Monday Morning Stoopids

Occasionally we have this quiet tinge of regret about games RPS wasn’t around to comment on as they happened, those occasional moments when much of PCdom focuses joyfully on one incredible thing. Battlefield 2, for example. Vast levels, mega-jets and crazy physics offered a world of possibility for those players prepared to spend hours poking and pulling at every facet of it. F’rinstance:

Yeah, I know there’s a thousand similar videos out there, but this is the one I happened to watch this morning. And it totally gave one me of those goofy-smilin’ “Man! Videogames!” moments.


  1. skillian says:

    Nice to do see this video doing the rounds again – saw it on Digg yesterday. Snoken did some sensational BF2 vids.

    Battlefield 2 was just awesome for messing around and thinking up stunts. It was even fun to play seriously. I really should install it again…

  2. drunkymonkey says:

    Haha, you just can’t beat multiplayer FPS jump animations. The aftermath of the ducking under the hummer bit made me laugh – people just running off in random directions.

  3. Nallen says:

    BF2 really was one of those watershed moments wasn’t it.

  4. alphaxion says:

    I remember, after years of playing bf1942 (I had to stop playing that on public servers because I would end up with hunter packs chasing just me around due to my penchant for sniping vehicles using detpacks. One of my fav moments was taking out an aircraft as it tried to straif me during a lan party and hearing his cry of “How the fuck you manage that?” as the charred plane struck the ground) a group of us bought and loaded up bf2… and we didn’t like it.

    The sticky detpacks were right up my street but the way in which the aicraft dominated the ants on the ground made it unenjoyable, my friends who were big on the aircraft rather than my ground based terror absolutely hated the fact that there just wasn’t any skill involved any more (they had come from a tribes background!) and so we stuck with desert combat mod instead.
    They have been playing frontlines since the beta, I haven’t had the time to join them.

  5. Muzman says:

    I was all amused by the video but then I went to the comments and the google ad wants to help me meet single arabs. I can’t see any mention of arabs on the page unless google now has started watching videos and/or listening to the music.

  6. Horatius says:

    Can anyone tell me what that music is? It’s not on bf2 is it?

  7. dartt says:

    This single arab must be a busy lady, I’m getting the ad too!

  8. Pidesco says:

    The title of the song is on the video. It’s by Rachid Taha, I believe.

  9. Lunaran says:

    “Man! Videogames!

    I’m going to try and say that today.

  10. Horatius says:

    Ah, missed the song title in the end credits. Thanks Pidesco!

  11. Down Rodeo says:

    I remember playing BF2. It was pretty good. The only issue I had with it was that many people were twits of the “Teamplay? What’s that?” sort which sucked a fair bit. Though when you got in a squad with 5 others who really knew what they were doing, it was a lot better. Squads really changed the way the game played- they were how the game was meant to be played.

    Tad obvious statement, now that I think about it. Ah well.

  12. cHeal says:

    I still love BF2 but it’s so hard to find a good server now.

  13. Ginger Yellow says:

    That singles ad seems to be doing the rounds regardless of page content. It was on US blog Eschaton last week.

  14. Sarpedon says:

    Though when you got in a squad with 5 others who really knew what they were doing, it was a lot better. Squads really changed the way the game played- they were how the game was meant to be played.

    I know exactly what you mean. I played at a 10 person [there was one girl] LAN and when we had just 3 of the people on our team working together we demolished everyone, when you’re working together like that I found the game to be more fun, easier and made for a more coherent experience in playing the game. The nearly complete lack of this on public servers kept me off of them and I never quite found a good clan or private server, alas. I also sucked pretty hard so that hurt my enjoyment of the game a little, spending most of your time dead isn’t fun.

  15. Alex says:

    “Man! Videogames!

    I’m going to try and say that today.

    I did that once. High court judges do not enjoy videogames, apparently.

  16. Ian says:

    @Sarpedon: OMG A GIRL?


    It surely MUST have been packaged in pink? Nintendo have taught is this is what makes girls play video games. That and horses.

  17. Lars Balker Rasmussen says:

    The major problem with team-oriented games is that it’s nigh impossible to get a good game going on public servers, and there’s no fun to be had being exterminated in a clan match…

    Some of the guys out there take this stuff SERIOUSLY, and who has time for that kind of obsessive training / feature abuse / strategizing.

