Valve Announce Gold Rush For TF2

Some breaking news before RPS heads bedwards: There’s a new Team Fortress 2 map available. And more, as part of the free Gold Rush update.

Valve explain,

“The Gold Rush Update introduces the new Gold Rush map and Payload gameplay style, the first set of unlockable weapons, and a new set of achievements for the Medic.”

If you don’t own it and that’s not enough to tempt you, perhaps a free weekend might do that. Starting Friday at noon PDT, TF2 will be free to everyone until Sunday. You can begin pre-loading the files now, with all the details you’ll need here.

More Gold Rush in the morning. But first some shots fresh from The Night Of A Thousand Medics.

Firstly, some grabs of Gold Rush in action.


Secondly, some of the fancy weapon-select screen. Here’s the medic with (er) no stuff. Early days yet, guys.

And here’s the full select screen, with everyone trying to ignore the Medic lording over them.


  1. Alex says:

    Would you believe – I bought the Orange Box on preorder and love just about everything Valve poop out, but I have never played TF2..

    Will I get hammered if I start now? How is the nice-guy/shitface ratio on TF2 servers, compared to, say, Counter-strike?

    From what I’ve heard I think I’d be a born Medic.

  2. Richard says:

    You’d want to pick your server well. Basically try to get one that isn’t full and if you find there’s jerks on there then try another. Clans who run servers will *typically* have more player-friendly atmospheres than ISP-run servers.

  3. The_B says:

    TF2 does seem to be wonderful to both newbies and verteran players, and you can usually find a server to suit you even if you’ve only just started. Using Steam Community to find and play with some friendly people is usually a good start.

  4. wyrmsine says:

    Alex: I’m still finding a unbelievably low level of jackassery on TF2 in comparison to CS:S. There are a lot of skilled players, but by and large, they tend to be of a much better humour than your average pwnerer.

  5. Nimic says:

    I’ve already had a few hours of play with the update, and it’s very fun. I do think they shouldn’t have released the Medic achievements/unlockables at the same time as this new map. There’s a crazy medic/heavy ratio, Ubers all over the place, pure chaos. It’s fun for a while, but I can see it getting tedious in a few days.

  6. Brokenbroll says:

    The medic play is a bit much right now. Playing on a ten man team and having eight of them as medics doesn’t make for the best experience. I must say though that when the other team matches that ratio, the hail of needles flying through the air is quite nice.

  7. RichPowers says:

    *The new map rocks; defending the third cap when the cart’s mere feet away is chaotically awesome, similar to the frenzied defense you see in TFC’s Dustbowl.

    *The spy OWNS this map. Exploiting the myriad of tunnels and ceiling drops, I infiltrated Red’s base, uncloaked in seclusion, sabotaged multiple turrets, and then blended in with the Reds who were rushing to the cart. Then I stabbed four of them from behind. The way spies can sneak behind enemy lines is similar to TFC’s Avanti map. It’s refreshing to see the spy utilized in such a visceral, almost commando-like way.

    *The defenders won all four rounds. If this Blu doesn’t improve as more players learn the map, Valve will have to tweak some things.

    *The proliferation of ubers is incredibly annoying.

    *I still hate the idea of unlocks in any and all games.

  8. Nimic says:

    “*The defenders won all four rounds. If this Blu doesn’t improve as more players learn the map, Valve will have to tweak some things.”

    I definitely prefer to defend, but then I feel the same about Dustbowl and Gravelpit. In the hours I played earlier, I didn’t notice any particular screw that wasn’t related to the relative strength of the players themselves.

  9. Joel Esler says:

    This was one of the first items in my RSS feed this morning… on my birthday. It’s like Valve knew.

  10. Daniel says:

    I haven’t had a chance to play the new update, yet, but playing red on the last cap point of the last zone of dustbowl is my most favourite part of the game at the moment, so I don’t think it’s all bad to be somewhat skewed to the defenders. I mean, I don’t think it should be impossible for blu to win, but I find it really not fun, when playing on any team, when someone on blu ninja caps and the round ends right away.

