Space Siege Trailer

I had the distinct please of having some hands-on time with Space Siege recently, the results of which you’re able to read in the latest PC Gamer UK. (They also have an almighty preview of Empire Total War.) Anyway, a cinematic trailer for Space Siege has been released and you can find it after the jump. We’ll hopefully be talking to the devs of said action RPG in a few weeks time, so if you have an questions about the game they’re calling “Diablo-with-cyborgs” the post them below. Perhaps they’ll even get answered…

Notice that the main character steadily becomes more like a machine as the trailer progresses – this is how the game works too. Instead of becoming decked out in loot, you become decked out in physical cybernetic transformation. Losing your humanity will, apparently, have consequences for the story.


  1. MeestaNob! says:

    I hope they manage to make these consequences run throughout the game rather than just changing the cinematic at the end (eg, ‘pulling a BioShock’).

  2. Larington says:

    “Losing your humanity will, apparently, have consequences for the story.”

    AKA no woman would want to bed you, ooer matron…

    I’m left wondering if being a non-cyborg is a viable playstyle… Or a way of keeping the difficulty higher for those who would prefer a harder game.

  3. Ging says:

    Larington – it seems that staying human is a way of keeping the game difficult, Chris Taylor talked about it in an interview / article a while ago. It might influence the ending, but probably only down to 3 endings (human, partial-cyborg, essentially robot).

    I’m a tad concerned that the video didn’t show the smoothest gameplay – I’m not sure if it was the video recording method that was causing it or just a bit of early-ish code at work. But with a game like this, having a smooth gameplay experience without any real “juddering” is fairly important to me. (basically, so I can be sure that I’m clicking the right things!)

  4. Zeno says:

    So, same basic idea as Too Human?

  5. Albides says:

    Hrm. I bought Dungeon Siege on the cheap and absolutely hated it. It was as if they looked at Diablo and thought clicking was the main appeal. No charm to speak of. As a consequence, I didn’t bother with Dungeon Siege II. This, however, looks good.

    There’s a game coming out on the Xbox 360 with similar themes (man-machine dichotomies), called Too Human, which looks a whole lot better. I’m praying for a PC port.

  6. Spenot says:

    Albides, you should have bought Dungeon Siege II instead of the first one, it had way more content than the first and at least it had interesting bits at every turn, so you didn’t feel that certain “no-reason-to-play-this” feeling that the first one had.
    On Space Siege, it looks like a 3D version of Harbringer. I hope they will work on the performance because this simply looks sloppy.

  7. John P (Katsumoto) says:

    I love breaking the trend ;) Hehe. First I loved Doom 3, then DXIW, then T:DS. And, before all of those, I loved Dungeon Siege. you guys! It was the most fun I’ve ever had at a LAN party, ever, full stop. At the time the visuals were breathtaking, and I always think that, whilst normally i’m “lol gameplay > graphics lol123” kind of guy, in a game like this or Dungeon Siege smooth visuals are important.

    This is why I had difficulty with Depths of Peril (although thanks the brilliance of the Covenant mechanic in that, I am slowly warming to it). And yes, the “sloppy”ness of this is worrying for the same reason. Also, you can’t get massive mountain vistas on a space ship. Unless there’s a holodeck.

  8. Lukasz says:

    Is it me or that guy looks like macho version of Woody from Toy Story?

  9. Heliocentricity says:

    So, same basic idea as Too Human?

    Yea, i’d actualy gotten thee games mixed up in my head, the only difference i can tell so far, is one seems to be console only (ps3?) and one seems to lead with PC, however the Space siege guy, i never see him only move while shooting, which tells me combat isnt arcadey.

    I “love” games where you have to stand still to shoot >_<

  10. Acosta says:

    I’m really looking for it, I think it will be a pretty decent Hack’n Slash with some neat stuff and that is all I’m looking for (Mythos is in my list too, both will serve to make a break while I’m having adventures in Hyboria).

    Talking about PC Gamer, that 48 hours awake feature was quite the thing to read, poor Graham looked ready to become a serial killer in some of those pics. And I missed RPS crew in that feature of “Don’t make me play”. However, an excellent issue as always.

  11. Josh says:

    I’ve got a question or two! Very simple ones, actually.

    How does it play? Well? Is it fun, or is it mediocre? Did it hold your interest long enough that you’d like to go back and play it some more at a later date? So far I’m finding the only thing Chris Taylor can do is make excellent RTS games. I wasn’t a huge fan of Dungeon Siege.

  12. Pavel says:

    Damn, that looks shitty.Talk about Yet Another Generic Sci-fi Set In Space.Dungeon Sieges were mediocre, first one actually being very boring, I am not gonna bother with this.

  13. Janto says:

    In fairness to Dungeon Siege, I found it enjoyable enough to play, but deeply un-involving. There was no character to the NPCs, you never faced the Balsur’s Gate dilemma of choosing between a weaker, but more entertaining character and a boring power-bastard. So I never bothered with the sequel, but Gas Powered Games putting effort into story and character is a good thing.