    The middle ground is very hard to find…

  18. Arsewisely says:

    Maybe Left4Dead will do something to boost the general online teamplay mentality. Let’s hope it’ll be a bit of a watershed in this regard.

  19. Taximan says:

    That’s were playgroups come in. A large enough group of friends or small enough lowest-common-denominator community (school, work, website aficionado). Get a Ventrilo/Teamspeak room. Set the approximate clock for gatherings weekly/semi-daily gatherings. Drop in and drop out as you please. The importance is in remaining semi-open and non-competitive. No silly try-outs. No dedicated password protected server (unless you want to…), cruise the selection of pubgames and have gatherings on different servers if need be, according to convenience/availability/latency.

    But yeah, Man! Videogames.

    Had one of those moments on the BF1942 demo (pre-release) when I knew it would be a silly great game. It’s that fun time in the life of a game where no one really quite has their tactics or preferences down pat yet. Two opposing engineers mining their stretches of road meet on the mid-atoll stretch of road between the airfield and the base elevated base. One of them is me. We empty our bolt-action rifles at each other, both wildly strafing back and forth, succeeding in kicking up sparky triangular polygonal gouts of sand, but not much else. Our rifles are empty after a slightly syncopated series of shots, we both draw our side arms and are in the process of emptying them at each other, with finally some hits being scored when… DEUS EX MACHINA – !

    … A smouldering airplane wreck tumbles out of the top-right field of view, centred and slightly zoomed in on my opponent, and with a collosal thud that I’ve probably retrospectively imagined and enhanced RUBS HIS ENGIE OUT OF EXISTENCE like the thumb of God twisting itself against an ant in some Terry Gilliam animated piece.

    I laughed until… I stopped laughing. Which was quite a bit later. I think it was his own teams’ plane too.

    Had a few other moments like that too. Like in the 1.3x? patch which weakened the AA to nothingness and airplanes dominated games. I blasted a callously low-flying strafing enemy fighter out of the sky with the bazooka, to much adulation from team-mates and the eternal confusion of the pilot.

  20. Alex says:

    Maybe Left4Dead will do something to boost the general online teamplay mentality. Let’s hope it’ll be a bit of a watershed in this regard.

    It won’t. Exactly because it’s a mentality thing, like you say – it’s completely seperate from the game in question. All teamplay games are more fun to play as a team – sounds excruciatingly obvious but there are a lot of people who just don’t play those games to experience that kind of fun.

  21. Bananaphone says:

    “The sticky detpacks were right up my street but the way in which the aicraft dominated the ants on the ground made it unenjoyable, my friends who were big on the aircraft rather than my ground based terror absolutely hated the fact that there just wasn’t any skill involved any more”

    I had this problem. BF2 is fun if I fancy some infantry combat but the aircraft were rubbish. Heat-seeking missiles took all the skill and fun out of dogfighting, and the smaller maps meant you just constantly flew out of bounds. I don’t think aircraft dominated much at all, they were far less of a threat than in 1942. BF1942 was the best in the series, IMO.

  22. Margin Walker says:

    I remember this guy that played BF42 capture the flag with us, I think his handle was “SpecialEd”. I was guarding the flag at the Japanese base on Guadalcanal when he brings a corsair over low and starts a loop. drops out of the plane at the top of the loop right over the flag. He hits his chute just before the ground, grabs the flag, and hops back in the plane as it completes it’s loop just above ground level. It was one of those amazing moments. We pretty much stopped playing the round at that point, got him to come on TS with us and try to teach us how to do it. I never did get it, but it was fun just trying it out [wistful sigh]

  23. Lars Balker Rasmussen says:

    As a ground pounder who played well over 1000 hours of various bf2 games, I LOATHE the planes[1] – a good pilot on one side can totally ruin the day for everyone. At least in 1942, we had some effective ground-based AA…

    I did not miss the jets in 2142.

    As for groups of friends, the problem is I’m pretty good, routinely kicking everybody I knows collective asses, which has limited entertainment value for all of us. Well, after a point :-)

    [1] And the choppers, but at least I can fly one of those fairly competently. As for FFA-copilots/gunners – siiiiiigh.