  11. James T says:

    Hooray! When my bandwidth decaps, it’s back into the fray for me!

    The variety has never bothered me, class-wise; it’s maps that bring me back.

    (and I haven’t noticed anyone be a jerk in TF2 yet, unless you count them repeatedly shooting me. I’m not very good. I enjoy it though! …The game. Not being shot, specifically.)

  12. wyrmsine says:

    Played three rounds on Goldrush, Attackers:2, Defenders:1. There were definitely a few crucial choke points my Red team exploited to what seemed incredible advantage, but the proliferation of secondary routes negated any chance of total domination. In fact, for a map that relies on such a single-focus objective, there seems to be an incredible amount of shortcuts and backdoors to exploit. I’d guess that a team of twelve should have six guarding the cart, and the other six watching the multiple secondary routes.

    Also, spies. I hate spies, and goldrush is a great map for them. I need Pyro unlockables, damnit!

    Only saw a ton of medics once – on the opposing team for the first match, and that was their strongest round by far.

  13. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Damn it, why did they have to release this in the same week as GTA4?! I’ll definitely be giving Goldrush a go later on in the week though.

  14. Crispy says:

    Will I get hammered if I start now? How is the nice-guy/shitface ratio on TF2 servers, compared to, say, Counter-strike?

    You wouldn’t have got hammered now, but I’d wager that once the competitive community/statwhores have got their hands on the new weapons, a lot of people will feel the pain of the MedicBros play: two Medics who can heal themselves slowly and eachother quickly, who can get uber in 4 melee hits, and who can make eachother invincible with that uber.

  15. Lu-Tze says:

    Well, they did say April. I guess they couldn’t have cut it any closer. Much as i’m a TF2 fanatic, I think i’m getting to let the tidal wave of medics flow over a bit whilst playing GTAIV and then come back once it’s settled down a bit.

  16. Cigol says:

    Indeed. Not even I could resist just running around with the medic to see what happened (nothing – I’m still 30 achievements away from unlockable heaven) The map meanwhile is spoiled by this dynamic of curiosity and, well it just doesn’t look that interesting? Could they not have tried something new instead of regurgitating the same old textures/design. Obviously the gametype is crucially very fun and novel, but it feels too familiar in a bad sort of way.

  17. MisterBritish says:

    The dynamic nature & lots of cover also make it great for scouts, plus you can jump up onto the bomb cart and play the ass-slapping taunt in a tribute to that Strangelove scene.

  18. Dinger says:

    Tried it briefly this morning on a server where a bunch of russians were all spawning medic.
    First, all those medics sucks for the pyro. You set everybody on fire, and they just heal themselves.
    Some guy got chief of staff when I was playing, making me wonder if he already had ten million, it it’s easier than I thought, or if there’s someway around that rather high-sounding figure.

    but the map works really well for the demoman on defense: lots of places for indirect fire.

  19. MacBeth says:

    Personally a swathe of medics will be a relief from the hordes of too-effective demomen.

    As for good servers, they are out there (ours is one, but I’ll refrain from advertising it). Generally it’s not likely to be as demoralising as joining a CS server and getting headshotted immediately.

    Also, according to the Valve info (link to, Chief of Staff is only 1 million, not the 10 million advertised earlier… a few of the other achievements have changed from their earlier incarnations too.

    Now, why did I decide to go help my Dad with some DIY at his house this weekend, when I could have had 5 days of TF2 joy?

  20. Iain "DDude" Dawson says:

    My TF2 is updating. My thoughts are, as follows, “Oh my God! oh my God! oh my God! and on my birthday as well! I love you Valve! w00t!”

  21. Down Rodeo says:

    I am so happy. There goes revision for a while… dammit, exams!

  22. heartless_ says:

    Now if I can only get CentOS 5 + kernel-devel (and -source) to agree with nVidias installer…

  23. Alex says:

    Right. Thanks for your help, guys.