    My understanding is that characters treat you differently depending on how you upgrade yourself, probably along the lines of Deus Ex’s characters giving you extra loot if they liked the way your kill ratio was looking. Hopefully they’ll also take the other thing Deus Ex did well, and have recurrent instances that show how your actions have affected sub-plots that don’t feed into the main narrative. Rescue random guy from alien cocoon at start of game. Later find random guy hanging around at the medical facility stealing stuff. Find random guy’s corpse as you go through the alien infested brig. That sort of stuff is always good for a laugh if you replay, you can leave the poor sap to his horrible fate at the start with a chuckle…

  14. Steam Report says:

    Frame rate doesn’t look too hot in the trailer.

  15. Duoae says:

    I really liked the first Dungeon Siege…. not the main campaign but the extra world of Ebb(? Can’t remember how it’s spelt). I felt that the particular campaign in that was much more enjoyable alone and in multiplayer.

    Frankly i’m not too bothered about Space Siege. The story might be okay but the game mechanics look a little stale in comparison with Too Human. I’ve played many hack and slash (action)RPGs and i’d like to see one that did something a little differently.

  16. Horatius says:

    Yawn. Standing around shooting monsters in tiny environments, like a thousand other games, and they couldn’t even fake a decent framerate. Hey, is that epic orchestral music in the background? Wow, that’s SO innovative!

    Just play Painkiller. Zero plot, terrible cutscenes, but awesome mindless blasting with clever levels. Five bucks used on Amazon.

  17. PleasingFungus says:

    Yeah, I don’t have the vitrolic hatred towards Dungeon Siege and anything related to it that pretty much everyone else in this comments thread seems to have – Dungeon Siege II, in particular, was pretty decent – but that trailer leaves me less enthusiastic than ever about SPACE SIEGE.

    (That name!)

  18. UncleLou says:

    Well, this looks a bit rubbish, really. Technically dated, sterile, and unexciting.

    I can see myself finally buying a 360 for Too Human.

  19. SwiftRanger says:

    Jim’s PC Gamer preview sounded relatively positive, those new screens had a lot more colour in them than the early screens of the game. I hope there are more reasons to replay the game than just an in-game difficulty slider though.

    Possible questions:

    * How will the multiplayer co-op missions compare to the singleplayer campaign?
    * The Dungeon Siege games were known for their modability, will this be the same with Space Siege? Will there be tools like a level editor and such (since there are no randomly generated levels apparently)?
    * What’s up with the verticality, non-tileset thing?

  20. spd from Russia says:

    very weak visual design :(
    do they have any qualified artists in the team at all?

  21. Trousers says:

    Please tell us the frame rate issue isn’t there in the actual game : (

    I bought Shadowgrounds Survivor on Steam for $5 on Friday and absolutely loved it. I’m really hoping Space Siege has the similar qualities.

  22. Candid Manchurian says:

    That male hero character resembles every other male hero character in sci-fi videogame history…

  23. Bobsy says:

    The music reminds me of Outcast. Ah, good times.

  24. Lord_Singing_Whale says:

    Depressing, I was looking forward to this. Didn’t see anything in that trailer that looked remotely interesting.

  25. Xaero says:

    Looks terrible. When I first heard about the announcement of the game, I was somewhat interested but every time they release some new media, it keeps losing my interest.

  26. PhysicalEd says:

    If the framerate problem is there in the final game, don’t count on it being fixed, at least without paying. They made you buy the expansion to get the performance fixes for Supreme Commander.

  27. pink_gremal says:

    As someone else said, DS2 is imo the best of the 2.

    Question: how attacking is done? Auto-timed like in DS itself or is it a clickfest like in Diablo?

  28. HikariExpress says:

    @Trousers: Shadowgrounds-like controls would’ve been great, but I wouldn’t count on it. =/

  29. Leeks! says:

    I just hope it lets you turn into a tank. That would be awesome.

  30. Optimaximal says:

    Yet another visually dire, generic & uninteresting game from Chris Taylor!

  31. Noc says:

    The thing I’d like to point out, that most of the above commentors seemed to have glossed over, is that it’s a game called Space Siege. Now, Stalin vs. Martians ended up with a similarly fantastic name, but that’s a matter of both concept and content.

    But just say it. Space Siege. I thought the name Dungeon Siege was a bit silly, since Dungeons tend to be underground, and there’s not usually sieging going on . . . you tend to walk into them and poke around. Maybe do some hacking, and some slashing. Maybe a little of both. Not so much the wait outside and hope the monsters starve to death.

    But Space Siege. Oh my god, what a name. It doesn’t have frills, and it has no pretensions but one . . . the pretension to AWESOME.

    . . .

    But yeah, the game’ll probably be a bit mediocre. But on the other hand, Space Siege.

  32. KindredPhantom says:

    The main character reminds me of the protagonist from C-12 Final Resistance an old psone game.

  33. Derek K. says:


    Apparently, it’s a british thing…

    The problem with Diablo clones is that Diablo is *still* really good. There’s a (relatively) thriving mod community. The gameplay still has the same addiction. You can’t just make Diablo clone and be done with it. You have to do what Blizzard did, and why they’re rich – discover what it is that makes people click for loot, then build a pretty, playable, and interesting framework around it.

    Then add cows.

  34. SwiftRanger says:

    “They made you buy the expansion to get the performance fixes for Supreme Commander.”

    Maybe, just maybe, you should try some of the many patches. Forged Alliance even runs a tad bit slower than patched vanilla SupCom because of the extra graphical effects.

    Anyway, SupCom had reasons enough to be that slow/demanding (just like TA), Space Siege obviously doesn’t.