Putty In Your Hands (Well, Web Browser)

This is what games look like.

A game you want? A difficult one you say? Well get yourself here.

The idea of Putty Puzzle (from Kevin Glass’s troublingly named Coke And Code) is to merge and move the blocks until you can reach a target. Level 1 will talk you through it all. Then level 2 will leave you feeling slightly scared.

Testament to this game: having played it for a while, as I started typing this I became concerned the words would fall down the page because there was nothing underneath them. Okay, testament to my going insane, perhaps. Anyway, free webby goodness. Thanks Indiegames.


  1. Sono says:

    A really nice game. I just can’t figure out how to solve the 2nd level!

  2. brog says:

    Fun! And finished. Good times.

  3. sana says:

    “Then level 2 will leaving you feeling slightly scared.”
    And I always thought Britons were immune to typos!
    (Feel free to delete this, I didn’t even manage to get the game to start and therefore can’t put anything useful in the comment)

  4. Pidesco says:

    The 5th level has me stumped.

    Edit: Not anymore!

  5. Larington says:

    Level 5 had me stumped for a while, got it eventually. Very morish.

  6. Pod says:

    I can’t do 6 and 5. I also find the control scheme and lack of a simple “undo” button maddening. Oh, what’s that? I spent ages crawling my little worms up and down each other only to find out they dissapear and leave a singular, immovable block? BAH.

    ps: I quite like this.

  7. Pidesco says:

    There is an undo button.

  8. El Stevo says:

    as I started typing this I became concerned the words would fall down the page because there was nothing underneath them

    I always get that kind of thing. During my occasional periods of Tetris obsession I end up playing it in my head whenever I don’t have the Game Boy on.

    More worryingly, the Morrisons near where I live sometimes plays the same music they play in the mall in Vice City, which makes me want to find a katana and go on a killing spree. Quite an interesting conditioned response.

  9. Radiant says:

    In university where I cot ma edumacation I used to get so monged that when I read a book I could see the depths between the words and kerneling. The more descriptive the book the bigger the chasms and when I laughed it used to ripple the pages. I tore up a good few books before I got used to it.

    I can’t do level 5; someone help before I eat this laptop.

  10. Pod says:

    Isn’t that a strong indication that you’re Dyslexic (like everyone else, of course). But then again, double spaces after a full stop were supposedly invented to stop that malarky.

    Also: Where is this “undo” button, or do you mean the “restart everything” button, which is a pain and definatley not an “undo” button.

  11. Pidesco says:

    It’s right next to the restart button…

  12. Arsewisely says:

    Well, I’ve successfully made a cock. As for completing a damn level….

  13. Matt says:

    Very neat idea for a puzzle game. Lvl 5 had me stumped for over an hour.
    Spoiler (?)
    Some help I guess:

    Try to get the B and G in the right spots as shown, then stretch the blue putty along the b’s. From there the puzzle is simple.

    Edits for format, a little weird but hopefully helpful

  14. Thomas Lawrence says:

    Maddeningly, I can’t see how to do level 3 at all. I can’t attach the other two blobs of blue to the two blobs of blue I have because the floor falls away, and I can’t see how two blobs workign together can reach them without that floor.

    EDIT: never mind… devious…
    EDIT 2: gah, now Ican’t get back up to my other little blob of blue..

  15. Radiant says:

    Matt you’re a beautiful man.
    Although it took me sometime to work out that the lowercase Bs in your diagram where not blue goo.
    Essentially balance the green goo in the middle of the sliders in the shape of a backwards L.
    Then turn the blues into a tetris z standing on its head and then use the heightest point of the blue goo tetris z to stretch along to rest in the knook of the green reverse L.
    Now smoke some green goo and read back that last paragraph.

  16. Ben Abraham says:

    I managed to do level 4… but level 3 and 5 have me quite stumped. Well, back to doing other productive things.

    edit: I even managed to do level 6 now… 3 and 5 why must you mock me so!

  17. Dyvion says:

    I completed all of them… quite proud of myself. Wonderful game, I want more levels!

  18. Thiefsie says:

    Do more open after the first 6???? I completed them all and there was no more?

    Good little time waster for lunch at the office :)

  19. Jochen Scheisse says:

    I fear there are no levels after the 6th yet…at least not in the browser playable version. Fun game.

  20. kev says:

    Thanks for the nice feedback. For info the game is still very much in development, 2 weeks of evenings and weekends so far :) More levels (some easier) and more tutorial stuff is on the way.

  21. Riotpoll says:

    Fun little game, not too tricky when you get used to how the conveyor things work.

  22. Ian says:

    This game is fun, but makes me feel stupid. >.<

  23. phuzz says:

    Shame about only 6 levels , and I couldn’t have done it without Matt’s ascii art. Two small problems:
    The conveyor belts need to be in the tutorial.
    The undo button doesn’t take you back to the start of your move when you fall on a conveyor belt, it just moves you back a notch, whence you mediately move forward again.

  24. Jon says:

    I can not do the first level at all, I am nearly at the hair pulling stage.