    I used to play CS and CS:S a lot about 6 years back but always with a group of friends, because of the tide of arseholes that seemed to inhabit most servers (I mean, who wants to play a game like CS and not play as a team – that always seems baffling to me). And then I kind of.. stopped.

    Sounds like I’ll wait a few weeks before I try TF2, because I really want to play a Medic, not because of silly achievements. I’m already in the RPS group (as qrter) anyway, I’ll have a look where RPS people are playing.

  24. rabbitsoup says:


    and problem solved. ps the ubersaw is just better than the old saw, no real trade off

  25. Saflo says:

    I really hope “The Night of a Thousand Medics” catches on.

  26. Captain Bland says:

    Every time i stop to look at the “High Tech Mine-Cart” it makes me smile. Hell, even saying “High Tech Mine-Cart” is fun..

  27. Down Rodeo says:

    About the console commands to unlock everything… they’ve patched that now. Bit sucky that it happened but apparently they’ll be able to remove the achievements from those that are undeserving, by looking at their playing stats.

  28. The right to arm bears says:

    A lovely point about this new update is that somehow Valve have managed to track every hit point you have ever gifted back to someone as medic prior to the update. I logged on last night curious to try out the medic post-update (even though there were already three medics on my team: guilty as charged) and was quickly greeted by an announcement that I was Chief of Staff, to much Ooohing and Aaaahing. Guess all that “taking one for the team” and being medic in the past really has paid off…

  29. Corion says:

    The right to arm bears

    Guess all that “taking one for the team” and being medic in the past really has paid off…

    I found I had to continuously take one for the team and be an engineer in the past, so no such luck for me. Now post-patch I STILL have to take one for the team and be engineer since we usually have 5-6 Medics on a given team defending with 0 engineers. I’ll be a medic when we only have 2, but within 10 minutes we’ll have 5 medics and I have to switch back.

    It’s amazing that, even with so many medics, there are so few ubercharges deployed on the many teams I’ve been on. People seem to think it’s enough to randomly heal and then die in waves without ever getting ubercharge.

    Also, what is the deal with all the people who cheated to unlock the medic things and then hog the medic class? >:0(

  30. The right to arm bears says:

    Corion: fear not. I would be willing to wager a bit that the way this has worked is that Valve have been keeping track of the stats that are primary to each class for a while now with their only somewhat eery stat-tracker. If I were a forward-thinking game developer with some shadowy future plans for class updates, I would certainly keep track of medic heal points, engineer buildings, spy backstabs, etc. I would not be surprised to find that they have been tracking at least one variable for each class. Chances are your day will come. And if you really have been “taking one for the team” all along then I imagine that your teams have, on average, done better than the opposition.

    Other advice: point out how punitively stupid it is to have six medics on defense, and point it out repeatedly. You become “that guy,” but your team does better, your whole team will get into the communication groove more, and the whole affair becomes much more fun. People do listen. Cheers ;)

  31. Sam says:

    Not to be a whining whiner, but it looks like I will never get all of the medic achievements – I don’t have any Steam Friends who play TF2, and I only have two Steam Friends on total anyway.

    Not that I want an ubersaw desperately (and not that I’ve managed to unlock any of the medic achievements yet, despite medic being my second most played class), but it is a little urking to be condemned just by not being popular…

    Goldrush, on the other hand, is the best thing since sliced bread.

  32. Crispy says:


    Valve have thankfully left you the edifying option of ‘achievement farming’ with a bunch of randoms.

    The ungratifying, far-from-pretty alternative is to jump onto a server whose name implies achievement farming and then to access the Steam interface in-game (default: Shift Tab iirc). From here you can select ‘Players’ and ‘Add as a Friend’. Then you sit around not playing the game with your newfound (pseudo-)friends for the best part of a couple of days until you’ve unlocked the Blutsaugher and the Kritzkrieg, with the Ubersaw being nigh-on impossible for all of TF2’s casual (and supposedly target) playerbase to acquire.

    And, I agree, Goldrush is the only good thing to come out of this update.