Dino Run, Or How Space Rocks > Giant Lizards

An actual photo from prehistoric times.

I’m loving this theme of dinosaur-based Flash games. Tonight’s is Dino Run – a retro-styled running away game, where you play a dinosaur, who is running away. FROM METEORS. It’s a fairly bleak day for dinosaur kind as the air pelts the Earth with angry rocks, and all that’s left to do is peg it, preferably saving as many eggs as possible. And, er, collecting DNA to impove your dino’s abilities.

Red sky at night, dinosaurs to be horribly wiped out forever.

It’s hectic, requiring that you avoid bouncing rocks, scraps of meteor, other dinosaurs, and the wall of utter death that’s fast encroaching from the left. It’s also sweet, and rather fun. There’s even a multiplayer mode for those wanting to prove their dinosaur racing skills to the rest of the world. Although no one will have a character better named than mine: ROBOSAUR!

Made by Pixeljam, most famous for Gamma Bros, it maintains their precisely cute pixel design, making good use of a simple pallete. Mucho thanks to Matthew Slim for the tip.

In related news, I’ve just realised how silly the word “prehistoric” is – what, before history? Huh? Also, my middle finger hurts from all the frantic up-arrow jumping.


  1. sbs says:

    I have been playing this for the past 2 weeks or so almost every day. Now that I found all the super eggs and maxed out my dino I feel empty.

  2. Nick says:

    It may be silly, but it sounds good. It’s just one of those nice sounding words. Like pantaloons.

  3. Matu says:

    That was genuinely terrifying. Now I can’t stop thinking of being a dinosaur roughly 65 billion years ago.

  4. Snarky says:

    Found this one a little while ago… and I swear that this is proof that simple games even in this modern age, when done right, are helluva captivating. *thumbs-up*

  5. MasterBoo says:

    Actually, the dino is running away from a pyroclastic-cloud and the meteors are rocks spewed from a volcano :p

  6. sbs says:

    Master Boo: Please explain to me the “Alien egg” I found in one of those rocks, then.

  7. Yann Best says:

    ““prehistoric” is – what, before history?”

    [Ancient History and Classical Civilisation hat]Well, yes. As in, ‘a history’; written record. Specifically; history is the study of the past through the medium of written records. Prehistory is the period of time that history cannot cover, due to a lack of said records.

    The word ‘history’ comes from the ancient Greek (pardon the rubbish font): ‘ιστορια – /historia/: meaning [taking the abridged Liddell & Scott Greek-English Lexicon] I – knowledge or information obtained by inquiry. II – a narration of what one has learnt, historical narrative. Not, as one feminist friend insisted, from ‘His Story’. *sigh*

    I believe that, in a similar vein, the English term ‘history’ originally referred to stories of past events (a meaning visible in the corrupted French /histoire/ – story); the modern sense of history as ‘the past’ is just that – a modern corruption, which is subordinate to the core meaning of ‘a recording of the past’. So yes, a perfectly sensible noun.[/hat]

    Nice find though, so forgiven.

  8. Ben Abraham says:

    @Yann Best,

    *standing ovation*

  9. Yann Best says:

    I’m a terrible geek :(

    [Incidentally, I’ve just realised that my ‘His Story’ anecdote could come across as an ‘aren’t feminists silly’ quip; that really wasn’t the intent. I mean, I class myself as one, so that’d be a bit daft. Just meant to make clear that the reason that said friend thought it was ‘His Story’ was because history is a terribly sexist subject [which it is – particularly pre-19th century history, as the vast majority of written records from before are written by men, about men, for men], and so would obviously reflect this in its title. An irritating, but surprisingly common, misconception]

  10. lalahsghost says:

    Yah, I’ve been playing this game for about a week and a half since I am very disappointed with” jetpack.” the animations for our little running dino are very well versed. Hell, the whole game has neat little quirks and the other creatures if observed for a while (cheat and turn off doom) also elicit some really interesting actions and “attitudes”.

  11. NewtypeGirlie says:

    @lalahsghost — Nice name. :3

    Also, this game is awesome. :D Though I will admit I cheated and turned off doom because I would get terribly emotional if my little dinosaur died.

  12. James G says:


    < pedant > 65 billion years ago? Life On earth is only 3 Billion years old, and the eath itself 4.5 billion years. Indeed, the universe itself looks to be only 14 billion years old.

  13. Matu says:

    Well, yeah, obviously. And that’s why you shouldn’t write comments at 3AM folks.

  14. Albides says:

    You said “roughly”, Matu! That’s enough to cover it. No one likes a pedant.

    This game is great fun, though. And educational!

  15. Okami says:

    @James G: Spread your vile atheist filth somewhere else. Everybody knows that god created life, the universe and everything 6000 years ago and that dinosaurs lived together with humans before the Great Flood! You just have to read the Dino Riders comics, it’s all explained in great detail there!

  16. Ian says:

    That terrifying wall of black oblivion death is going to haunt my dreams.

