when it’s released, as I don’t entirely trust Codemasters to treat it right with regards to PR and stuff.

  2. silvrstar says:

    Gotta love those wailing masks. As for the game and judging from the trailer… doesn’t look like much. Pixelish blood and all.

  3. Paul says:

    I am also looking forward to this. Its a pity that developers dont use greek mythology more often in pc games. So i already give compliments to the devs for choosing Jason and his hunt for the golden fleece as the background for the game. If the rest of the game is also good, it will be definately a must-buy.

  4. Okami says:

    I am also looking forward to this. Its a pity that developers dont use greek mythology more often in pc games.

    That may be due to the fact, that most pc games based on greek mythology/history tank. Titan Quest, Rise of Civlizations: History of War Nations(or whatever that RTS where you could take control of your heroes in 3rd person action combat was called) beeing the two most recent examples..

  5. Logic says:

    Do want! That looks pretty awesome, where the hell did this one come from?

  6. Ferrous Buller says:

    @Okami: I believe you’re thinking of “Rise & Fall: Civilization at War,” though it wasn’t just about Greece.

    So if RotA is barely a month away, why isn’t the official website up & running yet?

  7. born2expire says:

    link to gametrailers.com
    from that video the combat seems a lot like Bushido Blades, which was very under appreciated. If done well it could be a great game.

  8. Jigglybean says:

    Its actually due out in the Autumn, June 1st is an error!

  9. Jigglybean says:

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  10. Jochen Scheisse says:

    The guy on the 4th picture looks ridiculous.

  11. drunkymonkey says:

    Age of Mythology (Greeks, Egyptians and, hurray, Norse!) was a lot of fun – many happy battles on that.

    I read some of the thinking behind this title in EDGE, and it does seem like a game I’d very much enjoy. The team apparently know what they’re doing, and classical civilizations are a great interest of mine, so yeah.


  12. hmmmm says:

    AoC clone? if so lame, very lame.

  13. Al3xand3r says:

    AoC? I hope that doesn’t mean Age of Conan because I don’t see how a single player action RPG could be considered a clone of a MMORPG. The mechanics shown in the videos are also extremelly different again thanks to this being single player and so putting out more exciting combat situations than just mashing on hotkeys. I do think it will be a very very dodgy game harking back to the first days of 3D platforming, I don’t know why I get this vibe but I hope I’m wrong… Still, there’s nothing Age of Conany about this game.

    Unless you’re talking about the game mentioned in the comment above yours, Age of Mythology. That was a RTS, a fantasy version of Age of Empires series (same developer and all). The first game in the series to have a decent story. Not a great story, but decent enough to make you play the single player campaign instead of just going for the skirmish modes as in the previous Empires borefest of campaigns.