Putty In Your Hands (Well, Web Browser)

This is what games look like.

A game you want? A difficult one you say? Well get yourself here.

The idea of Putty Puzzle (from Kevin Glass’s troublingly named Coke And Code) is to merge and move the blocks until you can reach a target. Level 1 will talk you through it all. Then level 2 will leave you feeling slightly scared.

Testament to this game: having played it for a while, as I started typing this I became concerned the words would fall down the page because there was nothing underneath them. Okay, testament to my going insane, perhaps. Anyway, free webby goodness. Thanks Indiegames.


  1. sluzzuls says:

    it seemed like, after stressing over the five levels before the update, the new 2 rows were cake. i finished in less than a half hour but expected it to last a day or two. lucky me. no aspirin needed.

  2. zzzdude says:

    woot, finished all of them with no help.
    Makes me want to make a walkthrough…

  3. kev says:

    There’s a new version up with 36 levels in.


  4. Jochen Scheisse says:

    Cool, got no time now but I guess I’ll play through that some time this weekend. Thanks for the heads up. Also for the game.

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