GRID Demo: Quite Good

Just in case anyone missed it, the GRID demo is out now. It’s 893mb and some excellent racing fun. There are three events in those megabytes, including a Ford Mustang GT-R in San Francisco, a Nissan S15 Silvia in Yokohama Docks, and a BMW 320si touring car for the crashing into other cars on every bend. Officially quite a good demo.


  1. Janek says:

    Drifting is pretty stupid. But oh God wow it’s pretty stunning.

  2. Lavitz says:

    I love the demo, its really well optimized for the pc. A lot of options to modify car handling, and graphics. I love how the game has a good learning curve and how you have to adjust your handling. Btw demo has online Huge bonus .

  3. Roman Levin says:

    You’ll need to roll back your drivers to 8.2 if you’ve got a pre-HD ATI card. A shame really. Too lazy to do that for a demo. And it would probably break Team Fortress 2 for me.

  4. Optimaximal says:

    Fucking HELL are the replays sweet – quasi-realistic racing + Hollywood-esque tracking camera = WINNAR!.
    I enjoyed it royally… Ran a lot better than DiRT ever did and was much more enjoyable than the cookie cutter RD3.

    Codemasters just pre-booked my money – roll on release!

  5. Rook says:

    It’s easily runs twice as fast as DiRT ever did, which is good news. On the downside, the handling/controls feels really awful. Really really awful.

    And err.. interesting find guys, wonder where you heard about it.

  6. derFeef says:

    I dont like it. Maybe I am too spoiled from PGR4 or Forza2 on the 360, but this one doesnt feel right. Its more like an actionracer. I mean you can crash into the walls and you will be bumped right back to the street. Also the throttle and speed does not feel right. Its like the cars are running on rails. I had high hopes this is gonna be a decent PC racer, but no thanks.

  7. Pavel says:

    I absolutely love it.Just spent three hours without break racing online in SanFran and Spain.I LOVE the controls (playing on keyboard), the graphics is stunning, and optimisation is unbelieveable – DIRT ran like shit, this never goes below 30 fps on maximum details (I have x1900xtx).The ONLY drawback I can think of was that I had to switch over to catalyst 8.2 drivers..but CodeMasters know about it and are working on a fix.Anyway, I am gonna go play now.

  8. Chaz says:

    I thought Dirt was a great game, and I tried this demo last night and loved this too, absolutely stunning IMHO.

  9. Cigol says:

    I’ve played it on the PS3, it’s fun for an arcade racer.

    I just wonder whether the only reason we are getting it on the PC is because of the deal codemasters have recently struck for the F1 license…

  10. Optimaximal says:

    I just wonder whether the only reason we are getting it on the PC is because of the deal codemasters have recently struck for the F1 license…

    So you don’t think its because Codemasters have released pretty much all their other stuff on both console & PC simultaneously?
    I think Second Sight was the only game that didn’t make it to a day-one PC release, but that’s probably just because Free Radical are pants programmers :)

  11. nakke says:

    “I mean you can crash into the walls and you will be bumped right back to the street.”

    Haha. Oh well, I’m still downloading it..

  12. arqueturus says:

    Looks lovely but I can’t control it for shit. Shame there’s no mouse support.

  13. Pavel says:

    WTF do you need mouse support for?! And it controls beautifully…I am playing on keyboard, and once you learn to actually use breaks and handbreak, the controls are perfect.And that multiplayer…

  14. Will Tomas says:

    I think the Peggle as a unit of file size officially died this day.

  15. Nitre says:

    I like it a lot, but i can’t get the hang of realistic car controls. Damn NFS, damn it to hell!

  16. Cigol says:

    @Optimaximal; Cripes. I blame piracy for that faux pas!

  17. arqueturus says:

    Mouse for the menus, cludgy keyboard navigation 4TL.

  18. Mike says:

    Oh god I hate drift racing, it’s idiotic. I didn’t know this until now, I guess the demo taught me something.

  19. Heliocentricity says:

    Oh god I hate drift racing, it’s idiotic. I didn’t know this until now, I guess the demo taught me something.

    well… i dont mind when you can drift, if you have slik tires, or its wet, but you should be able to have a car which doesn.t slide about as if it is smothered in lube.

    Cant comment on grid yet downloading ^_^

  20. IcyBee says:

    This looks absolutely beautiful. The best graphics I have ever seen on my PC.

    Unfortunately, keyboard controls are twitchy to the point of unusable. I’ll dig out my wheel when I have time, but it’s so old I doubt it’ll be supported properly.

    And it doesn’t support widescreen resolutions. What is this – 2003?

    No sale. Try again Codemasters.

  21. Pavel says:

    WHAT THE HELL is your problem with keyboard controls?! Twitchy ?! I have been playing the demo about 10 hours online, on keyboard, no problems at all…it reacts absolutely great, I am not even gonna bother compare it to ProStreet.Really I don’t get people’s complaints.

