Project Origin: Shootage Footage

It just went off in my hand, officer.

Since the previous post was eye-rolling at a game’s unfortunate name, we’ll let Project Origin off from its RPS-traditional moniker-mocking and just deal with it seriously. Or, at least, as seriously as we ever get. Monolith have released some “Pre-Beta” footage of their forthcoming not-sequel-but-yes-but-no to their FEAR shootage. You’ll find it, along with second-by-second analysis, beneath the cut.

But firstly – “Pre-Beta” footage? Man, that’s an interestingly insecure stance, as if they want to show people something but want to make sure there’s an out in case people don’t like it. I mean, obviously it’s early footage. It’s early. It’s footage. It’s early footage.

And I don’t know why they’re being so paranoid, as it’s the best Project Origin footage they’ve released yet anyway…

Let’s break this down:

00:01: “May be inappropriate for children”. I bloody well hope so.
00:04: “Pre-beta footage”. Yes, we know. Actually, another thing about “Pre-Beta”. It’s a completely meaningless term. Well, it’s not – Beta and Alpha and whatever have specific uses, but they’re uses which have been blurred into absolute nothingness by people applying them wherever they feel like. In this case, for a preview video, it’s particularly ill-thought out. It’s marketing. Since most people don’t know what “Beta” means, they’ll just shrug and judge it anyway. Using a phrase which didn’t originate with a bunch of coders – like, y’know – “Unfinished” or “Early” and you’d be clearer. Pah. Er… tad grumpy this morning. Don’t judge me though – this is Pre-Tea-ta Gillen.
00:11: Running up a staircase and…
00:12: Hard-cut into some shooting! Big FEAR-styled explosion bubble echoing out. This shit just got real, etc.
00:15: Fucking hell! We appear to be in some kind of ED-209 exoskeleton. Except the image of the robot on the HUD makes it clear that you don’t look anything like ED-209 at all, even if the big machine-gun arms to either side of your cockpit may suggest otherwise.
00:17: Not-ED-209 fucks shit up with multiple rocket launchers. That’s the way to do it.
00:18: Another FEAR-Trope gets shown off, with the slow-motion in action. It looks like slow-moving motion.
00:24: Worth looking at the billowing smoke in the background of this shot, because it’s pretty. Aww.
00:26: Not-ED-209 firing its rocket-barrage thing again.
00:29: Some kind of glowing thing running towards the camera. The first sight of something obviously supernatural in tone in this video. Looks a bit like the Aliens in Cacoon when they take off their people suit. 80s-film Spoilerz!
00:31: I have no idea what happened here. It looked like tadpoles fired out in a stream, except they were tadpoles…. OF DEATH. Like that scene in The Filth where LA gets attacked by a killer bukkake wave of 2m spermatozoa which burrow into any and all women’s bodies. 00s-vertigo-comix Spoilerz!
00:33: Red sniper beam coming down from the top of a rooftop. That looks like a fun level, because sniper ones always are, red-beams or not.
00:35: Extreme slow-motion carnage which gives plenty of time to examine the blood effects. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it seems reminiscent of the digital-splatter effects currently popular in films which can’t be bothered dragging a load of Corn-syrup around on set.
00:42: That phut-phut-phut sound effect seems similar to the high-powered nail-firing gun thing which was at least forty-awesomes. Good to see that come back.
00:46: Lots of hard-cut with shooting. Whole sequence ends with glowy thing jumping at the camera.
00:59: “PROJECT ORIGIN” That’s a bit of an unfortunate name, innit?

Overall: Project Origin is looking set to be a first-person shooter.


  1. Bema says:

    Shame most of the trailer is in ‘slow-motion’. I know it’s one of FEAR’s/Project Origins ‘big things’, and we’ll all end up doing it for 90% of the game anyway, but that doesn’t mean I want to see it all the time in trailers. Shouldn’t they be catching my imagination with something cool/new?

    And snipers, funny suits and glowy wierdos don’t count. That person might not actually really be glowing like that, it’s probably just a side effect from moving so darn fast (or alternativly moving normal speed and slowing everything else down).

  2. Chemix says:

    The glowing thing has the outline of a stealth trooper from FEAR, the ones that went invisible while running and visible as they karate chopped you to death. They were annoying, but some how fun to fight. When you got the hang of it, killing them became a game of it’s own.

    Point being: It’s either a modified stealth trooper, or the ghost of one.

  3. Acosta says:

    The only thing Project Origin needs is more variety, more enemies, maybe some new cool weapon and that’s it, while trying to improve the excellent I.A that F.E.A.R had, probably one of the best in a FPS for me.