  24. Mike says:

    I miss Battlefield 2. It’s a shame a game like that can’t have the long-term support of Diablo 2, or the enduring popularity of WoW. It was a very good moment in online gaming.

  25. Theory says:

    I can remember one time in the BF2 demo when I and three other friendly players randomly met each other and spontaneously started acting like a well-oiled commando squad. We moved across dusty courtyards in bursts, covering each others back’s like we were in a movie, all without a single word of communication. It was a bizarre moment.

  26. belo says:

    I only play BF2142 now with a few friends due to the jets in BF2. Hopefully DICE won’t make that mistake again come BF3 next year.

  27. Down Rodeo says:

    It’d be interesting if they upped the teamplay aspect in Battlefield Heroes. Though given its freeplayability (coining words is fun) and accessibility the cynical part of me says that this might be dropped. It’s a shame as some of the most fun I had was with people in a squad. I stopped playing when 2142 came out; BF2 went really quiet for what some said was a slightly inferior game. Not having played 2142 for long (I only had the demo which didn’t work because of PnkBstrA.exe and all of that; when I bought the game my key didn’t work so I just returned it) I can’t really pass comment. That and it was difficult to get a squad together personally as Battlefield to this day refuses to accept that I have a microphone because it’s not USB.

    I do feel that there are many ways that they could increase reliance on teamplay – to compare to TF2, look how often teams can get steamrollered because they don’t have a medic. They could help this out be reducing the role of aircraft; or at least restricting it to the players that have done the legwork on the ground, as it were. We all remember the 3 or 4 players sitting at the jet spawn in Wake Island… bad times. Or those that took jeeps over to the jet spawn in Wake Island. Or, even, tanks as taxis. Sorry, bad memories :D

  28. RichPowers says:

    BF1942 is the only BF I still play with any regularity. BF2 was uninstalled because my computer couldn’t handle it; the obscenely long load times sure didn’t help matters.

    BF2 takes itself too seriously. In 1942, there was that whole WWII-soldier-meets-comic-book-action-hero vibe, though not to the overblown extent of BF:Heroes. In BF2, the planes are overpowered, the TTKs are faster all around, and the over-the-top units are completely absent.

    Desert Combat is so much better than BF2 in every way. DC also has meaningful AA weapons (like those mobile turrets).

  29. caramelcarrot says:

    I gave up on BF2 due to it taking about 30 minutes to load, start a game, have it crash, start again, get into a game onto to find it’s a shit server. It just didn’t lend itself to easy playing.

  30. Stelios says:

    I still play BF2; great video. I have been unable to play any other game as regularly as when you get a taste of well oiled squad with a competent commander it can be incredible. Hell, I even play as commander when in the mood myself and don’t mind it.
    Some of the best teamwork preferred games can still be found on the public Full Contact War server, incidentally, although it is often full.

    P.s. the planes are indeed very powerful but that has made me that maniacal chap that sees a jet or chopper fly-by and starts chasing them with whatever is at hand.

  31. Andy Simpson says:

    I miss Tribes. There was always time for some vehicular fun.

    Although, it was annoying as hell when your tailgunner, doing the essential job of lobbing flare grenades off the side to keep off the heat-seeking missiles, decided to leap off and make a run for the flag…

  32. megamaj says:

    I am playing BF2 for almost 3 years now (1 month missing), started with the demo and stick to it until now. Still I am not a maniac, well, OK – only a small scale maniac, with ~530 hours playing time on public ranked servers in contrast to some people who have thousands of hours spent playing.

    What really surprised me in BF2 is how my own style in playing the game changed. I started out playing Medic a lot, then started playing the SpecOps, then played Assault for a short time. Moved on to Engineer, played Anti-Tank and a bit of support (though support still sucks for me, it’s my least played class), and finally started playing mainly Sniper during a time when most of my friends were absent. Only after having played almost every class and played for like 30k points I started trying out air vehicles – I always liked to be an ant, and thought of every aircraft pilot/gunner as my arch enemy.

