Fantastic Blood Boy!

The churlish part of my brain (which is about 70% of it, roughly) is busy yelling at me to never, ever link to The Independent Gaming Source again because they’ve just called me ‘Alex’ for the second time, but Denzel Yu & co’s regular round-up of wondrous indie delights is far too splendid to possibly ignore. (Plus we do, of course, hugely appreciate their occasional links to RPS. Us PC game blogs gotta stick together).

This time, they’ve introduced me to Fantastic Blood Boy!, a mightily charming submission to their Videogame Name Generator competition (an awesome concept in and of itself – create a game based on an auto-generated silly name). Stumbling back home after two days away, most of it spent on public transport, Bloodboy’s agreeably near-mindless carnage turned out to be exactly what I wanted to point my exhausted eyeballs at.

On paper, it might come off like vaguely desperate striving for A New Idea, but rest assured that in practice it quickly feels comfortingly natural, if constantly frenetic. The invulnerable Bloodboy’s charged with protecting a magic crystal from Sockpuppet monsters. If the gem is stationary, it’ll chuck out all manner of explodey power-ups, but it’s easily damaged by teleporting baddies. If Bloodboy touches the gem, however, it’ll briefly fly about the screen, during which time it’s invulnerable. So, it’s a frantic, co-dependent balancing act between keeping the gem (and, later, gems) out of harm’s way, but also leaving it alone for long enough to drop some screen-clearing weaponry. And it’s all done with just three buttons and on a single screen.

It’s solely a high score-chase, but a more cartoonish take on the sort of gradual visual escalation Geometry Wars does so well creates a growing sense of simultaneous menace and exhilaration. Very simple, very pop, very throwaway- in all the right ways, natch.


  1. Flint says:

    More large game studios should base their game ideas on a name generator.

    Celtic Zombie Tactics sounds amazing. Or Battlefield: Arcade in Busytown. Now we only need Valve or someone to make this stuff.

  2. fucrate says:

    man, escort missions suck.

  3. slang says:

    Bomb Jack gone mad and bloodthirsty…love it!

  4. Denzel says:

    Haha, sorry Alec. I should know better, considering I’m working with an Alec! Fixed on both posts!

  5. Zonderic says:

    @ fucrate: normally I whole-heartedly agree, but this is arcadey enough to be forgiven. plus the relationship between you and the escortee is not a selfish one. you actually need each other, like in marriage.

  6. dartt says:

    Thanks Alek.

  7. MisterBritish says:

    My First: Skydiving Academy is ace, and very pretty. Also, it involves throwing a baby down a canyon, avoiding the walls until it’s going fast enough to burst into re-entry like flames, at which point you can take out the birds you meet on the way down.

    If you finished that sentence without grinning then you are broken. Or my mum.

  8. Bruce Willis says:

    its a nice game and i am very please after playing this game. Its have very critical steps which i passed easily.

  9. George Wallace says:

    Good game you are enjoying too much. the sound and graphics quality is very good. Some time you scare with the graphics its look like real thing. You feel very happy after playing this game

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