    If Monolith manages to get this done, and they put some clever scary tricks like the infamous “stair moment”, they could have something absolutely brilliant, as most of the virtues of F.E.A.R were under boring scenarios and waves of cloned enemies.

  4. brog says:

    Anyone else think the gun at 40s was a cellphone before it started firing?

  5. A Disembodied Voice says:

    0:33: unable to target enemy on building due to clunky controller input? :p

  6. Albides says:

    The glowing thing is the new look assassins shown here.

    And yes, that gun sight looks remarkably like a mobile phone.

  7. sue says:

    Yeah, the dude doing the demoing is a terrible shot. Missing with a point-blank shotgun in slow motion mode! Wow.

    Stair moment?

  8. Max says:

    Sweet, the big armoured guys are back.

    This looks good :D

  9. nabeel says:

    Engine’s looking pretty spiffy. Weirdly enough I thought that was a cellphone too, brog.

  10. Paul says:

    Acosta: “The only thing Project Origin needs is more variety, more enemies, maybe some new cool weapon and that’s it, while trying to improve the excellent I.A that F.E.A.R had, probably one of the best in a FPS for me.”

    Totally Agree with Acosta. What FEAR lacked was a change of scenerey. Fighting through office buildings that looked very similar time and time again grew a bit tedious. More variety in enemies would definately help. The A.I. was really impressive and if they manage to improve it further, this game is going to be one hell of a FPS.

  11. Alex Hopkinson says:

    I re-read that part of The Filth trade just last night. Good times.

  12. SBF says:

    Imagine how short Max Payne 2 would have been if not for bullet-time.

  13. Hypocee says:

    I have a very specific learning disability. Every time I see news about Project Origin, I think I’m going to see Project Offset. Man! Not again!

  14. Morte says:

    FEAR needed to delete half the repetitive filler (making the game 45% shorter). Let’s hope Project Origin will do that. JRPG/KMMO-style grinding is unacceptable in PC shooters since the HL2 episodes.

    If they could go from “AI a bit better than usual” to “AI quite a bit better than usual” it would be huge, and I would forgive it lots, and maybe even play it.

  15. Saflo says:

    Which reminds me: anyone remember Project Overkill for Playstation? The gaming world could do with another isometric alien bloodbath.

  16. Lukasz says:

    I couldn’t stand fear because of repetitiveness. same weaspons, same enemies, same location same fights. the only thing I remember from FEAR is hiding behind pillar, going slow mo, shooting at enemy, hiding back. till everybody is dead.

    Where are the awesome fights from Blood and shogo? If PO is the same than I am not buying it for sure. and seeing how everything looks black and grey in this trailer…
    I pass.

  17. SwiftRanger says:

    The muzzle flash of that first weapon is a bit overdone (same counts for the HUD). Gore is good, as is the Shogo-suit. :)

    “JRPG/KMMO-style grinding is unacceptable in PC shooters since the HL2 episodes.”

    Most of the encounters with clone soldiers offered some of the best firefights in FPS history and it was precisely that brilliant AI which made them unpredictable and that good (they certainly didn’t feel like “grinding” to me). HL2 blows FEAR out of the water in terms of variety (scenery and different foes) but the Combine soldier encounters are never really challenging nor as smart.

  18. Mark-P says:

    FEAR is easily the most boring, generic FPS I’ve ever played. It was little more than Doom3 in an office building with bullet time stolen from Max Payne. When I reached the sewer level my eyes rolled so hard that the torque almost spun them out of their sockets. Shortly after that the DVD was entombed within its case, never again to see the light of day.

    I can’t raise any interest in a sequel. I feel so dirty being negative… :/

  19. rora says:

    might just be me: i’m seeing some dismemberment rather than straightaway death in that video

  20. El Stevo says:

    The gore looks delicious. Like strawberry jam.

  21. Gap Gen says:

    I hope you were joking about the sniper level to fun correlation.

  22. Duoae says:

    Looks better than the last trailer…. I’m still hopeful. The only thing that they need to dial down on (ignoring possibly unfinished aspects like the weapon muzzle flare) is the shinyness.

    Is this on 360/PS3 as well?

  23. spd from Russia says:

    great article :))

  24. Pavel says:

    Wow, that looks shitty.Just like original FEAR.Where the hell did the creativity of NOLF’s and AvP2’s and BLOOD’s people go?! Why do they keep making this generic slowmo crap?