  25. alphaxion says:

    well.. that blasted my lunch break.. lvl3 is definitely the hardest because the answer is just so stupidly obvious.

    for those of you still struggling to do level 3, pop over to
    link to pissheadnerds.com
    for a bunch of screen caps for the hardest part of the level.

    oh, spoiler alert ;)

  26. Ian says:

    Any hints for level 5? :(

    EDIT: Never mind. I DID IT!

  27. Jon says:

    When I said first level I of course meant the first level after the tutorial level… ¬_¬

  28. Ian says:

    You still not managed Level 2?

    _||_ _|

    If you rotate that 90 degrees clockwise, that’s the position I got the three sets of blocks into when the solution for level 2 struck me. If that helps at all. :D

  29. alphaxion says:

    the kind of leap of logic involved with level 3 kinda reminds me of the first section of the DS version of assasins creed.
    that has a sequence of arrows showing you where you need to go, but one of them is duff and points to a bunch of rafters when you’re meant to just run towards the screen and jump onto a ledge that is off screen >.<

  30. Ben Abraham says:

    Level 3 goes off-screen?! I must complete this madness!

    Edit: Nope, still got nothin’ =( *cries*

  31. Ian says:

    No, he’s saying it’s a leap of logic. ;)

    If you want something less spoilery than the level 3 screenies posted above (if you didn’t see them and are happy for it to be spoiled, go look now! :D) then you should know that what seems sort of counter-logical is that almost as soon as you’ve joined some blocks near the start you have to break them up again.

  32. dave says:

    I’m totally useless at this. i’m also stuck on lvl 2. Even Ian’s tips haven’t helped me.

    Could someone do a brief description please to guide me thought it?

  33. Ian says:

    Okay, I’ve made a fugly-but-functional (hopefully!) step-by-step guide to Level 2. If I had my own stie/blog I’d have put it there, so all you’ll see is an image. :-P Not every tiny step is in there, but hopefully enough to get this one done. :)

    link to img384.imageshack.us

  34. Raptornas says:

    Ossum, finished it although 5 had me and I gave in to spoilage.

    I feel weak.

  35. Ohai says:


    I think there’s a bug on 6. When trying to finish the orange putty I messed up and put blocks on the top 2 finish sites. The undo button didn’t work properly (only replayed that one step, repeated presses didn’t go further back) and somehow the undo made the blocks that cleared the top finish sites fall onto the bottom ones and clear them too. So I finished the level with 2 orange putty left.

    Anyway, neat game. Always surprises me to see a new puzzle game concept.

    edit: trying it again and the orange works as it should, but this time using undo made a blue block resurrect (and seperate) without bringing back the corresponding finish site and again blocking the undo function from going further back. I did it in a different order this time – seems the bug depends on which colour you finish first.

  36. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Here’s hoping for an in-game level editor! I think I have some ideas for this concept.

  37. kev says:

    There’s a level editor included on the webstart and lwjgl applet versions. The little spanner in the top right of the level select screen activates it.

    Thanks for the bug report Ohai :)

  38. Ohai says:

    No problem. BTW, I’m using the java version in firefox on linux if that makes any difference.

  39. dave says:

    cheers ian! worked a treat.
    I’m flying now!!!

  40. Marcin says:

    I couldn’t figure out 3, and spent an hour staring at 5, but 6 was done in only minutes.

    I think the more complex a setup is, the more obvious the path. :P

    Looking forward to more, that was excellent puzzling.

  41. Pod says:

    Matt: You are king!
    Now with 5 done (in SECONDS) I feel Castle 6 will fall instantly.

  42. alphaxion says:

    again, for those stuck on level 3 and don’t mind a spoiler..
    link to pissheadnerds.com

    The various items you can place in the level editor leaves me with a deep sense of foreboding over what devious puzzles await us in the future! ;)

  43. klo8 says:

    This makes my brain melt. :(

  44. kev says:

    The game has been updated to include some more levels (12, varying in difficulty), some extra hints and a bunch of bug fixes.


  45. Ian says:

    I can only assume it’s just because I’m more used to the mechanics of the whole thing now, but some of those new levels seem easier than level 2 of the original 6. :D

  46. kev says:

    Yeah, lots of the levels are intended to ease the learning curve. The first 5 levels you saw were all in the “medium” difficulty area. The next 3 lines should get harder and harder (if I can design them well enough :))

  47. Jochen Scheisse says:

    I solved everything except levels 10 and 11. In the end, I always seem to have to move a single putty piece, and I have no idea how to archieve that.

    EDIT: Ok, now I solved 10. White putty can combine with any other putty once and then adapts to that color, it seems.

    EDIT2: Solved them all. For some reason the final move for 11 gave me quite a headache.

  48. Ian says:

    I should point out that easier doesn’t mean easy. I still had quite a headache putting the finishing touches on the last few. A few of those situations where you only have one or two targets left but you can’t get to them both.

  49. Ging says:

    ok, what’s the final move for 11? I just can’t figure it out – it makes me feel sad and stupid…

  50. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Figure out how you can build a ramp for the brown putty, so the last 2 pieces fall into place.