    When I started piloting/gunning a helicopter, this opened a completely new view of the game. Suddenly, the soldier in front of you is not important any more, since most classes can’t harm you; memorizing stationary and mobile AA spawns is much more important than knowing which house you can traverse or hide in. And your main threat and target is in the air, everything on the ground is a mere bonus which you can earn if you have the time left. That’s the way how things balance – equally good chopper teams in both teams do balance themselves out almost completely. The same counts for airplanes. The basic problem is just that soldier < tank < chopper < airplane, so if you have unbalanced forces in the airplane, the jet always has the time to take out the chopper (his #2 target), which enables the other chopper to take out ground targets, which can turn into a NASTY and unbalanced round. There are maps where two great jet pilots can stall the entire other team, because noone is able to get away from the carrier and set foot on the ground, much less get an aircraft of their own launched.

    But still, even though all those problems persist, it’s a great game and I still love to play it. Nothing beats squad based team games, or even playing as a mini-squad with my friend as a chopper pilot/gunner team. Awesome game.

  33. Heliocentric says:

    The game is still my most played game, got quake wars tried it, sighed and booted bf2 back up. The way it has me hooked is the mods, sure these mods are no halflife style total conversions but change a few things here a few things there, add deployable structures and allow whole villages to be leveled by WMD’s? <3

    my mod of choice
    link to

    that said, i still go back to regular bf2 when i want something not quite so serious.

  34. alphaxion says:

    the moment I was most proud of in bf1942 was this one game where we had lost all of our flags due to a massive offensive by the other team.
    All my team mates died off apart from me, I was skulking around this one out of the way flag, prepping for an all out assault on my location.

    I mined the repair pad with detpacks (cause you couldn’t see them in the grills) and waited as I tried to cap the flag..
    3 tanks converged on where I was with some ground troops.
    The first tank wandered up to the pad to be the “invincible menace”.. schoolboy error *boom*

    2 tanks left… 5 mins of intense battle running around, in and out of buildings while restocking from the 1 ammo point I could get to later and I had taken out all of the ground troops and both of the tanks.. single handedly.

    Capped the flag and averted defeat.

    I was smug for a while ;)

  35. Aubrey says:

    Codename Eagle has way crazier exploits than this, or BF1942 for that matter… like pogo-sticking on a WWI tank’s side turret gun, and wing walking.

    But I still love this level of ingenuity.

  36. obdicut says:

    I was a tester on BF1942. We had an awesome time doing shit like this– especially because we knew that we were the first people in the world to do it (on that particular game, anyway.)

    I myself invented jeep-bombing, which I’ll always be proud of. My friend Crazy Dog invented the parachuteless-paradrop.

    Fun fucking times, man. Piloting the B-17 through Gazala’s canyons. The Original Tank Valets.

    I never really got into BF2 as much as BF1942, but that’s only natural.

  37. alphaxion says:

    obdicut: ah.. jeep bombing your way up the side of the mountain in omaha beach map…
    At the lan parties we used to have we’d have a “seige” compo ont hat map, one side would have about 4 or 5 members and had to play axis and defend, the allied side was filled with everyone else. However, the twist was that we took off friendly fire and made the rule that the map was won only when 1 person had successfully capped the last flag. If more than one capped it, restart until a single person caps it… there can be only one ;)

    The first time we ever held that compo, no-one got off the boat for capping each other >.< Also, a couple of us twigged that we could keep immense suppressive fire by being just at the right distance for the ammo restock by the left hand hut and could throw grenades right into the choke point. Took them ages to realise that they could find a good vantage point to snipe us out. Just remembered the time we first heard a character farting after falling a long distance. I remember doing skydives and waiting until you were just about to hit the ground before deploying your 'chute in order to speed up troop deployment. Only problem was the risk of making a nice pizza after your reactions go to shit after that 4th or 5th drink..

  38. obdicut says:

    I actually meant using jeeps with detpacks in them as bombs; driving towards an enemy tank, jumping out, then triggering the detpacks when the jeep careened into the tank, killing it.

    I didn’t invent the FF vertical for Omaha and other places, someone else on the team did. I can’t remember who.

    Nade spammer!

  39. alphaxion says:

    oh, I used to turn the jeep into a minigame of carmageddon – used to have bodies stuck to the grill like garfield.
    I’d also bail out of it and watch it slam into ground troops or purposefully drive it into aircraft to take them out.