  22. Optimaximal says:

    And it doesn’t support widescreen resolutions. What is this – 2003?

    There’s an aspect ratio option in the graphics menu. Set it to 16:9 or 16:10 (as required) and you should be sorted :)

    WHAT THE HELL is your problem with keyboard controls?!

    In all fairness, whilst the Touring Car & Muscle Car bits are brilliant, the Drift racing just isn’t usable with keyboard keys… It demands fine control over both the throttle and the steering.

  23. Mario Granger says:

    @about twitchy controls:
    You can tune things like that in the options menu if you’d like, it helps INCREDIBLY. I did so for my xbox 360 controller and it worked wonders.

    @about widescreen resolutions:
    Huh? I’m playing it on my widescreen monitor just fine, at 1680×1050. Go into the graphics options, there are settings for aspect ratios.

  24. yxxxx says:

    I have the flickering problem as i have an ati card so havent been able to play it.
    I have tried the ps3 version and im not impressed it does look really nice.
    But for me the handling doesnt feel good. Too arcade for my liking seems that this may be a miss which will be a first in the series.
    I have played and owned them all since the origanal TOCA BTCC days.

  25. IcyBee says:

    WHAT THE HELL is your problem with keyboard controls?!

    I tap left or right and the car lurches about 5 degrees. Twitchy.
    I’ll have a look at the settings when I have another go tomorrow.

    I plugged in my ancient Logitech Formula Force Wheel and played with the adjustments a bit – even that was twitchy – I slid all over the place. I probably need a newer wheel.

    The demo’s readme file explains why I can’t set it at the proper resolution for my monitor – I need a graphics card with 512MB RAM.

    Shame I can’t control it (yet at least). This game looks wonderful – and the rewind feature is fantastic!

  26. Heliocentricity says:

    I’m an idiot at racing games, asside from trackmania, where i actually cross over into idiot savant territory.

    I lost my first 10 tries at playing this game, i realised what i was doing wrong, i was mashing my car into a wreck, on my 8th try or so i was on the 2nd lap in first place, smacked into a wall and lost the power to steer left… Bugger

    Watching the AI jockey for position, clip each other and spin out, it feels like one of those multiplayer arcade rally games, wher eyou’d spin out your rivals on purpose so you’d get an easier win.

    Any sinngle player game that manages to feel like your up against other people is great, the guide voice talking to me by name was a treat too.

  27. Novotny says:

    *Thank God for edits*

    I’m loving this. I’ve been moaning within my own clan that we need a racer that everyone has – and I intend to make it this. Sorry R-Factor, I still love you.

    I’m really impressed with how well it runs

  28. Pavel says:

    For the guy with flickering problem – I take it you have X1xxx card, so you need to uninstall drivers (catalyst 8.3 or 8.4) and instal older ones, 8.2.I had the same problem (having x1900xtx), and this helped.Codemasters know about this and are working on a fix, I found this on official forums.

    As for that “twitchy” handling, I dunno, I have absolutely no problem controling it, actually, I never played a racing game that controled this great.And I LOVE San Francisco race, the jumping there..the camera is just awesome.Replays are beautiful as well, the rewind feature is fantastic..

  29. Kalain says:

    I was an old school racer, (GP Legends, Brabens F1), so I was a bit skeptical about this game. It’s look pretty, nay, looks amazing, but I wasn’t sure about how the car would handle.

    First time round, the car twitched like mad, felt like I was driving on ice. Found the setting for the controls, made some changes, and was impressed by the increased performance and handling I got just by making some tweeks.

    It’s a great game and I may just have to find the cash to buy it when it’s released. Bah, who needs to eat anyway..

  30. Burgerboy says:

    Wow, that really is a great engine – runs smooth as silk and looks damn pretty.

    It has the feel of a really good arcade racer – it’s not a moronic “put your foot down and never let go” type of game, nor annoyingly ultra-realistic.

    I don’t play a lot of driving games, but this is actually pretty fun.

  31. Pavel says:

    I just spent 4 hours online,once I woke up I fired up my pc and started playing, without break.Its so, fucking, awesome.My favourite genre is RPG with deep stories, but I think once this game comes out, I won’t be playing anything else for a year.Bye bye Mass Effect : ).

  32. Kazz says:

    spent hours last night online with it, great fun and easily the best looking game my rig has seen so far

  33. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    Man, I’ve never seen so much unanimous praise! I’m so downloading this later.

  34. spd from Russia says:

    duh. it wont run for me at all. video looks nice, hope they fix it

  35. sluzzuls says:

    i played for about 6hrs straight (mostly online). so fun.. but then it became a crash fest. and i dont mean the cars. i cant get through 2 races now before everything locks up for a hard restart or the game just disappears. its bizarre. love it though. sometimes it really makes you laugh.

    the chat leaves something to be desired. why cant i chat as a spectator for the 2 minutes i have to wait for the next race?

