Want Want Want: Sledgehammer

UPDATE: Russian demo available here. Still downloading at the mo, impressions may follow later.

One reason GTA is quite so successful is because it fulfils the innate fantasies of modern existence – I would like to drive cars really fast wherever I wanted, I would like to kill people without moral, legal or awkward body-disposal consequence, and most of all I want to be the most baddass badass in all existence. Unfortunately, it neglects a very, very important part of that fantasy – controlling giant, jet-propelled, transforming trucks loaded with enough heavy weaponry to level a small farming town.

Introducing… Sledgehammer:

Crunchy thanks, Gametrailers.

18 Wheels of Steel + Carmageddon = Whee!

I’d be lying if I said the fact it looks like Optimus Prime has nothing to do with why I want to play it, and suspect that Russian developers Targem would be lying if they said the fact it looks like Optimus Prime is a coincidence.

The official website ain’t got much as yet, save some screens that suggest a lick of graphical paint since the above, 2007 video, but here’s the skinniest of skinnies:

The American highways are more dangerous than ever… it doesn’t matter if you drive a car, a bike or a truck, the chances of being shot, smashed, nailed and/or crushed are of 9 out of 10. Consequently, only the craziest or those with enough weapon dare to hit the road.

Sledgehammer is a pure action game on wheels, and a festival of demolition and speed, all in one. Drive the most powerful truck and destroy every opponent that you’ll find on the road or go to the multiplayer mode and decide who is the king of the highway, among your friends.

* Hours of gameplay in the main campaign and 6 minigames in the single player mode;
* Multiplayer for up to 8 players simultaneously in cooperative and deathmatch mode. Destroy huge trucks joining forces with your friends or become the best truck driver in a fight to death;
* Upgrade your truck using the money you get from successful deals. Melee, light and heavy weapon, armor, engines, nitro… make your truck an unstoppable machine of destruction.

It’s out ‘Q1 2008’, apparently. Which is kinda now, so let’s say ‘Summer’, eh?

Thanks to the goodly men of PC Format for the tip-off.


  1. Ginger Yellow says:

    Needs more dinosaurs

  2. Chris Evans says:

    My god that looks awesome!

    Why is it that Russian devs are making so many exciting looking games?

  3. cdm says:

    Reminds one of Interstate ’76.

  4. Larington says:

    “Why is it that Russian devs are making so many exciting looking games?”

    Not caught in the ‘shareholders breed mediocrity’ trap to the same extent as western developers?

    Can’t be sure if thats true, but its a sneaking suspicion I struggle to shake.

  5. Jochen Scheisse says:

    I was really hoping the game would somehow include THIS Sledgehammer.

  6. Kalain says:

    Big Trucks: Check.
    Big Weapons: Check.
    Big Explosions: Check.
    Looks like hours of fun: Check

    Well, thats all the fun boxes checked.. when is it released?

  7. The_B says:

    Why don’t you call my name?

  8. grasskit says:

    yeah interstate’76 on acid/twisted metal. btw if thats all the game has to offer, it can get old after a while

  9. Cian says:

    Reminds me a touch of Goliath, which was splendid.

    link to goliathgame.com

  10. Nir says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it was completely rubbish?

  11. Lunaran says:

    It looks entertaining in a “Lol you said ninjas and/or pirates” kind of way. eg, will get old just as fast (a half hour).

  12. Will Tomas says:

    Oddly most Russian/Eastern European games (this, Stalker, Pathologic) all seem to use the same type of engine for their games – that rather washed out look, with similar texture style to the Source engine.

  13. UncleSmoothie says:

    One imagines that in a world with trucks like that, the police would be requisitioning something with a bit more pep than the old Ford Crown Vic.

  14. Dinger says:

    Hey, one of those crown victorias looked like it was sporting outboard gatlings.

    Yeah, the engine didn’t impress: cars went from factory-fresh to burned-out hulk in a single MG burst, with no variation. But this kind of game is what God commands of developers, and any game involving mounting that kind of arsenal on street vehicles and hitting the highway has me calling shotgun. ‘Cos a whole lot of us are gonna ride.

  15. Matu says:

    18 Wheels of Steel + Carmageddon + Deathtrack SHOULD = awesomely awesome… but for some weird reason, I must agree with Nir. That looked dull. Well, let’s hope for the best though. Videos rarely do justice to great games.

  16. Monkfish says:

    When I saw the title, I thought of this instead of Peter Gabriel.

    Anyway, big trucks with guns – marvellous.

    EMBARRASSED EDIT: I missed Jochen’s post – D’OH!

  17. Lucky says:

    Meh, the title made me expect link to c.myspace.com

  18. RichPowers says:


    That video’s utter ridiculousness had me laughing my hindquarters off. If the game is priced around $20, I’ll totally buy it.

    10-4 good buddy, let them truckers roll!

  19. Citizen Parker says:

    Apparently there’s a demo available now.

    It’s in Russian, but I think that 18-wheeled destruction translates into any tongue.

  20. xagarath says:

    Far more interesting than GTA, if you ask me.
    Looking forward to any further thoughts.

  21. hydra9 says:

    Jesus, who’d be a cop in that crazy world? Hilariously brilliant video. I like the way that it has this sort of quiet whimsy about it, in amongst all the ludicrous destruction. Clearly this is just a spot of fun on a Sunday afternoon for these guys.

  22. ShineDog says:

    Kind of reminds me of Hard Truck Apocolypse. Which wasnt awesome but it did the job.

  23. KingMob says:

    “The American highways are more dangerous than ever…”

    So where are my props… I’m out there every day!

    Anyway, this game looks great. I’m glad someone brought up Optimus Prime before I did… there’s something about that awesome feeling of power, just like that scene in the movie where he’s mowing down Decepticons, you even see one reflected in his grill? Remember that?

    Anyway, this looks like it will feel like the experience in GTA (for example) where you steal a bus or a big truck and nothing can survive impact with you. That’s a marvelous feeling of power.

  24. spd from Russia says:

    targem`s previous game (exMachina link to targem.ru ) was a pretty good blend of vehicular action and RPG, so their new project is the one to look for, Im sure. Visuals are boring tho ;/

  25. hoiy says:

    a festival of demolition and speed

  26. rainnuo says:

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  27. hydra9 says:

    Yep, these guys previously did Hard Truck: Apocalypse (aka ‘Ex Machina’), which was a rather engaging Elite-style game, with massive trucks instead of massive spaceships.

  28. vanessa says:

    You are very welcome. It can be hard to get information. I’ve read a lot.. .I want to know all I can about how I need to take care of myself and what to expect.

  29. hydra9 says:

    Vanessa. Get the biggest truck you can, load it up with armour and nitros and take to the road! Hope this helps.