    Sad :(.

  25. Inglorion says:

    “Project Origin” – that’s what you get when you ask the Internet to come up with a name.

    FEAR was pretty repetitive, but I enjoyed it immensely nonetheless. Hearing the insane cry of your opponent when you penetrate his head with a nail the size of a dildo … How can you not love it?

  26. Lunaran says:

    I’m waiting for someone to post “The infamous stair moment was when dot dot dot” where dot dot dot completes the sentence in an informative way.

  27. dhex says:

    project origin isn’t the worst name ever. i would have just voted for calling it “alma” but that’s me.

    but yes i like the way this looks thus far.

  28. sue says:

    >I’m waiting for someone to post “The infamous stair moment was when dot dot dot” where dot dot dot completes the sentence in an informative way.

    Me too. But I think I’ve worked it out: Acosta means that bit when you’re climbing down the ladder (which prevents you moving or firing) and Alma the creepy girl appears right in front of you. It is probably the scariest bit of the game, and it’s in the demo, so I guess it qualifies as infamous.

  29. ShineDog says:

    I played through FEAR recently, and I have to say I enjoyed it more the second time around, I’m not sure if thats just because I have a beefy PC that didnt break a sweat at it this time, or whether its because I knew exactly what I was getting into with regards to the repetitive environments, but I found the game held up very well. looking forward to this a lot.

  30. K says:

    The main thing I remember from playing FEAR was seeing how much debris and how many bullet holes I could make when I reached some little outside section.

  31. Radiant says:

    00:42 – Youtube blamed for video game related mobile phone shooting. Daily Mail explodes in a burst of cum.

  32. Radiant says:

    oh btw FEAR was a really different kettle of fish if you had a ‘monster’ pc.

    When you went slow mo in amongst a ton of enemies and it didn’t turn into a slide show it was A LOT of fun.

    Strangely the frame rate was horrendous if you tried to do the same on the xbox version so I would imagine only a small percentage of players got that shotgun-shotgun-nail gun-shotgun into proxy mine experience.

  33. The Shed says:

    Looks shiny. Not nesseccarily fun, but shiny.

    Way to serve up Monolith on the “Beta” issue Gillen.

  34. nakke says:

    This looks like FEAR, but a bit more varied. Which is of course welcome.

  35. Radiant says:

    btw Nakke I STILL can’t beat your time on trackmania.
    There seems to be a jump in times from the .40s to the .20s where you are and I don’t know how to make it!
    Any chance of a replay?

  36. wcaypahwat says:

    Meh, I’d rather shogo2 – project giant eff off robot

  37. nakke says:

    Not to be completely off-topic or anything, but radiant: slow down before the jump (without braking), but accelerate the whole time in the air. Perfect this so that you land on the ramp as soon as possible with as much speed as possible. Rest of the track is pretty self explanatory, nothing special has to be done.

  38. ryan in exile says:

    are taking the piss out of our trailer anaylsissss?

  39. mrrobsa says:

    I agree with Mark P.
    People complain about Gears of War but for me this game took ‘grey’ to a new level, whether in terms of palette or environments, or gameplay or enemies. I thought the engine was quite poor too and I do have a high-end machine. Only the slo-mo explosions and nail-gun put a smile on my face.
    I basically had to push myself to finish it, the driving reward being that I could uninstall it at the end.
    This sequel looks to have some different locations, but the gameplay looks 99.15% identical, so this won’t be on my shopping list.

  40. terry says:


  41. Duoae says:


    “Project Origin” – that’s what you get when you ask the Internet to come up with a name.">

    Unfortunately the naming was only available to the residents of the US – I know because i tried to apply and win that tour… The name i came up with is pretty lame though: Second Son. :)

  42. cannon fodder says:

    FEAR had a slow-mo mode?

    What purpose could it possibly serve? The AI was entertaining (occasional glimpse of decent teamwork by enemy ai- if you were dumb enough to let them), but the game was rather easy even without it (me trying to look 1337 for not using it rather than thick for not noticing it).

  43. Acosta says:

    Cannon Fodder, which difficulty mode did you take? There is a dramatic change between the normal mode and the superior ones, the way the enemies work together and how they navigate through the scenario is really different. It ss like playing other game.

  44. Mario says:

    Looking forward to this bloodfest. Am yet to play the 2nd F.E.A.R. add-on.


  45. Nick says:

    The slow-mo mode was all about the fun. Slowly leaping into the air and kicking a guy in the face is much more entertaining than doing it at normal speed.. and the effects were nice too.