A new webgame from On, creator of the impossibly cute Grow series, always improves my mood. As my mood is about to be battered by lurking on a train for far too many hours, MEET IN made for an especially fine morning treat.

Unfortunately, it’s another short one, but fortunately it’s a neat new idea rather than yet another click-in-the-right-order Grow opus. It’s superficially a fairly straightforward maze game, but has you controlling four different bubblemen, cruelly separated from each other and stranded in different sections of the small but labyrinthine world. None can make it far alone – they need each other’s help to unlock doors and activate platforms. Think Lost Vikings or Project Eden, the difference being that here you see all four guys on-screen at once, rather than switching perspective entirely. There’s an odd thrill to seeing the character you’re currently controlling suddenly pop up in another’s window as he wanders by – the tantalising proximity suggests you’re close to achieving something, plus, as always, it’s super-cute. I likey. You may likey too, if you play it here. On also hints he’s planning some updates to this ‘v.0’ of MEET IN.


  1. The Shed says:

    Fun little game. More levels would obviously be great, but it’s novelty is part of its appeal.

  2. Flint says:

    I love this guy.

  3. Leelad says:


    Should grow (loada punnage) in to a insanely complex and stupidly fun game.

  4. Zonderic says:

    It’s so wonderful to have a game that is a few minutes of pure enjoyment.

  5. lungfish says:

    That was wonderful, i urge all to try.
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