Everyday Shooter On Steam

Man, I hope no PS3 owners read this

Well, that’s one of the three generally-accepted reasons to have spent money on a PS3 struck out (The other two being Singstar and Uncharted). Geometric-blaster Everyday Shooter makes its way onto Steam for ten dollars, with ten percent off in this first week.

No demo yet though. Pah.


  1. Rook says:

    Best news ever.

  2. Ginger Yellow says:

    D’oh! I’d probably have held off on buying a PS3 till the next price cut if I’d known this was coming out on PC so soon. Ah well. It was worth it for Uncharted.

  3. Newblade says:

    Is it any better than Geometry Wars?

  4. Rook says:

    Is this game supposed to be limited to just 8 degrees of aim/movement? Feels really really bad at the moment.

  5. essell says:

    I bought this as soon as it came out, being a big fan of Robotron and all things audio-visual-interactive-y, and thought it was pap. The gameplay’s not fun, the music not very good, and the interplay between the two not very interesting.

    (All in my extremely not humble opinion, of course.)

  6. spd from Russia says:

    damn, I want a demo it could be great, but could be bleh

  7. Soren Johnson says:

    Does it have keyboard controls? Or does it require a controller? Hard to imagine working without the analog sticks…

  8. fluffy bunny says:

    Excellent. Now we just need Super Stardust HD.

  9. Kieron Gillen says:

    I admit, I’d kill for Super Stardust HD.


  10. Mollusk says:

    Rook, yeah it only has eight degrees of movement and aim by design.

    This was terrible disappointment for me on PS3 gameplay-wise, and the music that seemed novel gets very annoying very quickly. I usually defend stuff like this (Hell, I liked Space Giraffe) and the one-man show aspect is admirable, but this didn’t turn out so well. I stuck with it far longer than I should have assuming that it would eventually “click”, but it was awful.

    Now Super Stardust is a different story.

  11. Rob says:

    The graphics look sort of Space Tripper/Mutant Stormish, there’s a couple of games that ought to jump on Steam.

  12. The Hot Trout says:

    I think despite the nicey sound-and-visuals-collide-synaesthesia presentation (which does work, a bit, no horribly clashing sound effects and if you strafe a group of enemies just right it sounds quite nice and the overall effect is pleasing abstract guitary noise) at it’s heart this is an old-school shooter, all about maximising points by learning the tricks and tactics of a level (each one has it’s own system for combos and radically different setup) and how to get the most flashy point pickups.

    I certainly think I would’ve come to keyboard smashing by now if it weren’t for that gentle main menu music and calming screen announcing your progression (your score is added to points you use to buy extras which seem to be mostly different filters and effects, to unlock levels for a single-level score attack mode, and to buy extra starting lives) as the game gets quite difficult quickly. There’s 8 levels in all (as far as I can see in the shop, I’ve only managed to level 5 so far)

    There are some nice ideas in the levels but I would recommend a quick trip through some of the other indie shooters out there on shmup-dev or cactus’ harder offerings to get used to a lot of dying beforehand if you’re waiting on a demo (while you’re there have a look for ‘Garden of Coloured Lights’ it’s a shooter in a similar vein with sound-effects forming music, but with more emphasis on leveling up your weapons
    Edit: Here it is)

  13. J says:

    I played this at an expo and fell in love and have been wanting to revisit it ever since.

    Melancholy guitar shooters are beautiful.

    My ps3 reasons still are new team ico game, new grasshopper game based on kafka’s the castle and new metal gear solid.

    All in the future like my ps3 purchase fortunately for the bank balance.

  14. Steam Report says:

    Really enjoyed this on the PS3, not a system seller but fun. Some how feels a bit more at home on the indie friendly PC.

  15. th15 says:

    You don’t need a demo! You need to play this game!

    Those are assertions, this is an exclamation mark!

  16. MeestaNob! says:

    How do you play it, mouse/keyboard, or controller, and if so, do I need a 360 one or will my RumblePad do?

  17. Nick S says:

    I liked Gate88, but I wish this wasn’t Steam-only.

  18. Tunips says:

    I played this at ACMI in Melbourne, when they had a display of the IGF winners of 2007 (or was it 6?). I fell completely in love with it, and naturally fell into a jelaous rage when Sony snatched my love away. But now all is forgiven.

  19. th15 says:

    You move with the arrow keys and fire with WASD.

  20. fluffy bunny says:

    It works well enough, but I’m used to the PS3-version. So I hope I can plug in my dualshock and play with that. Haven’t tried it yet, I destroyed my brain with Audiosurf yesterday, and was only able to play a brief ES-session before having to go to bed.

  21. J says:


    That’s where I played it too. My favourite game there.

  22. Poo Bear says:

    Talk about hype – sheesh! Mutant Storm is waay better, even Geometry Wars is better than this. I can see why there is no demo on Steam, I wonder if I can get my money back??

