The Guardian: Will Wright Interview

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After Molyneux earlier in the week, my second interview has gone live over at the Guardian’s site. It’s with Will Wright. In it I talk about stuff, primarily his philosophy of games. Yes.


  1. roBurky says:

    I’ve seen so many Spore demonstrations now, I can pefectly imagine Will’s voice as I’m reading that.

  2. Kadayi says:

    I’m sure Spore will be a great success, but personally despite my love of the Sims I don’t find myself drawn to it. With the Sims you’ve a whole range of directions you can go with your characters. With Spore it seems like it’s a bit more on rails, you start as Amoebas and eventually after much trial and error you build space ships and fly into space. What’s my long term motive for repeating the process? That doesn’t seem clear to me at this stage, esp given the look and appearance of your creatures seems to have little consequence in terms of survival of the fittest from what I’ve read.

  3. Pidesco says:

    While his games between Sim City and The Sims weren’t quite as commercially successful, I always thought they were small slices of gaming heaven. Sim Ant in particular gave me hours and hours of smart, engaging fun.

  4. RichPowers says:

    Ya, SimAnt is brilliant. Anyone else go out and buy an ant farm after first playing it?

    WW is a geek’s geek. Among the things that inspired him while making Spore: the Drake Equation, the Fermi Paradox, the Powers of 10. In one of the Spore demo videos, he’s all excited about Spore models galaxy rotation and even features black holes. So even though his games are usually based on extensive research in the sciences, they’re still remarkably accessible.

  5. El Stevo says:

    Didn’t, um, SimCity 2000 come between SimCity and The Sims?

  6. Kieron Gillen says:

    Yes. Which makes SimCity not his only major success how?


  7. azwipe says:

    i’ll be really dissapointed if the creature designs have no real bearing on gameplay. experimenting with different designs and seeing which ones did well was idea the that got me excited about the game in the first place.

  8. SArpedon says:

    I am really tired of hearing him talk about this game. It’s great he’s got an interesting approach and his back catalog is great but It’ll be interesting to see is spore is actually a fun game at the end of the day, The longer it takes to come out the more it seems it may end up a failed experiment.