More Starcraft 2 Images

Thanks to reader Dan C for pointing out that Worthplaying have a gallery of new Starcraft 2 images up. It’s a bit of a shame they haven’t actually got any new information up there, but hey, you can’t have everything. Speaking of new information, is anyone going to the Blizzard Invitational in Paris? That apparently has some hands on Starcraft 2 available and I believe at least one node of the hivemind will be there to play it. In the meantime all we’ve got to go on is my session from last year.


  1. qp says:

    i HATE HATE HATE javascript popups. why don’t they link the jpgs so i can open them in tabs? aaarrrghh!

  2. Seniath says:

    I indeed am going. As soon as I book my flights and accommodation. Any day now…

    Look forward to it, it will be my first big gaming event type thing.

  3. Sam says:

    the second image has taurens! so it wasn’t an april fools or are worthplaying just being lazy?

    edit : and the 4th and 5th!

  4. Kalain says:

    oh please let the taurens stay.. please please please..

    On another note, in the first screen shot, whats that protoss unit floating?

  5. a-scale says:

    The tauren units are fairly obviously units you get via cheating, hence why they are blowing the living hell out of all of the marines in seconds with ease. I’ll place a bet on the cheat being “the cow says moo”.

  6. Andrew Farrell says:

    Yeah, half of these are from the April Fool’s entry

  7. Josh Marshall says:

    I know that Blizzard is awesome. I know they want to stay true to desires of the massive Korean SC fanbase by keeping sys reqs low, and not fiddling w/ gameplay mechanics of the original.

    That said, and this is just a gut feeling based on the few vids and screenshots I’ve seen, I think they’re not keeping up w/ Relic. Relic has really set the standard for RTS titles w/ DoW and CoH, and SC2 looks pretty dated in comparison.

    I hope I’m wrong! I usually am.

  8. Geoff says:

    Finally, a game that is something compared to Starcraft 2.

    @qp – I assume it’s to make it harder to deep-link the images directly. This way you have to go to their site and view the images in the manner they prefer.

  9. zima says:

    @Josh Marshall – I wonder what’s their goal when it comes to sys reqs. I _hope_ it’ll be like in Starcraft – where every recent computer could play it. I _hope_ this means SC2 will be playable on most popular hardware configuration as of now – laptops with current Intel GFX.

    Seeing the screenshots…I seriously doubt it.

    BUT…I still hope Blizzard will prove me wrong.