    The idea of triggering riffs from your impacts is a good one, as demonstrated by Rez, Space invaders extreme and Meteos. Here we have someone who seems like a complete guitar novice – no thanks.

    Please let me save after completing a level. The new levels have new mechanics so the first 3 or 4 times you enter a new level you are guaranteed to die until you figure it out. Of course, death means starting from square one again. On very rare occasions games can pull this off i.e. when replaying isn’t repetitive. Here it is a real pain, how many times do you want me to complete that first level? Ok I know some people don’t mind unending repetition, they just want the high score – but come on. Another reason why a demo would have been nice.

  23. Poo Bear says:

    addendum – be very careful buying this game, steam will not give you a refund if you don’t like it. Even though the Distance Selling Regulations state any online purchase can be refunded within 7 days. I guess because they are American they think they can do what they like. They really should have released a demo for this.

  24. cliffski says:

    if you liked mutant storm you might like this:
    link to puppygames.net

  25. Kanakotka says:

    Question; Since when, have you been able to return a game if you hadn’t liked it? :P Without lying with excuses like ”it didn’t work on my computer” at the retail store and not getting all of your money back anyway?

    Also, shameless link. Truly shameless. Why not link your own page?

  26. Poo Bear says:

    Kanakotka: Question; Since when, have you been able to return a game if you hadn’t liked it?

    If you buy something online you’ve been able to get your money back by law, for a very long time. Obviously this is a UK thing though, but as they are trading in the UK I’d have thought it should still apply.

    The Office Of Fair Trading
    “Under the regulations businesses must give consumers a seven working day cooling-off period in which the order can be cancelled and a refund claimed.”

    “The DSRs give extra protection to consumers who shop using methods such as mail order, the INTERNET, telephone or cable television.”
    link to oft.gov.uk

  27. Heliocentricity says:

    Is it worth 10 9 amerikana space bucks though?

  28. Poo Bear says:

    There’s no demo so it’s a total gamble. If you don’t mind losing $9 then take a spin. I threw the dice and didn’t like it, I must try and remember to resist hype in future.

    I finished the first level after 5mins, the second after 15mins. Then I realised I’d have to keep playing through all these levels over and over as I progressed. Then the guitar twanging started to grate. Game over.

    Lesson – if there’s no demo then don’t buy it unless there is a refund policy. No demo and/or no refund policy means there is something fishy.

    Funny how every(?) little indie developer website has a 30day no quibble return policy, yet Valve won’t offer the same on ANY of its games and selectively removes demos if it thinks it might prevent a sale.

    p.s. “Well, that’s one of the three generally-accepted reasons to have spent money on a PS3 struck out” there must be a major fucking games drought on that console if this is one of the 3 best games!

  29. mezz says:

    Don’t know what you’re all complaining about, this game’s awesome! Great variety between the levels, and the levels have lots of subtlty to them, I’m still discovering tricks on the first level! The music really fits the levels too. I’ve not played many games of this genre, so I can’t say how good it is relative to the competition, but I’m very happy with it so far.
    As for the difficulty, I got stuck on the 4th level, but I was soon able to buy the unlock to allow me to skip straight to that level to learn its tricks, which is a great way round the problem of having to replay to get there.

  30. Gloinn says:

    I love it! I hated Geometry Wars on the 360 and I still think it is a very badly designed game. This game is awesome in that indie way I expect most people around here to know and love.

    I love buying great indie games and I hope more of this will happen on steam. I just hope that my already bought Aquaria and Armageddon Empires can be activated there if they ever show up. I also hope Weird Worlds shows up there as well. Indie game makers should totally follow the example of Audiosurf, and I expect this game to sell by the truckloads as well. Go Steam!

  31. Kosi says:

    This is a major piece of rubbish! I call “emperor’s new clothes”!
    Can’t believe people are being sucked in by the hype here. just a mediocre robotron with a mediocre (at best) soundtrack.

    Yeah i wish could refund on steam too.

  32. Kanakotka says:

    It took a while of checking, but there’s no such law in effect in Finland-land, poo bear. We have a 30 day return policy, but there must be a valid reason such as the game being broken.

    And poo bear, the PS3 lineup is simply abysmal, the only good part of that console is the blu-ray drive, otherwise it’s rather garbage, both in hard- and soft kind of ware. Where you would be checking up the lineup, most notable games are FPSes… now who in their right mind plays an FPS on a console with analog stick control? Compared to the mouse or wii controller, it’s idiotically hard to aim properly, and thus an aggravating experience, so FPS on console is always the underwhelmer, while games like mass effect would do fine on a console, even they will lack depth due to PC’s sheer superiority of control scheme.

    Console games should be simple RPGs (such as early final fantasies, the ones after 6 are rather… garbageish), action RPGs, shmups, platformers and such. But putting FPS or RTS game on console is just as a smart idea as trying to surf on a calm lake, it just won’t work.