  36. Pavel says:

    Yeah, that chat feature could certainly be improved.I would also like the ability to save replays (online ones as well) and some other minor things, but it it still the best PC racer in years.

  37. Radiant says:

    Or do I need to make a trip to pc world?

  38. runs like shit says:

    wtf are you guys talking about? this game runs like shit! i couldn’t get more than 15 fps (according to fraps) on the lowest possible settings! i don’t have the best pc in the world but it’s not bad either and i can run most new games (cod4,tf2,bioshock) on medium/high settings with a solid fps! i felt like i was watching a powerpoint presentation! if you want a pc game to do well, then you should make it old-hardware friendly! (like cod4,tf2,etc)

    here’s my specs:
    ICD E6300
    2 GB RAM @ 533 mhz
    geforce 7600gt
    xp pro

  39. Nick says:

    Do you have any virtual drive software running? I have heard securom is in the demo exe and could be causing that.

  40. Pavel says:

    Well, with 7600gt which is 4 years old low end card, what the hell do you expect?

    My two years old x1900xtx can run it max details 40fps on 1280*1024, so there.

  41. Radiant says:

    Pavel what’s your cpu like?
    I’m waddling around with a single core p4 3ghz chip [shut up! I have a xbox360 I don’t need to ever upgrade that!] with pretty decent vid card but I fear it may make my desktop burst into flame.

  42. runs like shit says:

    @ Pavel
    Then explain to me, why can i run cod4, tf2, bioshock, etc on medium/high settings with a solid fps? have you ever looked at steam hardware survey? 7600gt walks all over what most people have! I’ve seen people running tf2 and cod4 on a fx5200 with a playable fps and that’s exactly why they are doing well! if you want people to buy pc games you should make them compatible with ancient hardwares. Surprise! Surprise! another pc game with ridiculous system requirements didn’t sell more than 20 copies…

  43. Pavel says:

    For Radiant – I have core2duo E4400 overclocked to 3.2ghz, so that definitely is not a bottleneck.

    For runs like shit – I don’t know what else to write, except for what I have already written.7600GT is an ancient card, and you can consider yourself lucky to be able to even run those games.But I agree that devs should include even more options to lower graphics settings, for people with those ancient cards.
    For example, it is entirely possible to completely turn off all postprocessing effects, HDR and bloom, via config file (in documents and settings etc).Why this option is not in the menu I can only speculate and hope they include it in the full version.But if not, at least I have the option to turn it off manually, unlike on consoles.
    And the game looks very different with those options turned off, still just as beautiful, only different (more colorful).

    But in times when you can have Ati 3850 512mb for little over 100 bucks, I don’t really think devs should focus on 4 year old hardware so much..(and even 3850 is more powerful than what you can find in x360)

  44. Janek says:

    Just to chime in, it runs like a dream on mostly high settings (albeit with wind effects turned off for now) for me with a wonky old 3.4GHz single-core P4, and Geforce 7950.

    Could be that it’s just arbitarily decided it doesn’t like something to do with Runs Like Shit’s system, making it, um, run like shit. Such is the peril of PC gaming, I guess.

  45. Optimaximal says:

    shut up! I have a xbox360 I don’t need to ever upgrade that!

    That made me chuckle… The original Xbox owners probably thought the same thing not two years ago!

    Consoles do get obsolete (more out of manufacturer obsolescence than anything) and require a significant outlay to replace, unlike the piecemeal upgrades that a PC can endure. I also predict the Xbox720 & PS4 will require mortgages!

  46. Pavel says:

    Yeah, and PC games are generally a lot cheaper than their console counterparts, so I think in the end, they are financially even, with the added value of PC being able to do countless other things than play games, and being able to even those games play in higher quality.

  47. Mario Granger says:

    Different strokes for different folks I suppose, as I would call manually editing graphic config files in order to get a game to run satisfactory to be a bane to PC gaming.

    For what its worth I adore gaming on the PC, but I do have a lot of qualms with the platform as a whole.

    Anyway, Grid demo is fun, grachics look incredible considering its moderate system requirements, and the game’s handling could stand to be tweaked a bit before release.

    I’ll probably be buying this.

  48. Pavel says:

    Well, in GRID’s case, the game runs VERY satisfactory without any external tweaking – if you don’t have ancient card like 7600gt – but I would consider that tweaking advantage anyway, because, well, on console you can not tweak anything.You don’t like Postprocessing effects? Too bad, you’re stuck with it.

  49. brandon v says:

    @ pavel

    take a look at these stats:
    link to

    only a minority of people have 8xxx or 9xxx series cards (around 14%). open your eyes! most people are still using “ancient” cards!

  50. Pavel says:

    No, most steam users use ancient cards.I bet that most of them just play counter-strike or TF2, and would never play GRID anyway.But that is of course pure speculation.