  17. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    In my haunted dreams, said terrifying wall of black oblivion death gets surfed upon.

    … Wait, is that even the right way to say it? I honestly don’t know.

  18. The Shed says:

    This has been compared to yonder Sixty Five Million and One BC, another side-scrolling dino adventure game. The same basic premise, but from what I can tell radically different gameplay. Both seem sweet.

  19. John Walker says:

    Yann Best: I bow to you.

  20. Ian says:

    What a futile game. Even the joy of reaching your beautiful little subterranean oasis is marred by the knowledge the poor little things’re going to die out anyway.

  21. Tyler says:

    This game was fun. I’d play it at work to the pass the time. The boulder run was fun and a nice surprise. I became sad when I was running and a meteor hit a stegosaurus right in front of me.

  22. Acosta says:

    Wow, this is amazing, I’m really fascinated for this game and how much stuff happens. But it is terrifying too, the feeling of trying to escape a certain doom is really strong. I’m really impressed.

  23. El Stevo says:

    I love the way Percy still has time to eat even when he’s running from a wall of fire.

  24. Max says:

    What a coincidence to see this here; I found it only the other day. It really is awesome.

  25. Pod says:

    Whilst entertaining, I found it a bit “too easy” and gave up. Was I doing something wrong? I only missed about 1/5 or 2/5’s of the eggs, as they were in trees and stuff. I also chomped most smaller things along the way.

    Additionally, I found a masssssssive egg or two. Does it get “harder” ?

  26. andthensobecause says:

    @Okami: Not enough people know about Dino Riders. You are the best kind of Evangelist.

    Jumping from pterodactyl to pterodactyl was quite fun.

  27. Okami says:

    Wait? There was a Dino Riders game???

    I’m talking about the action figures and the comics here. I never knew there was a game! I just wanted to write, that I need to play it, but then again it was probably made by Ocean or somebody like that and really really sucked..

  28. andthensobecause says:

    I’m sorry to get your hopes up. Those were two seperate comments. My pterodactyl comment was in relation to an accidental combo that had occured in dino run.

    Google tells me that there IS a dino riders videogame, but…its some sort of FPS monstrosity of an indie game. Free demo though.

  29. Okami says:

    Yup, I googled the game as well. It’s.. it’s.. well it’s indie and it was made by a fan and I shouldn’t be a horrible person a trash it, seeing how I get money to make games and maybe the levels in the Dino Riders game are actually more fun than the stuff I make for a living.

    I’m still not downloading it though… It hurt my eyes..

    I’m still waiting for someone to make a Dino Riders mod for Paraworld though….

  30. Optimaximal says:

    How does it store your dino? Does it remember the dino name on the server or is it simply a cookie?

    I’ve been playing it at work and want to take little Optimax home to keep him safe…

  31. Winterborn says:

    @James G

    Come on, he’s wrong but only because 65 billion years ago we were clams.

    Ahem, been reading A Piece Of Blue Sky online too much this week – link to www-2.cs.cmu.edu

  32. FruityDinoBites says:

    I have all the codes…..I own EVERYONE…..but this glitch keeps coming up where I get DOOMED when I am in first place……..:(

  33. Trevor says:

    Sigh… I really wish I had the hat codes. I also wish I was good enough to get the bronto egg in challenge mode on insane difficulty, but at least I have a small chance of doing that. But with the amount of money I have ($0.00), there’s no way I would be able to get the hat codes.

  34. weener says:


  35. Archidictus says:

    Hat code – DON8TOSAUR

  36. Roger F says:

    Heyo, Where is the bronto egg?

  37. jim says:


  38. Listen To Me says:

    How do you find alien eggs in dino run? I was playing multieplayer when something poped up at the bottom saying alien egg saved.

  39. Solten says:

    The Bronto Egg is at the end of Beyond Apocalypse in Insane! Challenge.
    The Alien Egg is in a big space rock in a crater (you can tell which one it is because it’s cooled off and gray). You just pop inside it from the right top side and there it is.
    The Spino Egg is on the very left of the bottom of the big cliff with the “islands” you have to hop across.
    The T-Rex Egg is behind the waterfall. Just walk (or run) up the hill until you fall into a hidden cave. Go left at the first fork and pass the tricerotops and there’s a big egg.

    All of the passwords are here:
    link to wiki.answers.com

  40. StarShine999 says:

    You people should play Dino Run:Multiplayer it’s really fun :)

  41. poppy man 788 says:

    sup man this site rocks!!!

  42. poppy man 788 says:

    dino run rules

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  44. poppy man 788 says:

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  48. tyson says:

    i was wondering what you should do if you have dna and you already have all of the stats filled up. how do you use it, what do you do with it and can you use it

  49. dinorela says:

    who ever wants the hat codes here they are

    robot hat:totinos
    all hats:don8tosaur
    so yep thats all that i know of but if you find more plz post them! peace out ppl!

  50. Razorraptor says:

    you should play the multiplayer edition on x-genstudios.com.