Burnout Coming Out on PC

Unexpected but not unwelcome, Shacknews are reporting that Criterion are bringing the latest version of their console racer to the PC. More details will be forthcoming, but they’re talking about improved online stuff and community-driven content. The last one strikes me as the interesting on. Burnout Paradise, in its open city with seamless multi-player play, is an interesting space for the community to create.

And before anyone who hasn’t heard of Burnout start googling and panics about the game’s apparent stability, the crashes Burnout specialises in are the good kind.


  1. MPK says:

    This excites me. I endorse this product and/or service and encourage all like minded people to join with me.

  2. fluffy bunny says:

    Not bad at all. Also neat that we’ll get an official Formula One game next year. So all in all this was a good day for people who like to play the occational racing game on the PC. :-)

  3. Larington says:

    Sounds good… One wonders if there’ll be a catch…

  4. James T says:

    PC GAMING IS DEAD, so they’ll lose SQUILLIONS!!!!!!!!

  5. Hieremias says:

    Early news is that the game will require you to input your SIN or SSN, then do a security and financial background check, connect to EA’s and Interpol’s servers every half-hour of playtime, and if any one of seventeen flags are activated by one of those checks it’ll upload a hardware-crippling virus to your BIOS.

    Other than that though, I love the Burnout games.

  6. Kanakotka says:

    James, ha ha. PC gaming has been dead/dying for the last 2 decades, still it’s going strong(er than ever?) as we all know. And yes, i noticed the sarcasm.

  7. ConstyXIV says:

    Yeah, we can almost be assured that EA will be using SecuROM on this one, like all their other titles. Can we please have SafeDisc or even the “page XX in the manual” days back?

  8. SuperNashwan says:

    Another console only developer turns its back on platform exclusivity, the end is nigh!

  9. Duoae says:

    Wait, this is just the same as Test Drive unlimited but with more arcadey physics and crashes. I suppose that the community content is interesting but i’m unsure as to how that will work…. i don’t think they’ll allow new portions of the map to be dropped in by mod makers so what does it entail?

  10. kalain says:

    oh noes, what will the console kiddies say…. what will they say!

  11. Gulag says:

    This just in:
    PC gaming is not growing by the short-term jumps, spurts and leaps that define each new generation of that almost as senior branch of gaming, the consoles. It is instead plotting a slower and steadier course of incremental growth and substantive innovation that continues to confound short-sighted critics and gawping pundits.

    Also, Burnout Paradise on the PC? Fantastic!

  12. monchberter says:

    Steam distribution please, i can’t be arsed to go to the shops. I’ve been wishing for a pc release of this, much more than say, Mass Effect.

  13. Nitre says:

    This is one game i’ve always wanted on PC.

  14. WinstonWolf says:

    Me too!

  15. Seniath says:

    Hmm, interesting, I wonder what spurred this (as the Burnout franchise has been going for quite a while now). Already owning it on the 360 (with a 100% completion), I don’t plan to get it again, natch, but it’s still good to see devs going cross platform in the other direction for once.

  16. Optimaximal says:

    Funny that… Clearly EA realised there was an opening for a decent arcade racer on the PC. After all, NFS seems to have moved back to faux-realism for the time being.

  17. Rook says:

    Since EA are publishers, the chance of a Steam distribution is about zero.

  18. Jonathan says:

    As long as they add some kind of auto restart this is a definite buy for me. Still think the series peaked at Takedown though too much of a good thing is never enough.

  19. Smood says:

    This is funny news because I recall Geoff Keighly talking to the 1 of the burnout devs in one of his gametrailers interviews and Geoff said there are 4 platforms… and the dev goes.. 4? You mean 3. And Geoff said… 360, PS3, Wii and PC. And the dev said… PC? Thats not a game platform. Now look at them, the fucking douchebags.

  20. malkav11 says:

    Heh. There’s actually five, since people keep making games for PS2. But anyway.

    Y’know, I love Burnout, and I’m happy they’re bringing it to PC, but I’m going to play the 360 version. I think racing games fit better on console with a gamepad, for me.

    Also, you can scratch any notion of this appearing on Steam. It’s EA, and EA has their own proprietary download service, which is awful.

  21. KindredPhantom says:

    Burnout on the PC. Fuck yeah!

  22. Kevin says:

    I’ve always wanted this on PC. Somehow, never really thought it would come to the PC. Rockin’!

  23. Batman says:


    Like my parents?

  24. Bidermaier says:

    Thanks god publishers are realizing that the PC is no longer a simulation machine. This new makes the PC the ultimate arcade machine. Trackmania, Trials 2 and now Burnout <3 <3 <3

  25. Nahual says:

    The PC is still is, and remains the only, simulation machine (I still can’t believe people think Gran Turismo is a real sim), but the influx of arcade games are always welcomed.

  26. Cigol says:

    @Smood; They aren’t DEVELOPING it for the PC, ‘they’ are PORTING it to the PC. So there is a difference… but you never know, they might approach it with a bit of tender love and care. I think I preferred the old burnouts with all due respect. Why do they give us the games that work best on a console?

    @Nahual; it’s easy to see why when you look at what else is on offer on the console. PC simulations are cruelly overlooked by even the PC crowd – it’s something you have to ‘get into’ to appreciate I think.

  27. monchberter says:

    at alll pointing out EA are distributors:

    Doh! Should have done my homework! Looks like a box copy is the only option. :(

  28. Chris Evans says:

    Wahoooo :D

  29. shiznit says:

    No Steam = No Bai. Got that EA?

  30. Jonathan says:

    Reply to shiznit
    We can has burnout powadice?

  31. Optimaximal says:

    On a related note… GRID demo out and it kicks asslink to gamershell.com

    It looks gorgeous, the racing is more interesting than the previous Race Driver games and it handles better than DiRT!

  32. Brian K. says:

    THANK YOU CRITERION!!!! It was about time a proper arcade racing game was released for the PC =D

  33. aX says:

    All it needs is a LAN mode and to be distributed via Steam and it will make me happy.

    Reminds me of the good old Midtown Madness days.

  34. j. polis says:

    This is excellent news, but to all those complaining about the lack of a good PC arcade racer: tried Outrun 2006? I love it.
    There’s FlatOut and Sega Rally too.

  35. MeestaNob! says:

    I love arcade style fun and have absolutely no problem with it on the PC!

    I think the only problem traditional PC gamers types have ever had with them is that these games have traditionally never taken advantage of the platform in any respect. They’re LAZY ports, on the whole.

    I’ve heard fun things about Burnout, I’m very keen to try it out.

  36. theapologist says:

    Wow – this was the game I bought a PS3 for…doh!

    Still, it’s brilliant its coming to PC. Burnout 3 was brilliant, and this is a quite different game but another pinnacle in the series.

  37. theapologist says:

    Did I mention it was brilliant?

  38. vic says:

    Burnout Para plays great but console ports with blurred textures, poor texture filtering (made worse with bloom) and jaggies make my eyes bleed. I looked at the Burnout PC screenshots on Gamershell and wept.