Alone In The Dark: “Cinematic” Trailer

Take that, leaves!

What’s described as a cinematic trailer for Alone In The Dark has appeared, and will appear again below the jump.

I think I’d like games to be a bit more distinct when selling themselves via trailers, beyond emulating the visual styles of film trailers. In order for game trailers to look like film trailers, they need to be about 90% cutscene, 9% logos, and around 1% in-game footage. Which is a bit of a waste of everyone’s time, since, well, it’s not a film. (And really, the last thing you want to do is associate yourself with anyone’s memories of Boll’s Alone In The Dark film. If I were Atari I’d have the trailer be 90% explaining that it’s nothing to do with that movie).

However, the astonishingly brief glimpses of the game in there still look enticing. Although I’d like for the GTA-ish driving sequences to be kept to a minimum, if possible. (I know they’re reading this, desperately recoding the game in response to every word I utter). And kudos to the “camera” work with the thrown bottle, spinning around for the shot that explodes it – very pretty.


  1. Pidesco says:

    If I hadn’t seen the other videos, this trailer would have left me thinking bad things about the game’s quality.

    As I have seen the other videos, I’m hoping they can pull it off.

  2. Chris R says:

    God… It looks like there will be many pants-wetting moments in that game. I’m not looking forward to the crazy uber zombies leaping at you from out of a dark corner. :(

  3. Hélder Pinto says:

    Now that’s a weak trailer.

  4. Pavel says:

    Compared to, say, Space Siege, this looks like a masterpiece.

  5. Smee says:

    Carnaby really, really looks like Charles Bronson, circa Death Wish 3.

    link to

  6. giovanni says:

    The pop soundtrack sounds totally Silent Hill.

  7. The Shed says:

    That picture actually makes me want to see a Death Wish movie; something I never thought I’d hear myself say…

    The only pure scary stuff in yonder trailer was the “being sucked into/ peeling out of” ceiling/ floor stuff. That’s almost twisted enough to be in Silent Hill. And yeah the guitar/ pop stuff was a little too Silent Hill :/ don’t like the unoriginality there.

    The driving segments were shown in a gameplay video that’s kicking around, and it honestly looked good and cinematic. They said something about it being based on Test Drive: Unlimited’s driving engine- which is no bad thing, especially in conjunction with NYC falling apart around you. It’s hardly GTA style.

  8. Leeks! says:

    That looked very Resident Evil. Which is kind of too bad.

  9. Rook says:

    I liked the look of it, and seeing how June is a pretty empty month on the release schedules I’ll probably be picking this up. (and then subsequently hiding behind the sofa whilst I get someone else to play it for me)

  10. Scandalon says:

    If they actually had the “tone” of the trailer in the game, I’d probably buy it just on principle. However, likely that song has absolutely nothing to do w/ the game…

  11. Down Rodeo says:

    Everyone looks fairly wooden in the trailer. I am constantly surprised by how much better Valve are at facial animation than many other companies… However, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. They are gods.

  12. Therlun says:

    Atari hmm?
    Now there is reason to hope they will give the game the time it needs…

  13. derFeef says:

    Eden should have stayed to the racing genre. Test Drive Unlimited was really good, but this is looking terrible. The faces are so stiff and ugly wrinkled, I cant look at them, sorry…

  14. moromete says:

    I’m hoping for a more mellow soundtrack to the game, to create a contrast with the horror parts.

  15. David says:

    Broken and stiff. That’s what the reviews will say about this one when it’s released. Too bad…

  16. The Shed says:

    Yeah it definately looks like it might go that way. Chances are it’ll have depth, but the gameplay won’t be instantly accessible enough to be really fun or entertaining. I imagine gamers will split into those who couldn’t (or didn’t) get past the initial gameplay, and those who stuck with it and got some enjoyment out of it. Basically the Pathologic syndrome. We’ll see.

  17. Paul Moloney says:

    I have a love-hate thing with scary games. I’m currently playing, for the first time, The Shalebridge Cradle (yes, _that_ level) in Thief Deadly Shadows. I played for all of 15 mins last night before I had to quit. Decided to play at lunchtime today – how scared can be at lunchtime in a sunny room? Just about managed half an hour. Jesus, hope this level isn’t too long.